Unstoppable #1: The return

Planet Reach (A continuation of this)

After the ANSC's disastrous setback on planet reach, losing many of it's top agents to the Novus and losing multiple battlegroups, High Command had become especially frugal. Anything that could be recycled was to be done so immediately. With the victory in the week long marathon conflict by the ANSC and allied forces that forever exposed the existence of alien life, the ANSC needed an edge to maintain it's shadowy grip over the homeworld now that people were petitioning for their removal.

If the velvet glove wouldn't convince the ungrateful bastards of earth that the Allied Nations Space Command was exactly what they needed, then they would get the iron gauntlet. They needed someone unstoppable, someone more controllable than Death harbinger, but more receptive to the mega-gauge process that enhanced their Frankenstein supersoldiers to even greater heights than their past disappointments such as Jannet, who had spectacularly failed to impress at Mars.

But the most promising candidate was left here on Reach, chest cavity torn open by two thirteen year old candidates "chosen ones" or "primalborn" or whatever poppycock the Primordials called them. Field Marshall Jacques Robespierre was going to be damned if he was going to let the fate of all things be trusted to children or aloof uber-abstracts. No, humanity, allied humanity, was going to do this the right way, the only way. The way that sent the Axis powers fleeing into space, the way that helped defeat the Hierarchy, and the way that destroyed the Thoughtsin once and for all, however much help they had.

He dragged a cigar as he watched his hazmat suit wearing scientists and engineers looking over the area. Scanners and sensors looked over every detail, while every bit of salvageable material was gathered up. Anything they didn't have to make from the ground up would be welcome. Finally, someone's ground penetrating radar beeped.

"Only one thing that signature could be with that profile." The technician breathed out, calling to her compatriots to start digging, excavation drones ripping into the soul to uncover the enormous, lizard-like body, drained of blood as it leaked out of the wounds over the months, gaping wound in the chest where the Novian Dave tore out his heart, but otherwise...entirely intact, not a single molecule had decomposed.

"Sir, we found priority alpha." A technician reported, prompting the hardened Frenchman to smile.

"Dig him out, his body may be of use to our cause."

Months later

"We got contact, Seelie faeries crawling up our sixes here, Tir Na Nog government is not suing for peace, repeat, not suing for peace, we need heavy fire support." A Peacekeeper said as mithril tipped arrows rained on his position, the power armored soldier popping out of cover to blast a faerie into gore splattered pieces with his gauss tri-gun.

It wasn't the angry faeries who slew him, but the angered lightning god Taranis who brought down world devastating lightning on the allied forces, rupturing tanks, slaughtering soldiers, and then throwing his mighty mithril axe through countless spaceships, the bearded god howling with anger as he and his fellow gods struck back.

"What's this? You think to strike us!? You who had fought alongside us? You who once worshipped us? Have you no shame? No HONOR!?! THIS IS A SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!" He screamed, the bearded god calling his axe back and slamming it into the earth with such fire and fury that it cracked the world open, sending more to their doom.

Bean Sidhe, his longtime archrival, flickered in and out of combat like a ghost, making many meet their end with her mithril punching daggers. Though she was of the Unseelie court, she couldn't stand an invasion of the realm of the gods by mere mortals. To allow them to run amuck would stand against everything she knew. Her very worldview depended on the superiority of the divine over the mortal.

After flinging his axe through a massive bolo tank, he continued to scream his berserker rages, woad painted all over his face as he and the gods fought like animals, seeking to cause as much harm to the allies as possible, but for some reason...the allies were just withdrawing out of reach, not even contesting their gains. This confused the Celtic thunder god mightily, but then he saw what was standing before him.

A single, great figure stood there, in front of him, smoking a cigar through collapsible openings in his helmet. He didn't even look particularly concerned. Who was this great dinosaur of a man who stood before them? Well, they'd find out as he flicked away his cigar and smiled, letting his helmet fold back into a full head covering position.

Then it struck him like a thunderbolt from the heavens, he remembered Jade's description of a man who fought like a beast. But that couldn't be, that man was long dead...his heart of power torn out and crushed. But yet, here he was, and all that could come to mind was.

"Dornan?" He asked, dumbly staring at the figure who snorted.

"You're supposed to have passed onto a shallow grave you abomination." Taranis said, growling as he clutched his axe in both hands.

"Frankensteins don't die son." Dornan laughed as he got into a squat position, raised half his body into the air, then slammed back into the ground, transluscent green tendrils reaching out of his body and soaking up the very ambient energy of the place, blasting the assorted gods back with an irresistable force as he drew up their great magical constructs and machines, lifting them telekinetically into the air while he sucked the energy for them until he finally had enough for what he needed, at which point explosions rippled out in all directions.

Now standing before them as an even larger and bulkier creature while the gods, confused by this display, started to laugh and clap at the fireworks before Dornan slammed his fists together, the arms turning black as they hardened to the absolute limit that physics allowed upon sensing an impending impact, a smile pasted on his face as he stared down an entire pantheon.

"Come on." He said, still smiling away as Bean Sidhe was the first to speak.

"I've had enough of your games, let's start this dance of death." She said, charging at Dornan at speeds so quick that to those with normal vision, she' have essentially disappeared. But when she hit dornan, all she hit was that black armor that formed near the point of impending impact, sending her reeling as her enchanted mithril blades failed to even scratch him or his suit.

"Where'd you get those knives, the department store?" Dornan snarked as he simply twisted his body and punched bean sidhe miles into the distance, immediately overpowering this peer of the might Thor or Hercules and sending her reeling out of the fight, preluding a casual backhand that instantly reduced a dozen minor, more or less nameless godlings into divine mush.

Taranis, screaming in anger, charged at him, hurling all the lightning he could at him before striking him with his all powerful axe, a weapon that had cut apart planets, clashed evenly with Mjolnir, cut apart so many weapons and soldiers of the Hierarchy, and saved the world hundreds of times. Sreath-mhurtair, the serial killer. And Dornan casually caught it against the flat of his hand and immediately began to push back.

Taranis put more and more strength into his push, but Dornan was so much stronger than he was. Even with his belt and gauntlets of strength, he was no match for Dornan, who simply bent Taranis onto the ground before throwing a jaw shattering left hook into the god's face and actually managed to overpower the Dagda's enchantment on the axe to prevent the unworthy from lifting it.

"What!?" Taranis said as Dornan looked at the axe, overpowering it's desire to return to it's owner through sheer strength, something even Zeus or Odin had never done.

"How can this be!? No! Unhand my weapon you creature" The Lightning god asked before throwing every bit of power he could into a god blast that could blow out a sun like a candle.

Dornan simply raised his other hand and blocked the god blast, advancing towards Taranis until his hands enveloped Taranis' own light shining digits, and squeezed, forcing the blast right back onto Taranis and blowing off his hands.

"You gods should really learn something about technological progress. Magic's fine and all, but it's static. It has rules that you can't improve upon. Sure you can find some new spells, but it all runs on the same ideas, the same principles. Tech has no limits. And your choice in this matter has made you obsolete." He said, swinging his other fist into Taranis' skull to knock him out.

The other gods tried to stop him. Suecellus hit him with everything nature could throw at him, but the works of science had surpassed those of the natural world, and he simply bulldozed his way through all of them before grabbing the nature god and repeatedly slamming his head into the pommel of his own sickle until he fell unconscious.

Ancama blasted him with the oceans of a thousand worlds, he simply punched the water hard enough to vaporize it en masse and clapped the steam back into her face, sending her away like a matchstick in the wind. Maponos, child god of youth, tried to de-age him back into a fetus, but Dornan simply shrugged off the manipulation of time and used the eternally childlike god as a club to batter the earth goddess Erecuna into submission after bursting through ten planetary masses worth of earth elementals.

The war god Segomo and war goddess Agrona, a wedded couple, came at him with all the fury and panopaly of battle, fighting him with the experience of tens of thousands of years. Dornan was not impressed and snapped their weapons in two, smashing them both into the ground. Andraste, Goddess of victory, was met with the fist of defeat to the face.

More and more gods threw themselves at Dornan, and more and more were left on the ground in pain. The final foe stood before him, fury on his face and murder in his eye. The Dagda, Celtic King of the Gods, equal to the likes of Amateresu, Zeus, Odin, Jupiter, Quetzalcoatl. A being who could destroy or recreate entire galaxies, and whom even gods looked upon as a god.

"You, who tried to kill my grand daughter, who has brought war upon my home, who had the audacity to humiliate my warriors. Who are you? An Abomination of science? A man drunk with power with delusions of being a purveyor of freedom? I say you are a curse upon this earth, and I shall remo-" He started before Dornan sucker punched him.

"I've gotten real tired of your archaic ass speech patterns, so come on." he said with a bring it on gesture, bringing his arm to block the Dagda's longsword, the Odinsword level blade being repelled by the nanomachines hardening to their utmost limit, sparks flying everywhere as sword and arm clashed as one, the two pushing against each other until the Dagda forced the arm back and came in for another slash, this time being met with both arms coming in for a block, raising themselves up in a bar position and hardening to black while the sword struck at them from a perpendicular angle.

"That's all you got old man?" He said as he actually began to push the Dagda back, who, sensing that despite him throwing all his strength and power into trying to overpower Dornan, who had by this time, grown monstrously powerful from the constant fighting from his rampage across Tir Na Nog, he was still losing this battle of strength to someone who's power was entirely artificial in nature.

But refusing to accept that Homo Rex Ultima had surpassed Homo Deus Deus, he found a surge of strength and shoved back against dornan with a cunning slash, sending him back a few steps only for Dornan to come in and grab him by the legs.

"You're going down, just like the rest of your hocus pocus lot." Dornan snarled before hammer tossing him into the sunset. But the Dagda was a fearsome deity, and managed to right himself and hit the spires of his palace feet first to propel himself at the beast, who as a defensive measure, hardened his entire body and brought himself into a blocking stance, but with a burst of power like a billion detonating sons, the Dagda drew his sword from his sheathe and knocked him back before coming down with a vertical slash with all his galaxy busting might, striking hard enough to eclipse a billion billion suns in power to send him tumbling over.

Turning away and sheathing his sword the Dagda mused "So ends another mortal who thought he could best a skyfather." But impossibly, Dornan actually started to get back up and laugh, dusting off his armor like he wasn't even particularly bothered.

"What are you?" He asked Dornan, who seemed more amused than genuinely hurt.

"The time of religions and gods is ending. You've seen what happens when your faith meets our firepower. But you see, I've got a plan, a plan that could give you a place here. Organized violence, waging war as business, We're going to put an end to all that bullshit." He said, raising a fist as the Dagda thought over his words.

"Perhaps...I misjudged you."

"Then how about it, will you give us your word of non-interference in our business, or better yet, will you lend us a hand?" He asked, spreading his arms.

"A hand? How about I take yours?!" He shouted, charging in for a chop only to get blocked, moving for a left slash only to be met with another nanite sheathed arm. A third right stroke was repelled by the opposing arm slapping it away, the fourth shoved away by an arm parry, and the fifth downward blow struck Dornan in the head, at which point he simply pushed his nanite blackened head down the sword to get into head butting range of the Dagda's hands and knocking his sword hand upwards and destroying his defense.

The first of Dornan's punishing blows came right at the Skyfather's chest, knocking all the wind out of his lungs. "So you've decided to be an idiot? Fine by me. Of course, what did I expect from some unindustrialized trash?" He said as he watched the results of his punch sending the Dagda fumbling backwards.

"Nay, the gods must be there to watch over men" the Dagda countered before throwing a right and a left slash that were both casually deflected by rapidly hardening nanites over Dornan's arms as he advanced implacably towards the Godhead.

"It has been what we have always done, what we always must do!" He tried again, varying his angles with each new strike, but each time he was deflected easily, even when he put the power to break entire galaxies behind his strikes.

"Dornan was just getting too powerful as his abilities increased the longer he was fighting. Indeed, the Dagda could look at the visor of Dornan's helmet and determine from the look in his eyes that Dornan wasn't actually trying. He was playing with him the whole time.

"Oh please. How many people actually pay more than lip service to their religion? You'll find that we've outgrown the need for you. That the only people who actually put all their heart and soul into believing in gods are uneducated, deluded, or raised by fanatics." He said, casually deflecting every blow.

After countless failed strikes, the Dagda tried to look closely at how Dornan's limbs blackened to form the nanite armor, seeing that it did indeed take some time...Maybe there was a window of opportunity here, he thought as he made two downward strokes only to be repelled twice with the same arm.

"We've gone from the wheel to spaceships in less than five thousand years without the help of Gods or Aliens or anyone. All you ever demanded was worship, sacrifices, and did nothing to actively help our development. You're parasites, plain and simple. And it's time for the delousing." He lectured, and followed up with a huge left hook to the side of his head that sent the Skyfather for a spin, followed up by a left hook that sent him reeling even harder, stars appearing in his vision as Dornan proved himself to be the superior powerhouse.

"You and all your kind have no place asking for worship. You bleed, you die just like all the rest. You're nothing more than jumped up collections of faith in a punchable format. You are nothing without faith. But we have come so far while you still sit around playing with bows and arrows." He continued relentlessly.

The moment he straightened himself, a right cross punch smashed across his cheek and sent him reeling again. And when he got back up, yet another huge left punch came to knock even more sense out of the deity. A huge chestward jab came and smashed every last bit of air from his lungs.

"Every dog has it's day, but now it's time that you were euthanized." He finished, followed by a massive diagonal right uppercut that smashed right across the jaw and picked him off his feet and sent him spinning, and the very moment he stopped spinning, a gigantic left hook came and sent him around for another go.

Sheathing his blade and bringing himself into a bent knee position, he watched as Dornan's right arm came at him for a single massive jab that would likely end him. Looking closely as the nanites advanced up his arm, the Dagda hoped that this one strike would be what he needed. Putting all his power into the explosive unsheathing slash of his sword, he was rewarded with cutting into flesh rather than invincible nanite armor, the sword sailing through the flesh and lopping off the arm midway through the fore arm, sending the appendage flying and Dornan reeling back, blood leaking from the wound as the bearded Skyfather laughed.

But before he could make a taunt, Dornan dug his heel into the ground and hardened the stump with the black armor, turning the very edge of it into a massively sharp piercing edge, swinging it at the Dagda with all his force. The move was so surprising that the Skyfather, despite his enhanced reflexes, had no defense against it. Overpowering his guard, Dornan drove it right into the Dagda's right shoulder, severing his entire right arm, relishing in the Dagda's screams of unfettered agony as he twisted the blade stump around.

Stepping away from the growing pool of godblood and looking at the sword like edge of the severed stump, he chuckled as he held back his regenerative abilities. "Not bad son." He said before walking over to his severed hand and reattatched it, a flash of heat remelding the limb as he tested the functionality of his arm.

"But like I said, you're obsolete in the end. Here's my terms. You will not interfere in the business of the A.N.S.C without our say so. You will cease support of the primalborn whenever their operations run counter to ours, you will hand over everything you know about the Imperium and the Masari. And you'll tell all your little pantheon buddies that if they get in the way of Freedom, I'm coming for them." He laughed as he got out a cigar and smoked it, laughing all the way back home.


.Such a catastrophic defeat of an entire pantheon sent ripples across the world of the divine. One by one, the Pantheons knew that to stand against the A.N.S.C was to know utter defeat and humiliation. Many, most forgotten by men and women, agreed to forever cease in the interference of Allied business, some even decided to pledge their allegiance.

But the most important word had spread. Dornan had returned, Unstoppable as ever, and his dream of a world where the weak will be purged, and the strong shall make America great again , free to live as they see fit and build a new America that will unite all of humanity under his social darwinistic vision. And this time, he planned on staying alive.

The Dagda agreed to the terms set by the A.N.S.C, and he sunk into a depression even as the Tuatha De Dannan's wounds were mended and their great realms restored. He had been handed the bitter wine of crushing defeat, and was bested by someone born a mortal. And yet, he was afraid for mankind, for Dornan's vision was one that knew no mercy.


Primalborn Issue #4: Curtains for the Nightmare king

Preface (A continuation of this)

"Everything has an equal and opposite. Order is opposed by Chaos. The Primordials are opposed by the Antedeluvians. Matter and Energy. Light and Dark.

And yet one duality not commonly discussed is the duality between the waking world and the dreaming land.

And just like the realm of the waking, the world of dreams is divided into countless realms with their lords, armies, factions, villains, and heroes.

One of the most dire of these villains is Koshmar, king of nightmares. Once a servant of Tzeentch, the Daemon Prince found a way to renounce his former master upon discovering the Dreamstar gem and fled from the warp to avoid retribution.

There the ex-Daemon became the Demon King of his own hellish realm, forging an identity for himself with a highly gothic bent, drinking from the nightmares of a billion realities.

With his power ballooning and his old cadre of Daemons in tow, Koshmar created, recruited, or enslaved minions to create a new army to serve their new king.

But the Nightmare king has always had a foe in the entity, the hound of the stars who banished it's nightmares with the daylight.

But now the Nightmare king seeks out the Hound's charge, seeking to turn it's ward into an instrument of nightmares and to turn one of the saviors of the waking world into a mistress of the dreaming dead. "

Before the Nightmare King

"Bah, I am Koshmar, Demon King of Nightmayres!" He said before leeting loose a loud bat like Screech as he brought his arms out from his cloak.

"And I am your dooms!" He said before transporting the battle to his nightmare realm, looking down upon the two as he cackled madly, darkness swirling around him as the Demon King drew forth the power of the nightmares of a billion billion realities, opening his cape and changing somewhat in shape until he was a full five times taller than the children, unfurling his arms, his cape now hanging off of them like the wings of a bat and revealing his wispy, almost snakelike body, clad in nightmarish midnight black and dark purple gothic plate.

Drawing the fearful dreams and thoughts of these creatures around himself like a thick black fog, Koshmar laughed as he let loose streaking orbs of darkness in shotgun like spreads, which Dave avoided by simply vibrating out of sync with the attacks, letting them pass through them space while Jade's body briefly turned into a conduit to the green sun, letting all the attacks enter the green sun and fizzle against it's limitless fury. "You're really kinda well...stupid!" Jade said as she rematerialized.

"And you dress dumb too." Dave said to chime in as Koshmar scoffed. Raising his arms above his head, Koshmar created an orb of darkness above his head, the dreamscape around him shifting and twisting into images of bleakness and despair as the orb started to grow jagged spikes before rotating rapidly, the spikes wheeling outwards and firing out as massive pointed lines, sawing their way through the dreamscape's air before impacting the ground while others stabbed at the air, creating a rotating pattern of solidified dreams.

"Did you truly zink to face me?! I AM GOD HERE!" He laughed as Dave analyzed the pattern of the blade tendrils and where they were going to be further down the time stream. With flawless accuracy, the Ormag clan child dodged around the assault with accuracy greater than the diameter of a quark.

"Too slow dude." Dave said as he began to quite clearly show off, with Jade simply popping back to the Green sun as she gritted her teeth, overwatching events back in the dream realm as Dave demonstrated a combination of speed and agility that would leave gods dropping their jaws in awe. And when Koshmar finally retracted the lashes of the shadow orb back into the energy sphere, she immediately flashed right back in and twisted the space around the orb as the Demon king threw it, making the distance between it and every other point infinite.

"Clever gurl." Koshmar said, his grin never fading before Jade altered all paths for the orb to go to lead right back to Koshmar.

With a shrieking laugh, Koshmar received the nightmare blast happily, rechanneling it back into his realm with the sound of a great reverberation going throughout his Kingdom.

"Don't you see zat eet eez futile? Here I cannot be defeated!" He smiled before he felt Dave's hyperphase forcesword slash across his back, eliciting a scream from the Demon King as the psionically charged blade struck across him. The blade, while not a true divine steel artifact, still stung to Koshmar's very soul, prompting him to turn around in an attempt to catch the boy as he sped around him, engulfing him in flames and depressing him under the very weight of the aeons.

"Just chill and rot, alright?" Dave said as he bent time around the lord of Dreams, A googolplex years passed around Koshmar in an eyeblink, protons decaying into nothingness, atoms falling apart as entropy was brought to it's maximum state before all being reversed to the singular cosmic cataclysm of the big bang history unraveling around him before with a high pitched shriek Koshmar flung his arms out and burst through the shell of fire and time placed around him, sending Dave flying far away from the mighty Demon King, barreling through the air before he flipped himself and landed on his feet.

"Vut iz time to ze Dream lord!?" He roared as he rose from the ground, the star stuff of dreams circling around him like black sand and white gems, forming into constructs resembling the daemons he once thought himself a part of, sending the horrors forward as Jade gripped the filament of space itself, raveling it around her fingers before whipping it forward, the reverberation of the cosmos itself bouncing many of the nightmare constructs all across the multiverse.

"I have had it with your dumb face and the dumb way you talk!" she said, rising from the ground, she surrounded herself in warped space, condensing earth she tore from the nightmare realm into tiny fragments before increasing their mass through gravity, going up higher and higher until she created bands of tiny neutron stars around herself. Moving through the armies of constructs that Koshmar created like a buzzsaw, Jade flew around as quickly as she was able, bending the roads of the universe to prevent escape as she traversed at speeds light couldn't follow.

"Sweet" Dave said as he casually hacked off the head of one of Koshmar's demons.

"Impressive little girl." Koshmar said, his grin remaining the stronger as Dave came at him, sapping the kinetic energy of the demons and constructs the Nightmare King summoned to make himself move even faster, slamming into Koshmar and sending the Demon Lord racing through the skies, crashing through miltiple walls of his dream palace, but in a rage, Koshmar began to twist and bend his castle around them, creating horrid jaws and pseudopods to lash out at them, trying to clutch Dave by the legs to keep him in place while Jade fired off her Neutron stars like a machine gun, splitting through the waves of tendrils and monsters Koshmar created like a spear through water.

First creating a dimensional anchor to try and keep them locked in place, then hardening the walls of his palace, Koshmar brought the weight of his dream world crashing around them as it contracted to try and crush them, briefly stunning them for him to come in, surrounded by a ring particularly delectable nightmares in the forms of blackened dream spheres.

Consuming one of them, the Nightmare king seemed to turn into a mass of hellishly warped bats with his mocking face before flying at them in a vast swarm at superluminal velocities, each impact leaving them hurting as they smacked on their shields and buffeted them too and fro like matchsticks in the winds, the very wing beats of Koshmar's bat-swarm form creating gales greater than those of a thousand thousand worlds as a trillion trillion trillion of these Adamantium hard superluminal bats smashed into them repeatedly before settling back in front of them, reforming back into the Nightmare lord.

"You cannot hope to vin, for I haff more power than you can possibly imagine. I vill haff you as my heralds, to make ze nightmayres of all things a reality." He said, chortling at the end of his sentence as he folded his cloaked arms before the Bat King was met with the atoms around him suddenly splitting and exploding, the mass of an dozen gas giants undergoing nuclear fission detonating around him before space was warped so strongly that the explosion was contained entirely around Koshmar.

"I'm going in for a Typhoon, try not to hit me." Dave said as he began creating an army of time duplicates around himself, countless variations of Dave being pulled across the tiniest fractions of time possible to form a furious assault

"A what?" She said flatly, expressing confusion beneath her helmet.

"Big swirly mess of Daves to hit him." Dave shrugged as he rapidly began spinning up, the flying Daves forming a swirling tornado of blades that went across Koshmar and hacked at him across every possible direction there was to hack somebody, fire, lightning, negative energy, cold, and fluctuating time swirling around the Demon as he was being hacked at from all angles, being lifted upwards into the storm of attacks.

Until that is, with a spell, he brought his own counter vortex to spin the Daves out of his face, the timeclones disappearing back into their native points of time while the original Dave flew overhead and hit a wall as he sent the dream tempest at Jade, picking her up and slashing at her shields with internal razors and dark tendrils to strike against her shielding.

"Zat eez all you've got? Koshmar laughs!" He said almost as if he was enjoying the fight as he took the ring of nightmare orbs he surrounded himself with, lifted them into the air, and had them grow spikes, ripping out the souls and lives of the gods whose nightmares he had stolen to turn their dreams into bombs,lifting them over his head, he had them begin spinning around him as he chased after them down a long hallway in his nightmare realm.

Locking down teleportation through his realm with his control over his private reality, he pursued the two as Dave and Jade sprinted on down, the armor clad kids fleeing from Koshmar as he prepared the God-bombs, infused with the full powers of the life forces and dreams of dreaming deities whom he so casually slew with but a thought.

Angling himself to get a shot at them as they dashed through obstacles faster than light itself across the endless castle, Koshmar finally hurled his deadly weapon, cackling as it detonated amongst them with the power of a hundred god blasts each. Exploding with such titanic fury in front of them, it sent the two ten year olds crashing back to his throne room light years away, the Demon King laughing as he teleported back to face them once again.

"Do you not zee zat eet eez hopeless? Here I haff total power and control. And I vill break your very souls." He said, his grin somehow widening even more.

"No..." Jade said flatly before opening a dimensional door.

"~Dave, let's use the portals like we practiced! Hit him a lot!~" She said telepathically, with Dave nodding as she opened up a portal for the two to jump through, overpowering Koshmar's anchor on reality through sheer willpower.

"~Right, red portal's mine, green's yours and stripes are both of ours?~" Dave said, trying to get a little confirmation as Jade nodded to him in the space between spaces before they began the assault.

"~Hit him high!~" Jade said before starting the assault. First a Red portal opened up to the left of Koshmar's head, and Dave came streaking past him like a crimson comet, slicing his sword across the Demon King's face, his sword cracking in hyperphase energies and his own psionic power, prompting him to shriek in pain as he tried to catch the boy, but he was already gone, having vanished into another portal.

"~Low.~" Dave said. Then Jade came through a green portal from behind Koshmar, throwing her hands back, digging deep into herself, and teleporting an entire uninhabited planet into this reality, compacting it into white dwarf degenerate matter so that it was only a little bit bigger than she was, and then slammed it into his back hard enough to shatter the white dwarf before jumping into her own portal before Koshmar could turn and meet her with a gust of shadow fire from his maw.

"~Chest~" They both said in unison. Then from above from a red and green striped portal, Dave and Jade came down, using their kinetic energy control together, enhancing it with her power over gravity and his control over electromagnetism to irresistably attract him to his chest at obscene speeds. The two slammed into his chest at obscene velocities, the total energy of the collision being impossible to measure by any earthly instrument before they bounced back into another portal before he could bring down a hammer of shadows upon them.

"~Right arm!~" Jade said, Dave emerging from another portal and taking a quick overhead slash at one of the joints of Koshmar's right arm, making him squeal in agony as he attempted to strike him with another god bomb, only for it to explode harmlessly elsewhere.

"~Eyes.~" Dave pointed out, with Jade appearing and firing two shots from her green sun gun into both of Koshmar's eyes, causing him to flail in pain and clutch his eyes as they tried to healed while the two rapidly began to accelerate their assault.

"~Back~!" Both said as they went in, Jade having surrounded herself with neutron degenerate matter bullets that she rapid fired into his back at greater than light speeds while Dave imparted more kinetic energy into each bullet before the two vanished into another portal.

Again and again they kept on doing this, the tempo of their assault getting faster and faster until the two were attacking quadrillions of time every unit of planck time, though he couldn't tell if Dave's time manipulation was at work here.

Surrounded on all sides, Koshmar finally threw his hands out and let out a radial and instantaneous burst of shadow made solid, whipping the two away as he surrounded himself with chunks of matter condensed into black holes, swirling the event horizons around himself before launching them at gatling cannon like rates.

Dave dashed and swirled around them, sometimes simply going so fast he went through the black holes, making sure to avoid the actual hypercondensed chunk of matter within each black hole, just passing through the event Horizon as Jade started to absorb the incoming black holes.

With a few magic words, Koshmar summoned forth storm clouds of darkness above him, each one drawing out the souls of the dreaming to fuel lashing tendrils of darkness, corossive shadow rain, hail stones made from black holes he flung into the storm clouds, and god bomb fueled lightning bolts.

"~Jade, shoot me at him.~" He said, looking for a way through his defense plan.

"~Are you sure? I don't want you to get hurt if I miss.~" She said a bit sheepishly over the link.

"~You won't miss Jade, I know it.~" He said with a smile beneath his Divine steel helmet.

"~Thanks Dave~" She said with a grin beneath her helmet as she projected the course in her head, analyzing his patterns before making the preparations as Koshmar continued his mad laughter.

But he didn't quite account for Jade starting to overcome his dimensional anchor and slingshotting a mass increased Dave into him, jabbing the psychic sword through the Demon King's gut, causing him to release a batlike shriek as he shoved Dave away, ripping the sword out of his gut and teleporting out of reach.

"Think we got him?" Dave said as Jade helped him up, bringing him his sword as his suit's systems scanned for Koshmar.

"I can still feel him..." Jade said with a frown as Koshmar's cackling laughter once again made itself known.

"You zink you haff ze power? No, here I am POWER!" He said, molding the room into a platform floating in a mass of darkness as he appeared to the side, far larger than normal. Snarling before throwing his head forward, eyes bugging out, he unleashed a beam of absolute hot and a beam of absolute cold from his right and left eye respectively.

"~Does this guy ever shut up?~" Dave said, exasperated as he narrowed his eyes.

"~I wish.~" Jade said with a displeased expression on her face.

Sweeping the beams by adjusting his vision, even moving them as a Chameleon would, he was met with success, striking the two in the chest. But Dave proved impervious to the extremes of temperature, even at temperatures where the laws of physics broke down, and Jade, being altered by the green sun, though in pain from the attack, managed to turn herself into a conduit, letting the absolute hot beam phase into the green sun.

A rapid fire series of barrages from her weapon detonating like rupturing planets in his face followed by more slashes than he could keep track of to his face forced him to pull back, teleporting away, sinking into the mists of the nightmares before appearing off to the side, forming a cannon directly in front of the two and feeding it a hundred god bombs. The cannon shrieked as it's crystalline form spun before firing out a lance of energy, forcing the two side ways as he swept the cannon across the battlefield as it burned through it's almighty power.

Teleporting in an low stellar mass black hole, Jade forced it into the path of the Godcannon, letting it swallow up all the energy, the singularity inside beginning to splinter before the raw power Koshmar was putting out before she lobbed it with the flick of a wrist, forcing Koshmar to teleport to the side before retaliating by creating circles of dark energy above them, having the circles fire off massive pillars of shadowy purple fury.

With a thought, Dave stopped time in it's tracks, moved himself and Jade out of the way, and let Koshmar's fury go unheeded. "~Bring in another big thing, squish it down. I have a plan...~" Dave said telepathically, Jade nodding as she brought brought in a small star, crushed it by altering it's gravity until it compacted to the point where it's atoms could not be compressed anymore before tossing it at Dave.

"~What are you doing Dave?~" She said over their telepathic link as he analyzed the orb.

"~Gonna get on, then slam it down onto batsy, then go to you for you to push me back. We'll keep on trying until he stops.~" He said over the link as he tensed his muscles in preparation for the jump.

"~Okay Dave...be safe~" She said, frowning a bit under her helmet as he made the leap.

Dave got on top of the compacted orb and let Jade slam it with a gravitational, spatial, and kinetic thrust to send it bouncing up into the air, with Dave sending it hurtling back into Koshmar with a Kinetic push, crashing into his head before the white dwarf flexed back upwards, bouncing up back towards Jade who once again shot it towards Koshmar to repeat the process, picking up speed until Koshmar regained his senses and shot into the orb with a blast of darkness shattering it over Koshmar's head after the two used it to hit him countless times before a single second could pass.

Hurtling back, Dave managed to land on his feet as Jade warped incoming white dwarf shards away from herself while Koshmar altered his shape to resemble a somewhat pixelated Shark, a nightmare of the briny deep before coming in, charging at full speed, slamming the two out of his way and chomping down on them to hammer through their shielding before a shot to his shark form's eye forced him to let them go, spitting them out before reforming on the other side of the platform.

"~Rapid volley, go!~" Jade said as she brought out her gun, and with a nod, Dave brought out his bow. Firing a rapid series of shots that hit the Demon Lord with planet cracking force, Jade ceased her barrage as the green fires from her weapon subsided, letting Dave pick up the pace with a series of arrows dense enough to actually have a gravitational lensing effect accelerated beyond light speed, the incoming barrage of arrows exploding against his form as Koshmar screeched in pain. Dave picked up the pace and fired off a second barrage, hitting all over the Nightmare King's body before Jade fired her barrage once he was finished.

With green and red detonations going off all over him, Koshmar was starting to get furious. He started to roar and yell, but a combined barrage of ranged attacks from the two quickly silenced his anger, drowning it in the cataclysmic fury of the barrage he was subjected to, hitting him with untold fury countless times over the course of a single second, making him shake and shudder as he took the barrage of damage.

Finally sending forth dark chains, using his own manipulation of time and fate to stack the odds in his favor, he enwrapped both of them by the legs and twirled them over his head, taking some time to regain his focus as he continuously swung them around before slamming them into the platform with star blasting force, the energy sending spiraling shockwaves across his universe as the two thought on their next move as he started to charge in.

"~Kick the shell? You've got the legs for it!~" Jade suggested as she summoned up a piece of neutron degenerate matter condensed to the size of a soccer ball, containing the mass of a fair sized star, prompting dave to grin.

"~Oh hell yeah. Time to beat his face in!~" He said as she placed it down, kicking it like a soccer ball, sending it going before giving it a boost with her control over kinetic energy and setting Koshmar as it's center of gravity, sending the shell smashing into his face, breaking his charge and sending him spinning away in a humorous fashion before the shell bounced back at Dave who punted the thing back at Koshmar to slam him in the gut.

Then with the next bounce Jade round house kicked the thing into Koshmar's face, smashing it in before Dave snap kicked it into his groin, making him lurch forward in pain before Jade bounced it into the air before making for a spinning Jump kick to slam it into his throat, the bouncing orb of death spinning back towards them to be followed by Dave head butting the orb hurtling into his shoulder to send him spinning. The two repeated this again and again, making it go faster and faster.

One hit per planck time, one thousand hits, one million hits per planck time, one billion, one trillion, the two boosted by following Dave's altered timeflow before Koshmar regained his senses and explosively teleported between them, scattering them before appearing above them and outstretching his hand, sending countless dark matter shards compressed to planetary masses at them, slamming them into the ground as he fired a mass to thick and fast for them to dodge, doing his best to keep up with their altered timestream.

But a Stab into his midsection from Dave once again sent burning psychic energy coursing into him before the boy spoke what sounded like gibberish to the Demon King's ears, words in an ancient, powerful language, a cosmic language, the true speech of reality itself. Reality began twisting and altering around Koshmar before Jade stabbed her gun into his head and fired repeatedly, sending the demon back into the distance as he summoned a shadow blade, forming it over his hand.

Sweeping at them, he caught the two in his gradual U-shaped ascendant path, hammering into them before grabbing them with the dark chains and slamming them back into the ground, pointing at their direction and consuming it in a might, black, purple and blue explosion. "You fools! Vhy do you not give up? You haff no chance to defeat me! Kneel!" He said, his expression actually beginning to lose it's composure.

"Wanna make him shut up?" Dave asked as Jade teleported in another Neutron star, compacted it to a bit above a person's size and increased it's mass, using her control over the relevant cosmic forces to keep it from collapsing into a black hole, she wasn't going to pull out that trick just yet.

"Oh you bet! His accent is sooo stupid!" She grinned as she hurled the stellar body into the air, designating Dave as the gravitational center, letting it fall towards him and allowing him to slam it via massive kinetic thrust right into Koshmar's back, knocking him forward as it was launched into the air, drawing itself towards Jade before she drop kick and kinetically shoved the Neutron star to slam right across his face before allowing it to climb back up.

The process repeated itself countless times, picking up momentum as they batted the star between them, using him as a monkey in the middle before the final impact from a volley ball slam dunk from Dave hit Koshmar so hard the star bounced up and shattered, only for Koshmar to grab the shards of the destroyed star and surround himself with them, spinning them around to slam into his foes like a buzzsaw.

Catching them in the whirlwind of star chunks, he drew them close together, teleported before them, and swept his claws repeatedly across them as he trapped them with his swirling storm of neutronium shards, batting them between awesome blows before stopping and then beginning to spam exploding teleports all around them. He seemed to be everywhere at once.

Going off to the side, he let loose another shrieking laugh. "Vhat part of ze title Nightmayre King do you foolz do not understand?!" He said rhetorically before Dave shut him up with an arrow to where his knee would be if he had legs, making him shriek as he ripped out the arrow, the ultradense matter decomposing after bathing him in radiation as the divine steel arrow head vanished.

"I understand it, I just don't give a shit." Dave smirked before turning to Jade.

"~Got any suggestions Harleson?~" He said telepathically, giving her a glance as she clicked her fingers and brought the black hole they had summoned earlier.

"~Star crash!~" She said excitedly as she summoned forth condensed stars to feed the black hole.

"~We'll toss them in to feed the black hole, then I rip the shell away and send the thing crashing on his head~" She said with a perky smile.

"~Sweet!~" He said as he started grabbing and kinetically hurling stars into the Black hole, following by Jade matching him, the two entering a warped flow of time as they continuously fed the bobbing and weaving singularity, making it grow larger and larger. Each star thrown inside seemed to make it grow almost continuously, like water pouring into a balloon as the Black Hole started to attain vastly more mass.

Finally, Koshmar entered into their timeflow. "Vhat do you hope to accomplish? Leetle vuns?" He said, cackling before the light of the Black Hole's event horizon being ripped away, exposing the naked singularity, overwhelmed his senses as the two of them thrusted it downwards with a kinetic push, sending it crashing into Koshmar with all annihilating force, subsuming much of the dimension in the colossal explosion as this massive projectile hit him far in excess of light speeds.

Having teleported them away as the explosion went across light years in his dimension, wiping out untold multitudes of his minions, the two watched as the explosion effectively reset a large portion of this covalent universe back to a big bang state.

Dave whistled at the sight of the detonation before nodding approvingly at Jade and patting her on the shoulder, eliciting a blush from beneath her helmet as she processed his gauntleted hand on her.

"Think we got him?" He asked as the explosion started to finally lose energy.

"I'm not sure..." She said, narrowing her eyes as temperatures started to lower from absolute hot. But lo and behold, Koshmar was starting to banish the light with Darkness, prompting the two to teleport back as Koshmar, angry, hurt, burnt, and damaged, stood in the forcibly cooled primordial cosmic ooze.

"Oh my god why won't he go away?" Jade said, frustrated and annoyed as she gritted her teeth.

"He wants you and me." Dave said, making Jade a bit flustered until she shook her head when she realized no he couldn't mean it like that.

"Well he can go bite Alderymora's spikey butt!" She said trying to sound tough as Koshmar finally turned to face them. With a roar, he transformed himself into a massive shadowy arrowhead and slammed into Dave, knocking him off balance after fooling his ability to perceive time with his own temporal manipulations, then transformed into roiling darkness to buffet the boy back and forth.

Once again firing a spray of dark shards at Dave, he concluded his barrage with a massive darkburst that hurtled him into the ground to receive an exploding sunburst of the Demon King's own making as he formed yet another god-cannon and had the beam fire down into Dave, pushing him into the ground before the chains whipped around his abdomen, launched him into the sky, allowing Koshmar to spread his cape and fire waves of crushing darkness that hurtled Dave into walls that Koshmar had reformed for maximum strength, hitting these obstacles far stronger than Adamantium with enough force to dent them.

Rolling out of his indentation and hitting the ground, it seemed for a time that Dave wasn't moving, leaving Jade to only stand there wide eyed and jaw agape as she tried to process what she had seen.

"Dave..." She said in a quiet voice as Koshmar started laughing.

"Schtupid child. Koshmar allvays haffs vhat Koshmar vants!" He said, cackling with glee as she started to tense, shaking with rage. She felt not just her primordial blood roiling, but the fires of the power source her time with the entity had linked her to. The Green Sun, something so vast that just one of the particles making it was twice the size of a universe. An endless sea of emerald fire and fury. A sea that started to flow into her body as she began to crackle with it's energies.

"Und now I schall claim my pri-" He said, turning away as he started to savor the moment, already picturing the moment of his victory, clawed hands balled into fists and mouth stretched into an impossibly wide grin, the Dreamstone glowing as he already began to forget his prior rage before noticing a massive build up of energy, turning around to see it's source.

"-Eh" He said before his eyes widened at the sight, Jade was starting to burn with more intensity than all the stars in the sky. Emerald fire coruscated around her, green lightning arced across her, while her form occasionally seemed to fade out into a green sihlouette showing the surface of the green sun.

"No...No...eet eez not possible!" He said, his expression one of horror as he started to grasp the power that she was currently acting as a conduit for. Never had he felt this kind of power, not even from his old master. It was...no it couldn't be. Not even her guardian ever acted like this sort of link. But why?

Then it hit him as she started to advance towards him, floating slowly towards him as her body seemed to shift between armored and unarmored states, burning with so much power it hurt just to look at her. He should have seen it sooner. The connection, deeper than mere camaraderie. In his anger, he had unleashed a rage far beyond his own.

"No...schtay back!" Koshmar said, letting loose all of his incredible power, releasing fury that would make skyfathers quail before she simply batted the energy away with a flick of her finger, her eyes seeming to be a solid green that stood out among the rest of the roiling sea of energy surrounding her.

He hurled countless god bombs, only to see them crumble to ashes with a single thought from the girl. He prepared multiple god cannons, only for the energy field to seem to drink in the power. Firing off dark shards as he attempted to back away, she seemed to just grab each and every one individually and crush them between her fingers, a snarl of rage on her face as she just kept on moving towards him.

He threw all his creatures and monsters at her, only for each of them in turn to suffer more horrible fates than the last, some having their skulls shrunk around their brains until they exploded, others having black holes opened inside them, others simply being deleted from reality, others teleported into the green sun to burn, others having every last quark in their body teleported all across the multiverse and beyond, and others still simply combusting for being in her presence.

He tried to crush her under the weight of entropy, of space, of nightmares, but even as he attempted to make her go through enough time for a googol heat deaths to take place, she simply shoved all the weight of the aeons aside. Even as he tried to crush space into a black hole around her, she simply flowed through the singularity. And when he tried to impact her with the very primal essence of fear, she didn't even blink.

Running out of options, he raised the dreamstone, the abstract objectification of dreams and the dreaming, from which he had been able to drain so much power. He unleashed all the power it could muster, but before the energy, the dreams made manifest, the nightmares made reality, the neverending deluge of what beings created in their sleep; could reach her, it seemed to almost yelp and flow around her, as if it were afraid of simple contact with her as she effortlessly pushed through all the power he was siphoning from the dreamscape of the multiverse.

"THE HOST GROWS TIRED OF YOU KOSHMAR, AND THE SUN SHALL OBLIGE." She roared in a voice like that of a legion, louder than an atomic bomb, everywhere at once, and deeply terrifying as she grabbed the abstract gem and tore it off the pendant he placed. Grabbing it in her hand, which was supposed to be impossible, he was it's wielder, none could use it save for him.

Then she grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up. "N-no. Impossible!" He said, almost whimpering as she felt her fingers clenching.

"THE GREEN SUN DOES NOT CARE FOR YOUR LABELS OF REALITY." She said in a voice that was mixed with something else, seemingly...no...*was* all powerful.

"M-mer...mercy! Please! I am schorry! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Koshmar begged, knowing true fear as a girl was channeling a power source so great that it existed in countless metaverses, each with different rules, but now she could call on as much as she wanted in this ultimate rage state. She was effectively possessed by the very intelligence of the green sun.

"YOU WHO ARE WITHOUT MERCY NOW ASK FOR IT?" Sun-Jade said, the voice growing somewhat gentler as Koshmar breathed out a sigh of relief before he felt himself being pulled apart.

"N-NO! VUT ARE YOU DOING! NO! HAFF MERCY!" Koshmar shrieked as Sun-Jade cast his Dreamstone to a forgotten part of the universe before slamming a hand into his chest.

"IT IS ONLY BECAUSE THE SUN HONORS THE HOST'S MORALITY THAT YOU ARE SPARED OBLIVION. INSTEAD YOU SHALL KNOW EXILE IN A TRILLION, TRILLION, TRILLION PIECES. TO BE SMEARED ACROSS THE STARS AND POWERLESS UNTIL YOU ARE REFORMED TO PLAY YOUR PART." She said as she tore him apart with a single fluid gesture, banishing every single particle of his existence to different corners of the universe, his stone floating in space forming the nucleus of his now discorporated state before she turned to his nightmare realm and then with a single gesture, tore apart the entire universe he had created, ripping it into countless pocket dimensions and scattering them in a chaotic series of orbits around the universe as Dave came to.

Blearily looking up and seeing her in her current state, Dave's eyes shot open and he forced himself up to rush to her. "Jade! What's happening to you?!" He said, dropping the typical coolkid demeanor as she turned to him.

"Jade stop! Let it go!" He said, his suit making him well aware of the power going through her.

She said nothing at first. "Jade, snap out of it, please, you can't stay like this." He said as Sun-Jade seemed to stare right through him.

"WHY NOT?" It asked, her voice seemingly subsumed by the Sun's as the details of her form were becoming less clear, her form spending more and more more time as a sihlouette.

"Because..." Dave said, trying to think of some huge, logical, wordy explanation like his sister would have, but in the end, he retracted his helmet and came in for one hell of a hug. For a moment, nothing happened, she didn't respond for some time, and he thought that finally acting on his feelings in this way may not have been the wisest move. But soon she started to get less and less luminous, a long sigh coming out as the Green Sun started to retreat back from her. Seeing the flames die down, he noted that Jade returned the gesture, bringing her arms around him as the fires of the sun left her.

Finally, it's host no longer in need or in true desire of it, the Sun returned to it's normal relationship with her, existing as a conduit to her rather than the pilot of her body, with her retracting her own helmet.

"You're such a dork Dave..." She said with a light giggle.

"Shut up..." He said, face flushing.

"But you're a sweet dork..." She said as she held him tight.

"Wanna see Ironstar?" He said, trying to think of something to mention that would let him regain his cool.

"Oh yeah! I bet the droids missed us!" She said excitedly with a clap before teleporting the two in a green flash back into the universe proper.

Some time later

A vessel hung in the void between realities, observing the torn apart realm floating around the larger, more central universe like electrons around an atom.

"This is where the energy was released." One Black Hand cyborg droned, looking through the readings it was receiving from the ship.

"There are still life signs in the new pocket dimensions hallowed one." Another said as it read off more of the information it's scanners were providing.

"But the primalborn are long gone." The first said, finally looking up from it's post to face it's lord.

A metallic dragon, flesh long since overtaken by countless cybernetic upgrades to it's emaciated pterosaur like form. Baleful, burning yellow optics stared out at the cyborg as it clenched it's wings somewhat closer.

"What are your orders...Lord Vorzhilok?" The second finally said as the Dragon began to stretch it's wings with a frightful roar.


Primalborn Issue #3: Antasmal delights in the Emerald sphere.

A continuation of this


"Space is limitless

Space is the where of all things

Space is the fabric upon which all things rest

Space is the all-filament, easy to bend, but all but impossible to truly master

Space is the bedrock of all things, whose cracks and holes can destroy whole worlds

Space is the ocean whose waves reach all wheres and whens

Space obeys few, and masters so many

And now it has a new mistress, a witch to command it, to use it's fury against evil.

A free spirit, a roamer of the stars and dancer of the cosmos

A maiden of hair as black as the void and eyes as green as the crystal that gives her her name

With the fires of the Green sun coursing through her and blood of the fabric of space"

Far, far away

Jade blinked as she was surrounded by a mass of stars, the sights of the universe wheeling around her, clearly a stylized depiction given that galaxies could be seen in the same frame of reference as planets, but to a three year old, it all just seemed so fantastic. But a warm green glow soon entered her field of vision, finally coalescing into the shape of a white dog with no eyes, nose or seemingly a mouth for that matter. Indeed it's ears seemed to be more shapes than actually functional organs.

The hound gave her a nod, as Jade reached a hand out to the dog as it formed a massive barrier around her, creating an entire pocket universe for her to grow up in, seeming to warp the very fabric of reality around it, making it twitch and quiver before it's thoughts and touch. The sights of all the universe had to offer flashing around her as the sphere was constructing itself.

No not constructing itself, expanding out of a larger realm, one that seemed to simply spill forth from elseworlds and what ifs, ethereal psuedo-realities building upon each other to form true, solid matter, coalescing, compounding, building something out of nothing. For such laws as thermodynamics were meaningless to something of the hound's abilities.

Already distancing herself from the painful memories of maple valley, Jade found herself now dwelling in what seemed to be a tropical island, replete with an artificial sun and the beautiful majesty of all sorts of life and a great white tower for her to dwell in. "For me?" She asked as the Dog nodded, watching her as she rushed towards the magnificent dwelling it had created for her, a land for her to dwell in like a princess.

She took in the sights, like a vast fantasy scape that seemed to mold itself to her thoughts, breathing and beating as she did. The dog seeming to vanish out of sight by the time she turned back to face him. "Wait, where are you going?" She asked, but he was already gone, like a dream. For a moment, she briefly thought of christmas, and seemingly reading her mind, the weather changed. Frost swirled around the green, blue gales brushing through the snow and green landscapes as they were covered in snow.

And yet she didn't feel cold. Not even a little. If anything, she felt warm even as the snow built up, summer turning to winter, tropical becoming polar. But ever did the tower remain untouched, sticking impossibly high into the sky, just reaching forward towards infinity before capping out in a great orb, a palace for the princess of this domain. But for a brief moment, as the blue sky turned to black, she spotted a black blot roiling through the domain of winter.

She narrowed her eyes as her thoughts drifted, the snow giving way to the riot of summer weather, the green once again pushing out through the white. But the blot was gone, seemingly no more than just a Phantasm of her imagination. Or perhaps it was more? She couldn't tell...she didn't care anyway, because she wanted to see the interior of her new adobe.

Pushing through the doors, Jade was greeted with halls of gleaming white, testaments and monuments to science. Some would have preferred a more...medieval dwelling, but to Jade, this was where she always dreamed of living. Just like in those space age picture books. And once again, the hound was waiting, crackling with green fire and lightning for the briefest of moments before it's faceless alabaster form stabilized.

"It's great!" She said, grabbing onto the dog and squeezing it, feeling the soft fur as the hound facelessly, wordlessly nodded. It didn't bark or even pant to acknowledge her, but simply laid it's head on her shoulder. But for a moment, it seemed to face in one direction in particular, spotting that troublesome black blot again. But now was not the thing's time.

May 2008

Jade had grown considerably in the intervening four years, she had even started to explore beyond her surroundings. Now was the time to look outside. Clad in armor, she remembered her training. Move with the armor, it is one with you, and you are one with it. She was excited to see what lay outside of her little slice of heaven, what sort of wonders lay out there in the stars.

She had seen glimpses of it from the observation facilities within the emerald sphere, but now was the time to see it for herself. For years now, she had been exposed to the energies of the green sun, which had steadily changed her, molded her, empowered her. And when she engaged in her teleportation, she warped space around her, not going through any sort of alternate dimension, but instead literally folding and warping the very fabric of space around her.

If space were a sheet, she was essentially scrunching up the sheet and then popping over to where she wanted before letting it return to normalcy. The universe was hers to play with, and play with it she did. She explored every nook and cranny she could find. Teleporting from place to place, she looked everywhere she could, seeing many worlds, some dead, some thriving, some peaceful, some warring, some large, some small, but each unique in it's own little ways.

She went among the planets, observing them, looking at how life unfolded on them. She smiled as the people on them went about their lives, scurrying about like insects as she flitted between them. It was easy to think herself as better than they were. She was a being that could defeat most gods, they were...tiny. But she saw that some spanned many worlds, their civilization going from planet to planet. Some even across galaxies or beyond.

But most didn't bend space in quite the same way she did, so she was curious about how the got around. Teleporting down, she thought of hiding, and just like that, through gravity she bent light around her so that she couldn't be seen. She watched as a civilization of somewhat insectoid like people milled about, looking onward at the launching of a new spacecraft, kilometers from stern to stern.

The craft began to lift itself off the docks it was constructed in, pushing itself away from gravity's embrace. Using her own manipulation of gravity, she locked herself onto it's pull, going along side it. Watching it go past her and upwards, shooting beyond the world until she could see it's very curvature. And then it began to bend reality in a slight way, making a hole into it, a ring before it as it suddenly shot forward, disappearing in a gravitational corridor to leap off into metaspace.

Thinking about what she saw, she gasped in amazement as she went down again, her dogeared headband twitching slightly as she observed more ships launching away beyond light, seeing more things pushing against gravity's power. She wanted to try it. It seemed so much more fun than teleporting. She tried just stopping gravity's effect on herself, but all that did was make her start floating with little real direction.

She tried lowering gravity, but all that did was let her jump really far, sending herself sailing through the air like a flea would, except she had far greater proportional strength than any flea, and with the manipulation of gravity, she could sail so much farther. She thought that it was a bit dangerous to jump around on a planet with people, and after sailing by a city of surprised aliens, she teleported in a green flash, off to a desolate world made of Adamantium that many had killed and died for far from anyone she could hurt as she smashed into a mountain of pure adamantium, shattering it like so many lego bricks.

Regaining her bearing and hopping again, she landed on a flat plain, feeling the adamantium beneath her as she lowered herself to the ground, trying to think of a way to really fly, searching deep inside herself as her black armor's space garb fluttered in a cold wind. Pressing a knuckle against the ground and closing her eyes, she looked deep inside herself. Feeling her heartbeat, feeling the pulsation of space inside her, the burning fires of the green sun. And she finally felt it, the part of her lineage that got her chosen for this role.

The primordial part of her, that primal part of her. Calling to her, speaking to her. And she finally knew. She breathed out, opened her eyes slowly, and the very ground began to shake beneath her as she suddenly rocketed into the sky, her first take off being so powerful that the ground despite it's first grade adamantium construction, began to crack beneath her. Even such a potent material was not able to withstand her inadvertently putting too much into her first forray into the realm of flight.

With a massive sonic boom, she lifted into the air, ripping through the air particles she went through, spiraling around the world with the utmost ease and speed as she looked up into the sky, thinking to go towards the sun and with that, she ripped right through the atmosphere, the sonic boom reverberating across the world as she brought herself into a massive loop, briefly circling around a planet three times before the faintest hint of a second could have passed as she slingshotted out towards the blue sun of the solar system.

Going around it, she keyholed herself through the arches of a massive solar tendril, spinning herself and smiling with the glee of an eight year old who had finally learned to fly. Making a hard right, she looked at the sun and decided to try and go through it. And with a boom that pushed away the solar tendril behind her, she shot into the star with so much force that she actually created a depression in the roiling sea of plasma, pushing it inwards briefly as she hit it so quickly that the particles couldn't move out of her way.

She giggled as she went through the star, pushing past it's immense diameter before one could blink, and smashing her way out of it, ripping large chunks of plasma free of the star, letting them spiral out into the corona before re-impacting into their parent body. She for a moment, felt something try to slow her down, a barrier that tried to halt all things. Light speed, to most, this was an obstacle none could pass without cheating the laws of physics. But to her, it was just another wall to break.

In an instant, she powered through the light speed barrier, space rippling behind her as she created a shockwave through reality. Jade roared through the universe, ripping by planets, going through nebulae so fast that the bow waves created by her passage started to swirl and form into accretion discs, rip straight through the event horizons of black holes without even slowing down, and in the case of one, smashed straight through the singularity, making the black hole explode outwards in a titanic flash of light as the event horizon collapsed, freeing all the energy and matter that it had long trapped within it.

She whipped past cosmic strings, massive cracks in the fabric of reality, and by the shockwave of her movement, bent and altered their trajectories, making these colossal filaments, supposedly unbendable, shift just by her movement. She was the happiest girl in the universe. And nothing would have changed that. Not even for the briefest moment. The feeling of power growing, and resistance being overcome, the feeling of seeing the sights of the universe as she raced across it.

She shot past a very confused cosmic entity as it looked across the stars in search of worlds for it's maker, waving to the earthen elemental as she spun herself into a spiral and sped beyond him. She moved past a vast fleet of ships currently strip mining a planet bare, the Zolkri commander's eyes bugging out when he read the purported speed that the object his scanners were detecting was moving in.

A fleet of Chaos ships, marshalling out to war, were caught by the shockwave of her movement, and were sent scattered across space as the wave of deformed reality followed her like how a sonic boom follows a jet moving faster than sound can follow. The Daemons screaming as they felt something of a sort of power that had not been felt in aeons race past them, even as their commanders roared their defiance at this tempest created by her simple movement, scattering their ships across light years while she still kept on accelerating.

For a moment, she even shot right out of the universe, poking out of the vast cosmic bubble of reality, and with her backed turned to it, she spread her arms and let herself circle around reality itself, smiling as she went into a powered orbit around the universe, circling around to it's other side before turning back and punching right back in.

But as she shot past, that black blot once again seemed to appear, and for a brief moment, seemed to form baleful yellow eyes as it regarded her coldly. But now was not the time for action.

Realm of nightmares

Shifting back out of the material plane, the evil king Koshmar pondered what he had just seen. Yes...this one had power he thought as he wrapped his cloak around his body. She was capable of going so swiftly that her movement path was one of destruction, though she seemed to have avoided damaging anything that Koshmar knew to be pure of heart...an instinctual understanding of morality perhaps?

Koshmar had been a long time foe of the Entity, who had constantly foiled the Dream King's plans to expand into the land of the waking. Across so many aeons, it was always that creature that acted against the one time Daemon Prince. Even...he thought as he clutched his staff of change...when he was still a servant of Tzeentch.

Wrapped in a batwing styled cloak with the texture of the night sky possessed of a purple tinge, connected by a batwing clasp, the conical head of the demon king bore large bat ears, a small black mask from which it's pointed solid yellow glowing eyes peered out of, and a shifting mouth with too large shark teeth bore a seemingly eternal grin.

"But zuch times have passed like ze days ov my servitude. Zis gurl, she vill be usevul. So says Koshvmar!" He said with a slight cackle to his monstrous dream demons in a heavy but nonspecific slavic accent.

"But King, how do vou plan to vuse ze gurl?" One of the batwinged monsters asked the ex-servant of Chaos as he hatched many an evil plan in his head.

"Ve vill bend her vaking vurld to my vill, make her zee zat ze vurld of nightmares is ze only vurld vorth vighting vur." He said in response, cackling a screeching cackle, his grin somehow widening even further.

"Vhen vill ve attack?" Another of the creatures of the night that the bat king surrounded himself with asked, keeping itself low to the ground.

"In two yearz time, zchee zchall have attained a great mark in her life. Zhen, ve vill strike." He said, turning to his great claivoryance machine, through which he observed the waking world. Always waiting for a place to attack.

April 2010

By now, Jade had already met her brother, a blond boy she felt funny around, and his sister, whom she thought was pretty cool. But as she tried to look around the stars for something to do, she felt a ripple...an unnatural ripple, the tinge of something in the pool of the universe that does not rightfully belong in it. And with a simple thought, she teleported towards it. There, she found a group of soldiers in blue with an eagle emblazoned on their armor fighting against creatures of gothic fantasy and nightmares.

Almost as if the classical monster stories had now come to life. The motif of bats and the stench of dreams clung to these creatures like a crazed lover. It seemed that whatever sort of classical monster pulled out of the storybooks used was twisted to have at least some form of overall bat motif. And whats more, Astartes, warriors of the Imperium, bearing the same bat motif with their own traitor guard forces, seemed to be accompanying these demons of fear.

The creatures seemed to mold themselves to the fears of their targets, all while the cackling traitor Astartes and soldiers did their best to accompany their masters. If she remembered, these were the Visicount order, an order of the Astartes that went traitor with Xaraghoul, but ended up rejecting Chaos and instead pledged allegiance to another entity, living like piratical raiders and terrorists, fighting with beings not born of the warp, but none the less hateful towards the rest of existence.

The soldiers in blue, then, had to be the peacekeepers.

"Keep firing, keep fi-oh god" One started as a swarm of microscopic bat monsters flew inside the seams of his armor.

"No, no, no aahhhh! AAHHHH!!!" He said as the bats started to expand to regular size, flailing and screeching, eating the chewy center of the suit, the man inside flailing constantly before suddenly falling stiff until the micromonsters inside started to animate the suit with their hive minded movements.

Others were caught in sudden of flashes of darkness, and when the light returned to them, they were found dead, some mutilated, some ripped apart, others stripped to the bone, and others intact, just...unnaturally still. A constant electronic laughter filled all channels, making radio communication impossible as the voices of a legion chattered their madness away.

Looking around, Jade tried to make sense of what she was seeing, only for some of the night creatures to turn their attention towards her. The micro-bats that attempted to eat her were simply stopped by her shielding, and even if they could penetrate, her armor lacked the flaws of mortal technology and her flesh was far tougher than anything these creatures could have mustered.

With a pulsing gravitational wave she sent the swarms that tried to slice and bite at her scurrying away before shrinking the skulls of others while expanding their brains, detonating their heads wherever she could find them. But as she went forward, tearing through the ranks of terror like a spear pushing through water, two figures, molded into effigies of Ishmael sprang at her, and immediately she went cold.

Locking up in fear, her breath became shallow and rapid, trying to push away these visages of fear that presented themselves to her. "No, no, g-go away! Please! Go!" She screamed, her voice faltering and cracking as she tried to shield herself.

"Vhat is ze matter, gurl. Avraid of ze visage of death?" One asked, clutching it's scythe as it tried to hack into her shielding, memories starting to flash before her. Visages of death, destruction, chaos going across her eyes.

Shivering, choking on her own breath, and crying, she reached her hand out, thinking of anything that would get them to go away. And with a thought, a bow wave of kinetic energy slammed outwards, ramming and clearing away the lesser beings, but the other two remained, empowered by her fear of Ishmael.

Wrapping herself in shields formed by her own powers, she curled up, just hoping it would all go away. The rapidly shifting cueball eyes...the green skull mask. The spiked hat, that wicked scythe. She didn't want to remember it. She didn't want to see it.

She retreated into her own mind, the monsters outside raking at her shields with increasing force as the ten year old girl huddled to the ground. She could still see the blood, the fire, she could still hear that constant screaming, and the image of the scythe going through her father's neck and mother's back wouldn't stop playing for anything.

"I wanna go home..." She whimpered, trying to blink back the tears, finding herself in that awful, awful place again. In the burning wreck of maple valley. But a sharp PING echoed through her mindscape, and a soft light started to pour in, washing away the images of despair like dirt before a wave.

"H-huh?" She said, looking up, squinting as her puffy eyes refocused, seeing the Alabaster hound appear before her again.

A faint realization came across her as the outside world stilled, the monsters outside freezing as the creature stopped time. Finally, another shape began to materialize, clad in his cape bearing armor.

The hound then shifted the images to more pleasant ones, displaying the green fields of Tir Na Nog, where her mother still lived, where her brother was talking to Dave's orange clad sister.

Then Dave himself advanced up to her, offering her a hand. "H-how?" She sniffled, raising herself up to her feet.

"He can tell when you're in trouble." He smiled for the briefest moment before returning to his usual stoic face.

"R-really?" She asked of the faceless dog, which simply flared up in a crackling display of energy before the flare up died down.

"Umm." Dave asked, quirking an eyebrow at the sight.

"That's a yes Dave." She giggled afterwards, finally breathing normally as the pain started to vanish.

"So are you really here?" She said, perking up significantly.

"Yeah...check this head out." He said, craning his neck around to take it in as the last vestiges of fear started to fade away.

"But if you're like...here here...how can you help?" She asked before the scene was taken out of her mind, the time stop barrier still keeping all the monsters frozen.

"Like that." Dave gestured over to the entity as she gave it a tight hug.

"Good boy." She repeated, rocking a bit back and forth on the dog as she held it close before it nodded and vanished, the time stop barrier fading as normalcy returned.

By the time the ishmael effigy was ready to take it's next swing, Dave's sword stabbed into it's chest, and it vanished with a shriek as his Hyperphase sword ripped into it before she shot the other in the head with her green sun gun, firing at it repeatedly as it started to go pale before exploding back into a cloud of bats.

"Vat? How is zis possi...of course...Ze entity...Bah! I vill do zis myzelf." Koshmar said as he appeared in an explosion of bats and stray nightmares, looking at the two and laughing.

"Ah zey bring more of ze children! Good! I shall have vou both!" Koshmar declared as he unfurled his cloak, revealing his ornate gothic armor beneath, textured like the midnight sky and detailed with scenes of nightmares and horrors.

And before the fight could begin in it's earnest, all Dave could say. "Who's this douchebag?"


Primalborn Issue #3: Antasmal delights in the Emerald sphere.


"Space is limitless

Space is the where of all things

Space is the fabric upon which all things rest

Space is the all-filament, easy to bend, but all but impossible to truly master

Space is the bedrock of all things, whose cracks and holes can destroy whole worlds

Space is the ocean whose waves reach all wheres and whens

Space obeys few, and masters so many

And now it has a new mistress, a witch to command it, to use it's fury against evil.

A free spirit, a roamer of the stars and dancer of the cosmos

A maiden of hair as black as the void and eyes as green as the crystal that gives her her name

With the fires of the Green sun coursing through her and blood of the fabric of space