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yep. better 0

 the second issue of this story does nothing but enhance the first. The art work continues to rock, as the does the story. Kirkman has a way of bringing strange and hilarious characters into his stories thats just amazing, and he does that a couple of times over this issue.   People said in the first issues reviews over and over that this isnt an origional concept. and i can see what they mean. As you read through Haunt, you feel a little Spiderman, a little Spawn, an little Punsiher, and a litt...

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Good... ad it gets better 0

  Im a little upset with myself for going to Disneyland Last week instead of picking this sucker up before it was gone. Luckily, there was a second printing, and thats what i got.  I admit, there is a point in the middle of the story that seems like it waas too quick a transition. If your like me, you skipped back and read the previous coupleof pages again to see if you just missed something, and then it clicks that the event in question was skipped over for whatever reason. Its still obvious wh...

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A cool Retelling of a classic story... 0

Muppets. You have got to love them. They've retold dozens of stories with their Muppety twists, and most of them have been phenominal.  Muppet Robin Hood is no exception.  Asa lifelong Muppet fan, my opinion may be a bit biased, but i'dlike to think its not becuase i hated Muppets in Space and that Muppet Cinderella.  But their telling of Robin Hood is back on the old "good" track.  Only a couple of minor issues with this comic. The choice for Fozzy Bear to be Friar Tuck  works, but as a fan i w...

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The Bat in Moscow 0

 its always nice to see something new in your comics...unless it snot. But luckily, nice was the feeling i got as i finished the five part "The Bat and The Beast" story.   The "Beast" in question is the newly introduced Bear, loyal enforcer to the Russian mob who's humanity is in question. Is he a wild beast? or a misunderstood man in a monsters body?   Batman travels to Moscow in an attempt to shut down a new Gotham power before he gets there. But the Tsar has the Bear on his side. Much like B...

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Good is Good 0

Not the biggest Flash fan. Nor am i that well versed on the Blackhawks and that era. But this story is... its just good.   My favorite Flash stories have always been the ones where either he had to be in 5 places at once, or when he couldn't use his powers at all.   This story puts Barry Allen in the past, having to wait out a broken leg before he can run his way back to the future (hehe...). While there, Flash meets the Black Hawks, and subsequently gets drafted into a war.   Its interesting to...

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Fantastic AND Misleading !!!! 0

Ok, if you know anything about the first two parts of this mini, you can pretty much guess the way this third installment rolesout.   I've gotta say, so far both " Blackest Night Batman" and " BN Superman" have both done the same thing: brought some interesting thoughts and awesome confrontations to the table... and then kinda petered out at the finish. It seems like they where written to come out BEFORE the main Blackest Night story started, and not halfway through. The stories, while delvi...

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Simply fantastic. I swear there is something in here for everyone. This DCU HALLOWEEN SPECIAL really is the best yet.   For the nostalgic, there is a nice Bruce Wayne/ Barbara Gordon/ Dick Grayson era story.  Guy Gardner Pulls through in a GL Halloween Bash on OA (with a bit of heartstring pulling ta boot).  A quicky from the Creeper. A story about The Outsiders filli...

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The Worlds Finest Teens together again 0

 after oh so long, Tim Drake and Connor Kent are together again.  As Conner continues to struggle with is identity, he decides that he needs to get a bit more proactive about getting in touch with his best friend Tm drake, who he hasn't talked to extensively since he "came back" . when he finaly tracks Tim down, the two each confide in each other what they have refused to tell everyone else.  While most of the action is headed up by Krypto the super dog, this story isnt about the action. Its abo...

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