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@thelocust619: You're the one who can't spell and dismisses arguments out hands just 'cause without providing any serious calculations or actual quantatization or analysis of feats other than "Legendary Godzilla is bad". So if anyone is bringing failure into this debate, it would be you.

GxMG Goji's best feat is slowing down a pseudo-black hole, which cannot be an actual black hole because for one thing; it didn't swallow the entire planet like a real black hole would nor would an actual black hole do anything but grow when met with a feed of energy. Yes Godzilla defies physics, but if it doesn't quack like a duck, walk like a duck, or look like a duck, it's probably not a duck. Otherwise, GxMG Goji didn't do anything terribly out of line with what Godzilla does normally besides one instance of blur motion and leaping really high.

He shows no especially super-impressive strength feats by Godzilla standards and his beam, judging by it's effects on buildings, is not super-powerful either. Megaguirus is really just that much of a wuss. She was a glass cannon. The moment she started taking hits, her entire gameplan started falling apart and she was hurting badly within a handful of minutes.

Kiryu Godzilla's beams are not particularly powerful; certainly nothing in comparison to Hesei or Final Wars Godzilla. They are flashy with the pre-beam flare up, but judging by the damage they do to known variables (tanks and buildings) they don't display anything to suggest that they are more powerful than what Legendary Goji outputted. In addition, Kiryu Godzilla is a dumbass who's prone to just standing around and taking hits repeatedly. And was ultimately bested by having silk spewed on him and getting drilled before being dropped off at sea to presumably die.

GxMG Godzilla, while potent given his Spirit bomb tanking feat (still less impressive than walking off Castle Bravo to the face); again only showed particularly amazing beam feats when he was specifically powered up by King Ghidorah's lightning. In addition, all of GxMG's opponents were quite weak. Baragon got kicked around like a dog, Mothra at best annoyed GxMG and felt every serious hit she was dealt, and King Ghidorah got the crap beaten out of him until he was charged up by Mothra transferring her spirit energy into him. And even then, none of them actually did him any lasting harm until a drill missile opened a hole in his shoulder and he blew himself up. Which says more about his internal durability than his beam.

Final Wars Gigan's cluster-beam is very unimpressive. Final Wars Godzilla didn't even flinch from it, and it's explosion radii and effects place it on par with a spread out artillery barrage. That Final Wars Mothra was lit up like a roman candle by this speaks very badly for her durability with regards to energy attacks. Final Wars Godzilla is granted; still perhaps the most powerful Godzilla (though debatably Marvel or IDW Godzilla is his superior) and Gigan put up a good fight (only when helped by Monster X though and upgraded , pre-upgrade Gigan got punked like a bitch), but Final wars Mothra is by comparison not really impressive.

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@thelocust619: Megaguirus got cut up by flying on GxMG's spines and had her spike crushed by a meagre application of pressure and combusted into flames upon taking a single atomic breath shot.

Megaguirus has zero durability.

Every millenium incarnation of Mothra combusted when hit with an atomic heat ray once their deflective scales were worn out. Final wars Mothra burst into flames when hit by Gigan's cluster rays, which are about the equivalent of a large number of regular artillery shells. Tokyo S.O.S Mothra was incinerated when she tanked a direct hit from Kiryu Goji without her scales to deflect his breath ray.

Also, thank you for conceding defeat by giving up the argument.

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@thelocust619: Femuto is more or less as big as Goji is and was completely outmatched in a shoving match. I know you hate the movie but you're using jade tinted glasses to see everything while blinded by your irattional Hatedumb.

And yes, skin does break from blunt force attacks, maces and hammers are very much bloody weapons to use as you smash people around and smash open skulls and skin, especially from monsters with scythes for hands. When Gigan whacked at Showa Godzilla with much blunter scythe handsm for a few minutes; he started bleeding. When the Mutos whacked at Godzilla for well over an hour; he didn't even have any scarring on his body. Indeed I'd rate the Mutos above the majority of Showa Kaiju, with the exceptions of King Ghidorah, Godzilla himself, and Mecha-Godzilla.

The Male Muto was batted around like a fly every time he was hit by Godzilla. Once Godzilla recovered he was back up in a few seconds, no signs of injury or inconvenience besides annoyance. Whenever Godzilla isolated them; he overpowered them with casual ease. Which makes sense because he shrugged off a 15 megaton nuclear bomb to the face (the only nuclear bomb detonated in 1954 at Bikini atoll was Castle Bravo, which due to complications with testing; exploded with ten times it's intended force, the Captain's "kilotons not megatons" statement is inaccurate).

The cloverfield monster was killed by the hammer down protocol. This involves using completely regular munitions in no way capable of leveling manhattan. It wasn't even MOABs, just regular bunker busters that the Mutos would have shrugged off. And Bunker Busters most certainly don't break cities (otherwise there would be no point in inventing the A-bomb). In addition, the Cloverfield monster demonstrated no feats of strength, no feats of agility, no fighting skill, no nothing. I wouldn't give the Cloverfield Monster good odds against the MCU Abomination or MCU Thor, nevermind an actual Kaiju.

Going by what they ignored (15 megaton nuclear bomb to JDAMs at most), Godzilla is literally millions of times more durable. Given that Clover was killed by heavy conventional munitions (but nothing even MOAB sized, nevermind a nuke) I'd say that Godzilla would kill him in a single blow. The anti-ship missiles used by the US Navy to no effect on Godzilla would have killed Clover in a few hits; while the bombardment dropped on Femuto would have similarly murderized Clover.

Now; Measuring from the Golden gate bridge; as someone pointed out, 150 meters is a lowball estimate for Godzilla's height. He's more akin to 700+ feet tall upon reseeing the relevant gifs of him near the Bridge, and would thus be far heavier than my original estimate of 80,000 tons. This also makes Femuto and Male muto even bigger.

Male Muto would be 400 feet, or in other words; towering over even Hesei Godzilla and Final Wars Godzilla, and would comfortably mass in nearly as much as all the Clovers here combined. Femuto would mass in in the hundreds of thousands of tons, while Godzilla would weigh in at about the same range. To put this in perspective, cloverfield weighs 8000 tons, while Godzilla would come in at nearly 300,000 tons. A Shih Tzu is larger to a human in comparison than Cloverfield is to Godzilla. And ten Shih Tzus cannot meaningfully threaten a fully grown human's life.

So Godzilla weighs several times more than all of the Clovers here, walked off munitions that would have turned Clover into a corpse, and is a far superior fighter.

Clover is screwed. He's a good solo monster, but he's a pathetic weakling even compared to Pacific Rim Kaiju; the weakest of whom needed six days of conventional bombardment (including bunker busters) and three 20 kiloton tactical nukes to kill.

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@_gaff_ said:

@king_saturn said:

I wonder how strong Godzilla is ? I mean relatively speaking can it lift several times it's own weight or are his arms too small to really get hold of a massive object that size ?

Doesn't really matter when you can break the laws of physics.

Well it does matter as the Godzilla character doesn't really have arms that would allow it to hold something that is heavily massive in size like it's own body. The drop kick is an example of just crummy effects. I don't know how they would have Godzilla holding up a 100,000 ton object with those little arms.

Physics are for non-giant reptiles.

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@thelocust619: The Mutos are considerably denser and stronger than anything seen out of Clover, who was ultimately brought down by conventional weaponry. He's not withstanding the atomic breath at all. Each hit is going to cave in Clover's skeleton, rupture flesh, and break organs. A tail sweep would swat them aside like bowling pins and this Godzilla is easily the most aggressive and savage fighter yet. Whereas most other Godzillas grappled or beam spammed; this one clawed and bit and viscerally dismembered his opponents. (Also Toho Kingdom believes that such powerful incarnations of Godzilla as GMK Goji would get the crap kicked out of them by the Mutos.)

In addition, Godzilla's tail would have to be supersonic to cross the distance it did in as little time as it did. Given that this godzilla can be conservatively estimated at 80000 metric tonnes; this much impact force would strike harder than clover's entire body. It'd be like shoving the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier in your face at mach speeds. As for the building piercing it; wood can go through a tank if you drive it hard enough, and being slammed into a building by tens of thousands of force fits the bill.

Male muto put up an amazing fight, having better tanking ability than many incarnations of Mothra and even Megaguirus, and was furthermore an extremely skilled and agile flier who demonstrates superior flying ability to most Toho Kaiju, with only the likes of Hyperspeed Megaguirus or Final Wars Rodan surpassing it.

Nothing Clover showed besides a single leaping feat suggests that Clover is particularly strong, and it's movements were extremely awkward and clumsy, more randomly flailing around while confused as hell then moving with any sort of purpose or intent. Heck, Clover's parasites were more threatening than Clover itself.

Male Muto is easily as big as clover if not bigger, much heavier, and far stronger. I'd give Male muto the edge over multiple clovers, as it can simply swoop in; pluck them into the air, and drop them to the ground to their deaths. Or perhaps just dive bomb them and one shot each of them; crushing their bodies beneath it's impact force.

Femuto would outweigh literally all the cloverfield monsters here and would kill them with only somewhat more difficulty than Godzilla would.

As for the fight; Godzilla was never actually hurt. At no point was his skin broken, did he show any serious signs of pain, or was he more than inconvenienced. The instant the pressure was taken off; he got right back up and slaughtered both of them. Even dropping multiple times his own weight in building only kept him down for a brief moment before he got up and ripped apart Femuto's jaw to give her a gutful of atomic fire.

He's more than a monster, he's a God.

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@sunman said:

I played Skyrim and Godzilla stomps with ease

No need for the Dragonborn here. After the beating Godzilla gives the World-eater, he never bothers Nirn again.

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@those_eyes: That fight lasted an hour minimum in movie time going by the nuke timer.

In addition, going by Toho Kingdom, he's already being rated quite highly among the Kaiju, having already been agreed to be able to crush a properly massed up Otachi and Leatherback.

I'd really just ignore Locust.

In any case, even male Muto dramatically outmasses Clover and is certainly a hell of a better fighter, while Female muto is more massive than all ten Clovers put together.

In spite of Femuto being this big, when Godzilla started pushing her; there was literally nothing she could do to get him to stop until her mate distracted Godzilla.

Whenever Godzilla isolated the Mutos, he was pounding on them like they were redheaded stepchildren, and overpowered Femuto's Jaw Strength with his bare hands like her bite force was never there.

Furthermore; Godzilla was never even seriously hurt or threatened by the Mutos. They never once broke his skin or did more than knock him around.

Each Clover goes down in maybe one or two hits, or he kills them all with a breath sweep.

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As per word of Abrams, the Cloverfield Monster died of it's injuries later.

Godzilla's going to have a full belly tonight.

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@comicstooge: Yeah, I'm interested in seeing how gareth smooths out his kinks and improves his style.

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@comicstooge: Estimates for it's box office returns are 700 million to 1 billion. So better than Man of Steel, The Amazing Spiderman, and Transformers 1.

@tifalockhart: I have stuff to do and I'm probably gonna move soon so I'm putting RP stuff on hold.