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@darkraiden: Deathstroke beats out Loki IMO. So idk why include him. DC has Brainiac, very high threat with prep, though so is Kang. Larfleeze can bring in a whole corps. Lex can be considered Dooms equal in some aspects. Black Adam on Onslaught could be interesting IMO. Blackheart is a huge problem.

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Well Doom>Lex any day, though neither will be in this fight.. js lol.

But Deadpool and Deathstroke is always a tough one though I give it to Deathstroke being more so well versed and using 90% of his brain. And with prep Deathstroke has shown some fine feats.

Sabre-tooth and Ra's is also tough though I feel Sabre-tooth to have more durability and strength but with the prep included Ra's I feels knows way more strategically and has more experience in battle. Ra's could pull it off if he's able to not be overwhelmed by Sabre-tooth.

Kraven and Deadshot are nice because I'd like to see who is hunting who? Deadshots accuracy is way higher so he can easily pick off Kraven, though if Kraven happens to bring this H2H I feel he wins.

Bane I really haven't informed myself with him without venom, I know he's stronger than Bats even without it. Red Skull just isn't too impressive IMO. So this is just a toss for me, possibly going with Bane.

DC>Marvel 7/10

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@uchiha454 said:

This is basically Hal vs superman Darkseid wins

Lol... worst logic ever.

@atrocitustheferocious said:

i think darkseid might have a slight chance in this battle his omega beams are more powerful than atrocitus blood like acid. but atrocities can heal quicker. he might be able to throw darkseid in deep space he can fly out of deep space while darkseid can't. and atrocitus survived his heart being taken out so hell survive the omega beams.

Atrocitus's acid blood ripped a hole in reality. Omega beams feats are so inconsistent.. they've been deflected by so many. They both had their hearts ripped out before.

@jackknight said:

Darkseid should be able to stomp any Lantern say for guys like Mongul (nabby), Larfleeze, Superboy-Prime, Cyborg Superman, any Black or White Lanterns and Any of the Lantern Entitys of course.

Are you saying Darkseid can stop Larfleeze? If you're saying these are the ones Darksied CANT beat well then you're proving that Atrocitus wins if you're saying he can't beat any black lantern when Atrocitus took on 4.

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@themagicstik: I like that thought considering the posts above state otherwise

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DC Sinisters:

Team Leader: PC Darksied

Team Tacticians: (Nth metal)Deathstroke, (Orange lantern)Lex Luthor, Brainiac(13)

Professor Zoom




Black Adam(WW3)

Marvel Villians:

Team Leader: Thanos the Mad Titan

Team Tacticians: (Future Foundation)Dr. Doom, Loki and Kang the Conqueror





Magus(Soul Gem)

Win by KO. No BFR.

Prep time of 2 weeks(Can't prep to get higher weapons. Just learn the enemies powers and form a plan around it.)

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@newblood2333: If I do recall I believe SS has beaten Thor and Hulk. Which can be argued Thor&Hulk>Thor&BP. Given that I think it was due to a boost from Loki, it doesn't matter because Post-SS is obviously stronger than a Loki boost.

Though Hulk(Due to his recent popularity of screen time I feel) and Thor have gotten stronger lately so it's tough to say SS can accomplish the same.

He's also lost to them 1v1

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Atrocitus, Larfleeze, PC Darksied, Doomsday, WW3 Black Adam, Zoom, Parallax, Trigon. Mongul&Brainiac could pose some threat. And easily with prep Deathstroke or Lex Luther