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I recently read GL 122 and the story seemed very similar to sinestro corps war. The effigy corps came first years before the sinestro corps. Here are a list of similarities

1. They called the story "the corps war"

2. Manhunter robot and fatality were members

3. Created by an old GL villain group, the controllers (who also created the orange lantern) instead of the qwardians

4. Very similar powers

5. Had their own symbol which reminds me of the black lanterns'

I have no problem with geoff johns taking inspiration from the story but I just think he should've at least mentioned it people ask him were he got the idea all the time.sinestro corps war was not as original as you think

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For those who don't know sometimes people call batman, superman and wonder woman the big 3. I love wonder woman but why is she in the big 3. Batman and superman have at least 5 related titles and she only has one, I think green lantern should be in the big 3, even his main title is selling better than hers

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If I could only pick one thing

Ten (melanie) become the batgirl of the future in batman beyond unlimited

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I think shes an under rated character so I say yes as long as they get a good writer

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They're just as worthless and stupid as real cops. But at least they're not arresting innocent people just because they want to reach a quota

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The cosmic cube is on lokis staff (you can see it very clearly if you pause the trailer.

I don't think fury is holding a rocket launcher, I think it's a high-tech weapon (I am glad because shield without high-tech weapons is as stupid and boring as batman without the joker)

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I thought she was destiny (from neil gaiman's sandman) or maybe harbinger

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I am really excited, arkham asylum was one of my favorite games of the year.

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Ka-zar he is an ok character but I really want to see the savage land in a movie
silver surfer

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@johnny spam said:

" Vertigo hasn't done anything important with Swamp Thing for years and nothing has been important since the eighties so cool bring back the Vertigo characters to the main DCU. But it is Bleeding Cool it's not really 100% accurate.  "

I completely agree.  i am really excited to see where geoff's take on the character