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Oh yeah give us an easy question. lol This was really hard to choose from but it came down to Jim Lee imo.

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I really like the animation style. Can't wait.

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@kervan21 said:

I didn't vote on this. But if I had, I would have voted for SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE. I own that movie, and I like it a lot. I've seen the WW movie, and it's ok. It's got a lot of good things about it. I like the characterization of Diana and her emotional arc. I like Steve Trevor and their developing relationship. I like the character design, whereas I haven't been too keen on how she's looked in the comics for awhile. In short, she looked hot! And WW should look that way.

But, I had major problems with the climactic battle. I just didn't buy that WW and the Amazons would be waging war at the Capitol building in Washington DC, and that there would be ZERO response from the US military. There is no way that if the nation's capitol was under attack by anyone that there wouldn't be a response. And the US government literally does nothing! The White House (if I remember right; maybe the Capitol building) is being smashed to bits as WW and Ares fight, and it's completely empty and no US tanks, marines, or air force are responding to the situation. It just makes no sense to me, and it felt like them having the conflict in the nation's capitol was trying to force-feed the idea that Diana is supposed to be an ambassador to the US from Themyscira and it's new protector. Sorry, didn't work, doesn't make any sense to me. For all the crap that people give about the destruction in MOS, no one seems to blink an eye when something like this happens in animation, and I don't get why one bothers people and the other doesn't.

The basis of the conflict in SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE works and makes complete sense. The final battle in WW just doesn't.

Completely agree.

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Want to read this.

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Its Superman Vs the Elite for me. The Wonder Woman movie was good but it had one flaw that the Superman movie didn't and that was to be re-watchable. I can watch SvsTE from start to finish no problem with the ending being my favorite part but for about the first half of the Wonder Woman movie it seemed to be all "Man definitely Evil and always doing wrong" and "Women absolutely pure who are always in the right" over and over made my eyes roll more than a few times. lol

Example : (This is from memory so I know it isn't verbatim but you still get the idea.)

Steve Trevors wakes up and see's the Amazon's and says "Am I in Heaven".

He then gets punched in the face by Artemis then Hippolyta says "We are a peaceful people".

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This huge battle is great news.

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Voted for Hulk and I still say the Hulk needs a new movie now that they can expand upon the character given in the Avengers to showcase the multifaceted Hero known to the comic readers.

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Hulk all the way.

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I hated Paradox completely so its War for me.

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Liked the issue a lot but just one thing. Most people do not want an unbeatable hero that has little to no weaknesses which was a problem with a character like Superman but having an army from Earth having so much weaponry that can kill him is a bit much isn't it?