Long live ben reilly!

Peter parker is dead... long live BEN REILLY! Now have parker come back as ben and kick the sh.. out of ocktoe spider. He can have a fresh start,and new life. Let the games begin!

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Marvel now teaser....REHASH ANYTHING!The new comics from marvel are anything but that! Wow can they come up with a really new idea yet? Or stick to the story in a marvel movie ..kinpin, white nick fury,white ,electro,white. There are great black heros and villins to put in marvel movies ,black panther,falcon,luke cage. I get modern up the movie for todays time, but leave the character who they are in the book, thats why we read them in the first place.


warlord the movie it's time.

Tavis morgan should be made now ,the cgi is really perfect... look at john carter .With a strong story and the..right cast it could be epic movie. how about cast thought?


killrazor blast from the past.

Well blindside is making a come back..great book, how about a another blast from the past..killrazor. He was a good hero , with a untold history from his past. A lot of room to flesh out his story. I,d like to see any bodys images of him you may have, thanks .


Recast comic movies any actor.

I'd like to recast comic movies with any actor alive or dead.First up sabertooth great movie villin william smith, he'd been perfect back in his prime. Love to hear him say,you owe me a scream.