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The Knight rules!!! 0

This is a great Batman movie to watch.We have Kevin Conroy(the best Batman) voicing which is great and seeing 6 different Batman in 6 different adventures.It was cool to see Killer Croc,Scarecrow,and Deadshot.I loved seeing the different animation styles for each segment because its really cool, I would buy this because its a great movie to watch and has some cool extras too. 5/5 great movie....

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Wonder Woman is great and spectacular 0

I loved this movie because its a great new story and shows Wonder Woman into a great hero. It has a great cast and some funny moments, but had action between the Amazons and Ares's army. This movie shows Wonder Woman for who she is and develops into.I'm giving 5/5 because she is a great character to comics and is a true warrior and hero!...

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I enjoyed watching this movie.I liked William Baldwin as Batman and James Woods as Owlman was awesome as well as the other actors..This had good story and had great action.I Ioved the final battle between Batman and Owlman. I give it 5/5 because its an amazing story witha great cast and a great story....

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Worlds Finest are the best 0

This is a great movie because its not only based on the comic,but also bring it to life with great voice casting and a great story.Tim Daily and kevin Conroy are the best Superman and Batman and Clancy Brown as a great Lex luthor.This was a fun movie to watch and had some comic book references and great action. I give 5/5 because its a great movIe....

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Superman and Captain Marvel are amazing 0

I enjoyed the movie.It had great action,great fight scenes and some funny moments.It was cool to see Superman and Captain Marvel work together and was a great to see Billy Batson become him.I'm giving it a 5/5 because its amazing. PS the dvd extras are awesome...

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Black Panther rules 0

I really enjoyed the comic.Its shows T'challa in Hell's kitchen and faces a new villain known as Vlad the Impaler.I like the art and story too,but I do miss Matt as Daredevil. T'challa is facing a new kingdom and shows to find himself.I give a 4/5 and i can't wait to read some more issues....

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Superman lives and dies 0

I like this movie because it has action,drama and great battles. The cast was great and i enjoyed Adam Baldwin AS Superman,but James Marsters as Lex was a amazing because he made Lex so evil and I did enjoy Anne Heche as Lois Lane too.I would buy this because it may not cover The Death of Superman,but it is amazing movie to watch.  ...

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Batman vs Hush is amazing 0

This comic is great because we see Batman challenged by an unknown enemy.I enjoyed the story and the artwork was great. It was great to see Superman,Nightwing and Robin, but seeing Catwoman was fun because I feel that Selina and Bruce are soulmates because both wear costumes of animals and their passion between them is amazing. I would recommend this comic because its challenging batman to find out who he is,but also batman's past too....

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Daredevil is back and better than ever 0

We've read comics that show the hero fight the villian,but what would happen if your greatest enemy found who you really are,well it that happens in Daredevil Born Again where the Kingpin finds out Daredevil's idenity and destroys his life. Frank miller really makes this story happen and shows Daredevil struggling to win the battle. SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. I did hate Karen for selling his idenity for drugs This is my favorite Daredevil comic and fans should read...

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batman is amazing and smart 0

I enjoyed watching this movie because it had great action, showed a story and showed Batman struggling to find the red hood  and finding out who it is.It had a great cast Bruce Greenwood was a good batman.Neal Patrick harris was a good Nightwing, John DiMaggio as the joker was amazing and of course Jensen Ackles as the Red Hood was spectacular!   I give it 5/5 and batman fans or comic book fans will really enjoy this...

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