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ugh. I would MUCH rather they not focus entirely on the First Class cast. I was really hoping the Future Past story would end with them accidentally re-writing history so that ALL the films made sense together, and maybe incidentally adding Iceman and Kitty and some other younger old-casters to the roster.

... but i guess not. Which sucks, because now the movies are just in this stupid state of connected/not connected that i know will never be addressed again.

im sorry. i hate with a passion that comics movies are being made that simply cannot translate into new readers of actual comics. Especially because those would be the EASIEST films to make, as the stories already exist and could be adapted easily. But nooooo. who cares that the comics have survived for decades as great stories. We are Hollywood! We are the kings of unoriginal ideas!

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I am a HUGE Conner Kent. Fan. Massive. Young Justice Proper was the first book i tried to collect entirely.


he lead the Newsboys ONCE. It wasn't a great team. And this? this is a stupid idea.

....JUST COPY AND PASTE FROM THE COMICS CW!!!!! Jeeze. Take like 8 of the 100 stories the Young Justice/Geoff Johns Teen Titans had, and work those! stop trying to change things! you could be reprinting and selling old comics! Getting people into old comics!! but noooooo. We want to make a tv universe that is so far from the comics universe, that if some view ever decided to dable in the comics, they wouldnt be able to read anything with their favorite characters without getting confused that SB is dating WG instead of MM and quitting.

"oh! We'll make a show tie-in/ companion comics!"

....WHHHHHYYYYYYY? Why? Why? why is that a better option? its not. Is it? no.

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when they first announced this portion of DLC, i hoped it would have been released earlier, and interwoven into the story. Sort of like Catwoman's bits in City. I hoped it would be training, with the conclusion of Bruce leaving that training being a cool point in the story, or an after game treat.

i imagine this will be slightly more immerse than a challenge map, but it could have been much more.

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gravity manipulation. Its kind of flight and super strength and telekinesis all rolled into one. And lets not forget the obvious ability to just pin things to the ground by making them super heavy...

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used to be Deathstroke, Anarchy, and Catman. now... idk. Luthor. The new 52 has brought down quite a few characters imo

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im assuming there is an inappropriate Raven comment that keeps getting deleted...

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... the freaking introduction of Aquaman in this story is one of the most badass intros ever, and it would have done a great job starting the "aquaman's not a bitch like you people seem to think" campaign.

way to go DC. Again.

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Claws look a little corny, but whatever. Michael Jai White is a legit martial artist and I have no doubt we'll have some great scenes.


i dont really like that he's Catman-ing instead of having claw gloves or hardcore ninja weapons... but at least i know the guys legitimate.

... im still not gonna start watching again though. this show bugs me sooo much.

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@bonzi161 said:

I have learned over the years to just trust Kirkman... he can do no wrong

i trust Robert when he's the leader of something. But there are 9 other writers on staff with him for WD, and 9 different directors. So... the image aint so much his as he gets a say in it.

I like the idea it's a series not tied to the events going on in the comic, but... I feel like this isn't necessary.

totally not. The ONLY way this idea could be worth it to me is if they used it to introduce characters who would turn up in the main show as fodder. Like a season of this show about a guy and all his loss and suffering and badassness... and then he shows up and gets brutalized within 3 episodes. That would enhance the main show, and i would approve.

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I think he deserves a show... but Arrow shouldnt be his introduction.