Many attendees also bring dates

"It's very similar to the number of coffee shops in this neighbourhood," says Bobbitt. "I think all of them are thriving and doing really well. If anything, I think it becomes a bit of a draw. People from other areas of the city already come here for brunch, and they'll start coming here for the bakeries, or for the great coffee shops."

Many attendees also bring dates or children. It's easy enough to calculate how much a date's ticket to each film would cost (multiply by two) but the average child's ticket costs around 75 percent that of an adult's. Therefore, taking a date along to all 38 films costs between $912 and $1064 (for a couple) and bringing along a child will tack on $342 to $399. So, if, a couple and their child were to watch every Oscar-nominated film in the theater, the total ticket cost would range from $1254 to $1463. (Senior tickets are usually comparable in price to children's tickets, so the average senior would need to pay around $342 to $399, per person, to view the films.)

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