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The Witch of Space

Ishmael missed more than one target that fateful day.The twin sister of John who was stolen away during the massacre began by a cosmic entity that sensed her developing powers and was assumed to have died early on. The entity spared the three year old girl from witnessing further horror and decided to raise the girl in isolation, hiding her away in a pocket dimension where it could keep her under perfect vigil, not entirely convinced that without it's observance that Ishmael wouldn't one day find her.

As she spent more time in the pocket dimension, her powers began to become magnified. The cosmic energies that she was exposed to on a daily basis amplified her control over space, gravity, the strong atomic force, and kinetic energy. As she grew older, generally having little access to the outside world outside of the hypernet access the Cosmic entity granted her, she was becoming more and more like a cosmic being herself, though not quite on that level. The entity, if aware of what was happening to it's charge, seemed to have no protest over what she was becoming, and her abilities continued to mutate and alter as more cosmic energy went through her over the years.

Eventually, she started to grow curious about just what was outside the pocket dimension in which she spent so much of her life in, and at the age of ten, the entity decided to give her the ability to leave the dimension, but not before equipping her with a suit of armour for her own protection. But as she was able to function without air and had truly impressive teleportation abilities, including a reflexive ability that warped space in a manner to send away ranged attacks, along with truly superhuman durability, she didn't need her armoursuit and weaponry very often. Her control over space also allowed her to teleport herself across vast distances with ease, crossing the gulf between worlds in moments.

At first Jade mostly just observed the rest of the universe, for the most part avoiding face to face interaction with others as she played amongst the stars like a goddess, but eventually she would come to find the uglier parts of the cosmos, oppression, slaughter, discrimination, and others. Feeling an innate sense of wrongness, she returned to the Entity and asked it just why observing events like these made her feel uneasy. Following a discussion on morality and ethics, she adopted a sense of morality that emphasized freedom over order while still upholding to a general good natured attitude. She would often play pranks on those she saw as Tyrannical, making them look like fools or helping the downtrodden.

This did not endear Jade to these governments, but due to the fact that she never stayed anywhere for any great length of time, too free spirited to really beholden herself to any location, they had no idea just who or what was engaging in these random acts of spatial, gravitational, and kinetic distortion on a gross scale. Acts like shrinking corrupt Symaarian Arbiters to the size of Geckos, teleporting Hierarchy patrols into the middle of nowhere, greatly decreasing gravity and forcing Black Hand units to bounce and amble around like fools, and shifting the kinetic energy of a notorious Chaos Warlord's throat to make him talk like he'd been inhaling helium all day and making himself the laughing stock of Lord Xaraghoul's armies were par the course for Jade.

The Entity, a being of seemingly limitless cosmic power that Jade has dubbed Jacquerel. Capable of turning away entire hosts of Celestials, this being is one of the premier figures on the cosmic scene.

She became known as the Green Lass for her mischevious nature, her chosen playground, and her most prominent color. Generally speaking, the Governments she played pranks on tended to loathe her, regarding her as some kind of foul Daemon, while the people adored her, adopting her as a sort of guardian angel of the downtrodden and oppressed. Her emblem, a stylized spiral galaxy was even used by many resistance movements as their own symbol, using her free-spirited kindness as a rallying point for their own causes. She was starting to get involved in a way that far outstripped her original actions as a mere explorer, and was starting to revel in it.

All this changed when the Electrical Protectorate came to the observable universe. followed by an encounter with the Tyranids. Neither of these world devouring swarms were bothered by her pranks, neither would stop for any inconvenience short of death, and their reactions towards seeing a strange girl in a space patterned hooded tunic, striped stockings, and ruby slippers was to immediately attack, rather than the typical questioning of what mind altering substances had been part of their diet that day. Scared and frightened, she found herself unable to stop the Tyranids from beginning their fusion with the Me'traaid and watched the Electrical protectorate slaughter a world where she had grown to befriend many people.

Returning to the Entity, she asked what more she could have done to help these people, and from here she learned of how to use her developing abilities lethally, but was cautioned against being too reckless with using lethal force lest she become the very kind of menace she spent much of her time generally making life difficult for. She continues her space bourne adventures, laying waste to villainous armies, such as singlehandedly crippling a Chaos fleet by collapsing it's flagship into a black hole, or teleporting entire Electrical Protectorate harvester armies into the sun, shutting down the Kinetic motion of the beating hearts of Me'traynid Hive fleets, and has even adventured with the Green and Blue lantern corps on occasion.

And yet, she is almost completely unaware of the affairs of her home planet. All she knows of it are what some of her space bourne companions. To her, Earth is a distant memory, a mere speck in a vast cosmos that held a little more significance for being where she was born on following the union of Calvin Edenson a direct descendant of John the Baptist, and Rhiannon; the Celtic goddess of the winds and a bloodline dating back to the Primordial of Space, and where she was taken away from to hide her from the rapacious bloodlust of the extradimensional monstrosity known as Ishmael.

She formed a bond with the Novian Dave, brother to her best friend Rose, which adds a bit of complexity to their relationship as Rose is also in a committed relationship with her own brother John. At first being close friends, Jade and Dave grew closer together, eventually forming a union among the stars.

The Green and the Red.


Powers (under construction)

Space Control: Arguably Jade's most formadible ability, the girl posseses incredible control over the fabric of space, allowing herself to teleport herself and other objects with absolute ease, as well as altering the size and paths of objects by warping the space they are occupying or traveling through and can alter the density of objects by shifting how much space is in between their molecules, allowing her to render herself or other objects intangilable or extremely dense and almost impervious. She can teleport herself across the breadth of the universe without any apparent fatigue. Her best examples of her power are teleporting an entire Electrical Protectorate Harvester fleet to the other side of the Universe and shrinking down a neptune sied asteroid to a size smaller than an atom. Such extreme usages of her power do tire her out though. She also has an unconscious reflexive ability that causes her to go intangilable against melee attacks or teleport ranged assaults away, though it's not completely infallible. Using this power, she is also capable of closing off a magic user's access to their powers, a trick taught to her by a herald of Orlok who defected from the Army of the Inferno.

Gravity manipulation: Jade's power over gravity is every bit as great as her control over space. If she were so inclined, she could increase the gravity on an entire planet until they crumpled up and collapsed under their own weight to form a black hole or completely negate the gravity of a supermassive black hole, But again, extreme usages of her power are very fatiguing. She can also use this power to destroy planets by nullifying their gravitational fields or yanking them apart, using it to replicate telekinesis, and amplify her hitting power by leaps and bounds.

Kinetic energy manipulation: These powers over Kinetic energy let her alter the way things move or how much force objects have. Robbing all energy from an object causes it to instantly stop. Extreme usages of this ability cause fatigue. With this ability she can absorb energy to add to her own powers, but the act is rather tricky and she does not like using it much. Using her manipulation abilities in concert, Jade is capable of flight at extreme speeds. She can also use this ability to greatly enhance her physical blows, giving her more hitting power than some of the most powerful of entities, especially when used in concert with her control over gravity.

Truenaming: While the more laconic high draconic shouts are only Dave's thing, all of the primalborn can use truenaming. Truenaming is the art of speaking the true, primal tongue of the omniverse, telling reality what to do. The power of truenaming is limited only by one's imagination and vocabulary. Truenaming becomes virtually impossible to resist if the user uses the Truename of their target in their true speech rather than a generic description. Jade is quite proficient at truenaming, and often sings in truespeech, which creates surreal effects on reality as the cosmos bends to her lyrics.

Psionics: Jade, like the other primalborn, is a potent Psion, primarily focusing in the areas of Daemonology and Pyromancy, giving her intense control over the warp and a potent command over all forms of energy to scour her foes. This lets her shut down warp based psykers or deal with daemons in vast numbers as well as combine her matter manipulation powers with a mighty control over energy.

Atomic control: Jade is capable of manipulating the strong atomic force to a frightening degree, manipulating the gluons that hold matter together like one would their own thoughts. She can induce nuclear fission in objects with a thought and her powers are only continuing to grow from here on out. She can also shift the properties of an atom by altering their nucleic structure, and can thus literally turn lead into gold, or turn an impenetrable adamantium barrier into soft and weak lithium. Somehow, with this power she is capable of cutting off the link summoned creatures have to this plane, banishing them immediately.

Earth control: Each of the primalborn embodies one of the elements or an energy or combination of thereof. John embodies the winds, Rose water, Dave Fire, and Jade embodies Earth. In addition to her already substantial list of abilities, she is capable of controlling things identified with the "earth element" to a vast degree, to the point where she can simply yank an entire planet apart with their own tectonic forces, turning them into a scattered asteroid belt with a single motion.

Green sun power: Jade has access to a massive power source known only as the Green Sun, a burning cosmic furnace far larger than the vine multiverse, whose constituent particles are larger than whole universes. Being plugged into such a vast power source gives her access to tremendous amounts of energy output and manipulation, and she can teleport enemies into the green sun to meet a horrible death. Theoretically, the amount of power the Green Sun offers is infinite, although in practice how much one can draw upon it is limited by the conduit in question. However, she may be the most powerful conduit of the Green sun ever, having managed to overpower even the Demon King Koshmar who drew on the nightmares of the multiverse via the sheer power of the green sun. The power of the Green Sun may actually make her potentially the most powerful being in the multiverse, surpassing even the primordials.

Cosmic Strength and Durability: Jade is significantly more durable and stronger than is normal for a human and heals at a quicker rate, however compared to John, her unarmoured body is rather more fragile, being only a fourth of her brother's strength, though still enough to smash apart promethium. Her reactions are a bit faster than John's though and her sense of smell and hearing are superior and her healing factor is equal in strength. She also will cease aging at eighteen, much like her brother. She's also immune to any and all disease, poisons, and supernatural curses, even such virulent ones as Vampirism, Lycanthropy, and Zombification. Her power also grows with her emotional state.

Entity of space and time: Jade is more of an elemental than a person. She has no organs, no cells, no metabolic functions, she just is. She is essentially a corporeal personification of Space as well as a living conduit to the green sun. As such all effects keyed to biological systems don't work on her because she's not really alive in the biological sense, and she can discorporate into less solid forms at will. She's also incredibly resistant to magic and psionics as a result and her powers can't be altered or dampened against her will, even by multiversal level reality warpers. She also has no Chi to alter or manipulate, not being a truly biological entity.

Equipment (Under construction)

Garbs of the witch: Jade's undersuit which she wears when the situation is dangerous enough to call for a bit of additional protection. This armour is much like John's hospitaller suit and Rose's emergency armour. It enhances her physicality to keep her within a quarter of John's range, still enough to easily break first grade Adamantium with her bare hands, while still providing just as much protection while trading in some of the strength boost for more speed enhancement. The armour like those of the Primalborn, has a triple layer shielding.

Jade's the one in black.

Fusion suit: Created by the mysterious entity, this power suit is an engineering marvel, made out of an indestructible metal-polymer composite as strong as Divine Steel, but it's true strength lies in it's multi-layer shielding system. The first layer perfectly deflects 75% of all incoming attacks, the second layer reduces incoming damage by 75%, and the final layer has a "energy point" system much like a hit point count in a video game. The suit can be upgraded with more defensive abilities as it is capable of absorbing and incorporating technology via a sort of "real life downloading", though it's much easier to do this process with technology already made as an upgrade rather than one meant to be an independently functioning piece. The suit of course, enhances her phsyical characteristics as well, keeping her up to a quarter of the physical strength John's Templar suit provides (still enough to casually break Nth metal) while being a bit faster. The suit is immune to matter manipulation due to the Entity's tampering with it's structure.

Jade's power suit.

Defender of space: The heaviest of Jade's power suits, this armour is to Jade as the armor of the Teutons is to John, Viktor is to Rose, and Ormag is to Dave. This suit provides enough of a boost to easily snap even divinely enchanted Uru, Adamantine, and Mithril powered by Skyfathers apart, which is still but a quarter of the strength given to John, it is however, more mobile than John's, though it is every bit as impervious, providing yet another triple layer of shields.

Defender of space armor

Green sun cannon: A weapon that draws upon an extra-multiversal power source of virtually limitless power, this gun can either be used as a rifle or as an arm cannon. How much energy she draws is variable, but she can go from merely disorienting an opponent to turning entire planets into quark-gluon plasma in a single shot with ease. It can also form an energy blade to allow her to engage in melee combat, though she's more skillfull at range. Additionally, it can form a variety of constructs, such as energy based grapple beams and so on, though her ability to control gravity largely renders this moot. She keeps it around in rifle form for appearances and for when blasting something would be the best usage of her time.

The green sun cannon
Spiral cannon

Accessing the power of each of the great suns, the Spiral Cannon is Jade's heavy duty bazooka style kill 'em all gun. Unwieldy, slow to fire, and not at all subtle, the Spiral Cannon fires a nine helix death ray of truly immense firepower, devastating just about any and all targets, and can even generate anti-reality to pierce through Primordium, better known as Divine Steel.

Dog Ear headband: One of the few relics of her time on Earth, she has kept them fitting her with her space manipulation abilities. These have no purpose other than the fact that she likes the way they look.

Abilities (under construction)

Intelligence: Jade is the most scientifically minded and perhaps technically literate out of the primalborn, she for example has a greater understanding and comprehension and breadth of knowledge of nuclear and quantum physics A.I design and robotics than pretty much any Earth based scientist thanks to a superb education from the entity and the enhanced neurology all primalborn have relative to mundanes. She was able to resolve the issue of the Thoughtsin's logic plague, which crippled civilizations such as the Masari whose culture spanned the entire universe within a day and can use her knowledge of science and understanding of mathematics to great effect. Her brother is her superior in engineering, but in terms of pure science she's clearly the best.

Fighting skills: Though Jade prefers to be at a distance when she fights, she's no slouch in close quarters combat, and it would be unwise in the extreme to underestimate her. Additionally, she is a master at the art of simply leaving close quarters combat that she doesn't want.


Height: 5'0

Weight: 90

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black

Identity: Not known to exist by the Earth.

Full name: Jadith Harleson Englishmen. Her surname is completely unused.

Registration: Not a part of any government.

Martial status: In a relationship with Davikov Strileg

Age: 13

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Place of birth: 21605 Fir Dr, Maple Valley, Washington

Date of birth: April 13th, 2001

Favorite food: Apples

Favorite Drink: Grape Juice

Favourite movie: ?

Religion: ?

Education: Educated by the Entity

Location: Varies.

Enemies: Bullies and Tyrants everywhere

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Species: Homo Deus Primus


  • Father; Calvin Englishmen, Deceased,
  • Mother; Rhiannon, alive and well,
  • Twin Brother, Johnathan Edenson, separated at early age but otherwise alive and well
  • Grandfather (Mother's side) The Dagda; alive and well,
  • Grandmother (Mother's side) Imasura; alive and well,
  • Jacquerel AKA The Entity (Guardian) Alive and well.
  • Gaea (Great Grandmother mother's side) Alive and well
  • Mulcarn (Elder god of Ice, Great Grandfather, mother's side) Alive and well.
  • Grandfather (Father's side) Jacob Englishmen; Deceased, Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Grandmother (Father's side) Janeth Crockerson; Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Jarred Englishmen (First cousin, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn
  • Caleb Englishmen (First cousin, father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Kevin Englishmen (Uncle, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Sarah Englishmen (Aunt in law Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Debra Washington (First cousin, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Kyla Washington (First Cousin, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Maximilian Washington (Uncle in law, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.
  • Amanda Washington (Aunt, Father's side) Deceased. Killed by Ishmael Caliborn.


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