Darwin in X-Men: First Class

I don't know what to think about this. None of the X-Men I like are in this movie. I mean they might have Willow (who you can barely call and X-Man) and now Darwin, but not Dazzler or Psylocke or really anyone else. I just don't get it. Why does putting random mutants that nobody knows consider it the "First Class" of mutants? I am liking this movie less and less with every announcement

The guild's new music video!

If you haven't seen the first one then you've been living under a rock. If you don't know what The Guild is then you have not lived yet. Anyway here is the first one from last year:  Do You Want To Date My Avatar

And here is the new one from this year:  Game On
Felicia Day is just amazing. She can pretty much do anything. And anyone who throws away an acceptance letter to Juilliard (she got in for violin) to major in Math has got some massive nerd cred.

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Buffyverse ABC'S

Buffyverse ABC'S

I love BTVS! Here are the characters that make the Buffyverse work in Alphabetical order.

1. Anya

She is my favorite character out of anything. Ever. From her witty comments to her bunny phobia I loved her. And that speech when Buffy's mom died was heart-renching (even though in an interview, Emma Caufield totally said she was concentrating on how she had to pee.) It was awful how she died in the last episode.

2. Buffy

Of course you have to add her. She's the main character. I usually don't like the main character but Buffy is just special. Even if her taste in men sucks.

3. Cordelia

Evil biatch turned crazy pregnant demon? Shamalan twists from Angel.

4. Dawn

Really did anyone care about her? I get it you aren't technically real stop crying about it. But I will say I loved it in the last episode where she tazed Xander in the neck then took off with the car.

5. Elizabeth Weston

Smart slayer who disguised herself as a man. ...Also the only person beginning with an E other than some chick from the 5th season of Angel that I never finished. Lots of A's but no E's in Buffy's world.

6. Winifred Burkle

"FRED". I loved her! She was by far my favorite Angel character. She showed that the nerdy, crazy girl could be bad ass. ....And then eventually die so an ancient purple chick can take over your body. Oh I also hated Faith so she doesn't make it!

7. Giles

I love Giles! But he got very annoying in the 7th season.

8. Harmony

She proves that the true evil in the world is reality Tv. Also, if you play your cards right as a bitchy sidekick, maybe your school will be destroyed, you'll get bitten by some guy, and end up having Cordelia think you're a lesbian when really you're dead.

9. Illyria

Hate her. Love the hair. But Hate her.

10. Jasmine

Cordelia's baby who is really a goddess demon. Yea. So stupid.

11. Kennedy

I might be the only person who was neutral with Kennedy. While she could never replace Tara she did help Willow a little. And she had the balls to stand up to Buffy.

12. Lorne

Fabulous green singing demon. The actor, Andy Hallett, died over a year ago but his memory lives on in Krevlornswath "Lorne" of the Deathwok Clan AKA: The Host.

13. Melaka Fray

I'll be honest, I had no clue who she was before her stint on Season 8 but I do know that I wanted to punch her in the face the entire time!

14. Nina Ash

Don't know a lot about her because I never finished the fifth season of Angel but she seems alright. Hopefully Angel doesn't get rug burn.

15. Oz

I'll be the first to say it. Oz annoyed the hell out of me. He didn't care about anything and didn't deserve Willow. So glad she realized she was a lesbian so I didn't have to see Oz as a main character again!

16. Andrew Wells

Well he is PRETTY freaking hilarious! So he gets the letter P. :)

17. Groosalugg

He was QUITE a nice guy. (God these last 2 are such a stretch it is really just lying)

18. Riley

Oh thank you Jesus someone I can justify in this list! He was pretty cool. My favorite of Buffy's boyfriends. But not of her girlfriends.

19. Satsu

My favorite slayer that fu&#$%& Buffy. It really didn't make a lot of sense to me but Satsu is cool. Oh and Spike annoyed me. Like, a lot. No letter for him.

20. Tara

I watched the show after it ended (because I was like 5 when it came out) on DVD. I knew that Tara was gonna die but I still cried like a baby. The only time a show has ever made me cry.

21. Connor

Why the hell is Buffy making this so difficult?!?!?! *Sigh* Connor is ULTRA-annoying. I want someone to eat him.

22. Vi

This is gonna sound weird but the only reason I started watching Buffy was because of her. I saw that Felecia Day was in the 7th season so I tried watching clips of her from it but I didn't understand anything so I had to watch the entire show to get the back story. Vi was cool though.

23. Willow

I love Willow! She is the most powerful being in the Buffyverse for sure. She was so cool after Tara died and she went all crazy and tried to destroy humanity. The way she talked was cool too.

24. Xander

Proved that you can save the world, just by being you.

25. Kendra

HER LAST NAME IS "YOUNG"!!!!!!! It so does count. God I can't wait for this failed list to be over.

26. Zach

.....Don't judge me. He looks like a vampire. Well this was a failure.


Initiative abc's

Initiative ABC'S

1. Armory


2. Butterball

Proving that it doesn't matter how fat you are. ...Wait he was just invulnerable and couldn't really attack because he's fat. Never mind, skinniness does matter.

3. Cloud 9

She used to be so cute and bubbly, then she got some dorky costume and is now sniping people from clouds.

4. Dragon-Lord

So he can make dragons....if he prepares a potion that takes some time. ...No wonder he's dead.

5. Eric O'Grady

Loser antman who hides from everything.

6. Flatman

Gay and flat. Nothing else you need to know.

7. Gorilla Girl

Is she black? Cuz if she's a black girl that turns into a monkey than the KKK members of comic vine are probably laughing their butts off.

8. Hardball

I could make the sexual joke but I wont......lol he has hard balls.

9. Iceberg

Seems like a dumb version of rockslide.

10. Jennifer Kale

Bisexual witch who was almost sorcerer supreme. ...You're welcome.

11. Komodo

Really sad! She has no legs again. Why does Marvel do this to every character I like?

12. Living Lightning

Gay and apparently turns into lightning or something. ...Someone should set him up with flatman so that these two can actually appear in a recent comic

13. Mulholland

Wasn't she a lesbian? Set her up with Ms. Kale. Grimm the gay matchmaker at your service.

14. Non-Stop

Way too many speedsters.

15. Omega Flight

Hated the Initiative so much that they moved to Canada and formed a team. I miss them.

16. Patsy Walker

The entire team of Alaska. If something happens to Palin and she is somehow replaced with Tina Fey, nobody will blame you.

17. Quicksand

My least favorite sand person.

18. Reptil

He's a character for 5 min. and he gets a show? I have been waiting for a Runaways show for years.

19. Star Sign

She seems really interesting. GET HER OUT OF COMIC LIMBO!

20. Trauma

Boohoo I have daddy issues, let me go turn into a spider and cause Armory to kill someone.

21. Ultragirl


22. Veda


23. Whiz Kid

Who needs all of these speedsters?

24. X-Ray

No idea who he is.

25. Young Avengers

The majority of them have been members (if you count wiccan and hulkling's strange universe A counterparts)

26. Zach

You never know! He could've been in the Initiative.


Avengers ABC'S

Avengers ABC's

1. Ares

A is for Anger problems, Awesome strength, And Almost Always not being An Attentive father.

2. Black Widow

Sexy ballerina turned sexy super spy. Oh and he's russian? The perfect woman....if she doesn't kill you in a violent bloody manner.

3. Captain America

He's just way TOO good. You know somewhere along the line he must have beat up some hooker or something! That's right you heard it here first. Coming this summer "Captain America and his hoes"

4. Daken

Yea ok he's evil and kind of a sociopath. ...But he's really hot and funny.

5. Echo

My favorite deaf super hero!!! Well the only deaf super hero. ...She should really call the ACLU

6. Firestar

Spider man and his extremely hot friend.

7. Gilgamesh

Absolutely no clue who he is but his name is just fun to say.

8. Hank Pym

So what if you are abusive, kind of a jerk, and nobody likes you. Wait, you also basically destroyed the Marvel Universe because you were captured by Skrulls. Nice going.

9. Iron Man

Every team needs an alcoholic.

10. Jarvis

Does not get payed nearly enough.

11. Kang

Time-traveling super freak who was killed by a bunch of kids. ...Loser.

12. Luke Cage

Muscles are way too big. Someone is over compensating.

13. Ms. Marvel

She's kind of cool. ...I guess.

14. Namor

King of Atlantis/Avenger/X-man/Defender/Babs' bf

15. Outlaws

Is there no super team that can have a member of every letter? Maybe one day...

16. Photon

NEXTWAVE. Is there really anything else to say?

17. Quicksilver

Fast and kind of a jerk. Plus he totally wanted to bang his sister in the Ultimate universe. EWWW

18. Ronin

Love Hawkeye/Ronin!!!! I don't even care how big a douche he was in his first appearance.

19. Spider-Man

Oh Petey how I love your witty banter in the middle of fights.

20. Thor

Founding avenger/god of thunder/all around bad-ass!

21. U.S.Agent

He's an agent. Of the U.S. Get it?

22. Vision

Always dating the human girls. First the witch and now jailbait Cassie? Naughty naughty vision.

23. Wasp

My favorite avenger! Your amazingness is exceeded only by your ability to make a new costume every issue.

24. X-Men

This is for the X-Men/Avengers who weren't important enough to make this list. Beast..and thats it. Oh screw it nothing else starts with an X!!!!!!!!

25. Yondu

Apparently he's blue and likes arrows. Huh.

26. Zach

Totally could've been an avenger if he wanted to. I mean he had that power....that did the thing..or something.

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I'm thinking about making more for these for other subjects (like the Avengers). Comment! 

X-men ABC's

That old Alphabet poster with Apples and Xylophones is sooooo yesterday.

1. Angel

See kids, money IS important!

2. Beast

The ugly side of puberty.

3. Cyclops

Proving that it doesn't matter how annoying you are, hot telepaths will still love you.

4. Dazzler

Oh how I miss your roller skating disco days.

5. Emma Frost

E is for Evil!

6. Forge

Never liked him. (No funny comment for him!)

7. Gambit

All you need is an accent to get into girl's pants.

8. Havok

Two Summers = double the annoyance!

9. Iceman

The most naked of X-men, out-nuding even the White Queen herself.

10. Jubilee

That's right! Jean DOESN'T get to be on here!!!! Either stay alive or stay dead!!!! Besides, vampire Jubilee beats slutty telepath any day.

11. Kitty Pryde

My favorite X-Man! Why can't you and Colossus ever be together? Oh, and I'm glad you aren't dead!

12. Lockheed

Sorry everyone treated you like Paris Hilton's dog, when really you were a super smart alien working for S.W.O.R.D. ...But who's a good dragon?? That's right! You are!

13. Magneto

Homosexual crush on Xavier. You were all thinking it!

14. Nightcrawler

He's such a cute little demon!

15. Omega Sentinel

....Does anybody really care about her? I mean really it was either her or Onyx.

16. Psylocke

Does the carpet match the drapes?

17. Quicksilver

Everyone has daddy issues Pietro. That doesn't mean that you convince your sister to get rid of mutants.

18. Rogue

I was expecting her to have obscene amounts of sex the second her powers were under control.

19. Storm

African Weather Goddess Queen of Wakanda and occasional F4 member. Nuff said.

20. Thunderbird

Died during his second mission.

21. U-Go Girl

Why? ....Nobody else starts with a U.

22. Vulcan

Introducing a new Summers brother doesn't make them any less annoying.

23. Wolverine

Is a comic book whore.

24. X-23

Way better than Wolverine.

25. Young X-Men

Worst X-comic EVER. ....But it starts with a Y so it makes the list!

26. Zach

What? You don't remember him from his 2 appearances????

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