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Hazmat has said that she wasn't a mutant. If she was she would have stayed in San Francisco with the X-Men.

Finesse and Reptil are completely human.

Veil, Striker, and Mettle are just humans with powers. None of them are mutants. If they were then the X-Men would have come and tried to take them away.

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I don't think it has anything to do with their powers. Yes they fear the mutants powers but it's mainly because these people don't see the X-Men as humans. The Avengers are humans who happen to have powers or some sort of item. Mutants on the other hand are an entirely new species that, in the days with thousands of mutants alive, regular humans deemed as a threat. They thought that the mutants were going to kill all the humans to become the dominant species. So it has nothing to do with their powers but everything to do with the fact that they aren't really human.

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Actually, since Mercury doesn't have a normal physiology, then chances are that Wallflower's pheromones wouldn't have effected Mercury (just like Wither's death touch didn't effect her).  If that was the case, then there wouldn't have been any need for Sofia to move in...  So I guess they never shared a room. "
@xerox-kitty: Mercury and Wallflower did share a room because Mercury was unaffected by Laurie's powers. But Mercury hated Laurie and found her annoying so se moved out (probably with Dryad because of that tearful goodbye).
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I love Angel! Hopefully they will add Beak in as well. But all of these characters are just so random. I mean Willow?????? (I'm still hung up over that)

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I would much rather see Eric. I think normal people would like him more than Pym.

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The previews did look like they were trying to hard to be hip.

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I would like to see this as a live action film. She has the greatest back story of anyone i the X-Men and possibly the marvel universe. I mean she know nothing but death; that is what she was created for. So they could explore her life at the facility and then the events from the target x mini series. I just always thought X-23 would make an amazing movie. Plus, she is hot. Everyone would see it.

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@daken_2513: I doubt they will ever mention that appearance again. She is dead for real. A bio sentinel is probably just the dead body being animated. Her mind wasn't there. It was just a robot with skin.
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@pixie_child: They are completely fine now. I forgot when it occurred (at the start of Second Coming I think) when Hope came back everyone who had ties to the phoenix force was shown. The phoenix left the cuckoos, Korvus couldn't use his phoenix blade, and Rachel did something (can't remember). So now they are back to normal.