Necrosha Mutants

Those mutants that were reassurected by Selene for her zombie mutant army.  
(Tell me if I missed anyone)

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Thanks. I've been looking for this list!

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this pretty good list

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Great list !!!  : )))

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so these are the players from Marvel's newest original story Blackest Nigh- I mean Necrosha? interesting list. 
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technically, proteus wasn't a necrosha mutant because he was never dead, he was scattered across the planet. also, he wasn't resurrected by eli bard, he just somehow ended up in destiny and regathered the energy that makes up his body. proteus can reintegrate his energy form after it gets dissipated, so he can't die.
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@*mvp* said:
" Thanks. I've been looking for this list! "
yeah im glad you made it too.  

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Don't forget Rusty... and Blink (even though she wasn't really dead, but was... well, you know what I mean)