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I really want to see Batman : Year One.

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One of the hammer wielders behind Juggernaut looked like The Hulk. I also wonder if the Olympians will enter the fray since they are supposed gods too.

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@Kid_Zombie: @Kid_Zombie said:
" Hopefully his TV stuff is good, his ideas for the live action shows are not thrilling me. Another Hulk show? Just give us a incredible Hulk 2 movie! And hate that it will have nothing to do with the movies, terrible idea, if you are doing live action tv shows they should be part of the marvel cinematic universe! "
Yeah that's my opinion on it as well. The Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite hero movies but the idea of another tv show worries me.
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@SC: @SC said:
" Now we just need Emma to kiss Psylocke, her fake British accent >> Fantomex's fake French accent! Then we need Fantomex to kiss Namor and thus make Cyclops even more pissy at Namor and then hopefully the entire X-Franchise can explode, rather than just break up, and then Carey, Gillen K and Y can restructure it..... "
......oh uh what happened? I read up to Emma needs to kiss psylocke and...........................what was I talking about again? lol
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That was a great segment. Grats to the winners since I only have basic knowledge on certain heroes from DC and Marvel as well. lol I was late getting into the comics.

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@NightFang:  I found it on Youtube. lol Looks great to me.
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I believe the way Superman does it would work best but I would have told them 75% of the profit would go to charity. Money hungry humans. lol

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My opinion would be to read the DC trade Justice League: New World Order. It starts out about a group of superbeing's showing up and using their powers to make life for the better by changing things like landcapes and weather patterns to make life easier for the people living in those places. In the end its interesting how things turn out as it mirrors this exact set of questions and also shows what happens when superpowers are introduced to try and change mother nature.
P.S: This was one of my first trades I ever bought many years ago. lol

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I believe is does have to happen since the comic worlds are not the real world where over 90% of good is overshadowed by the evil. I don't know about others but reading comics for me in a way a small window into the good side of imagination where through incredibly tough times to be turned around in the end by good. This is why I don't care for the recent run of action comics starring Lex Luther or Secret Six and Thunderbolts about teams of bad guys forced to try to do good.

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Hmm...they added blades to Mike and Doni's weapons. Interesting.