villains i would like to see in spider-man shattered dimensions

these are the villains i wanted to see in shattered dimensions.enjoy 1.Mr.negative,me personally i would like to see the boss fight with him and what he would use the tablet for.Like he could use the sword to dual it out with either noir or amazing spider-man and it would cool to see his design. 2.Shocker,now he isnt that powerful on a strengh level but i think he could have made it for a dlc.also i think he could use the tablet for power or money or turn him-self into a vibration being. 3.rhino,now what would you do with a guy stuck in a rhino costume with low intelligence and give him a part of ultimate power... 4.morbius,the vampire.i guess just make him into the giant bat thing like the animated series or an army of vampire or bats, sorry im not the best with vampires 5.Morlun, complete life sucking force,control over peoples minds,control over the spider god. there you go

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