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Great art and almost great writing 0

Uncanny X-men #4 will most probably be divisive amongst most readers. The great thing about the issue is that Bendis wrote a script that makes this issue stand on its own from All-New X-men, which is exactly what any good comic should do. I was initially worried that Bendis would make this issue feel too similar to ANX #10, but that is NOT the case here. The only downfall to this is if the reader isn't following both books; there will be some moments in the issue where you might need some clarif...

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Made With Emotion 0

In many ways, Daredevil #23 is an excellent jumping on point for new readers. The beginning of the issue delves into Matt's history of how he became blind and Waid's script for this issue shines; allowing the reader to discover why Matt's origin is super important to the current storyline. This issue is filled with tons of tension as we wait to hear news of what is going on with Foggy. Since I've been reading DD back in the 90's when I was a kid I'm not going to reveal what happens in this issue...

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Surprisingly Familiar 0

Uncanny X-men #1 proves to be a great start for a promising title.In my experience of reading Bendis' past titles I have thoroughly enjoyed his various work on X-characters in the Ultimate universe and in the House of M event. I believed he had a good grasp of what made most of the characters tick, and clearly EVERYONE seems to be enjoying his first seven issues of All-New X-men. My original fear of this Uncanny X-men title was that Bendis would make this a side/companion title to All-New sort o...

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New Era 0

After checking out Marvel's first Marvel Now! title, it is truly visible that the company is ushering in bold new ideas. Uncanny Avengers does indeed live up to its promise of meshing Avengers and X-men together. Cap is definitely feeling somewhat responsible for the AVX event and this is his way of reaching out to mutants. Havok is an interesting choice for team leader and I praise Remender's use of a character that has been out of the spotlight for years. Some parts of the issue work well (Rog...

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