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... the freaking introduction of Aquaman in this story is one of the most badass intros ever, and it would have done a great job starting the "aquaman's not a bitch like you people seem to think" campaign.

way to go DC. Again.

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Claws look a little corny, but whatever. Michael Jai White is a legit martial artist and I have no doubt we'll have some great scenes.


i dont really like that he's Catman-ing instead of having claw gloves or hardcore ninja weapons... but at least i know the guys legitimate.

... im still not gonna start watching again though. this show bugs me sooo much.

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@bonzi161 said:

I have learned over the years to just trust Kirkman... he can do no wrong

i trust Robert when he's the leader of something. But there are 9 other writers on staff with him for WD, and 9 different directors. So... the image aint so much his as he gets a say in it.

I like the idea it's a series not tied to the events going on in the comic, but... I feel like this isn't necessary.

totally not. The ONLY way this idea could be worth it to me is if they used it to introduce characters who would turn up in the main show as fodder. Like a season of this show about a guy and all his loss and suffering and badassness... and then he shows up and gets brutalized within 3 episodes. That would enhance the main show, and i would approve.

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I think he deserves a show... but Arrow shouldnt be his introduction.

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I look at the debaters flooding the comments section, and i see a lot of people forgetting/disregarding which Black Widow and Green Arrow we are talking about here. While the comics heroes would probably have an amazing fight, the Movie Black Widow Vs the Tv Shows Arrow is not that fight.

When we look at Arrow, we see a character brought WAY down from his comics counterpart. His training is nearly halved. His personal motivation is askew. And he lives in a universe where the villains are basically designed for him to have a shot at them (see the countless arguments on Green Arrow/Deathtroke fights). Bottom line: he wins a lot of fights and looks awesome doing it, but its in a world designed for him to seem really cool... which creates a biased in favor of his existence. There is no one in that world who couldnt be beaten by someone with survival skills, a good physique, and dedication.

On the other hand, we have Ironman/Avengers Black Widow. Raised in the life of espionage.Training in place of a childhood. Combat and agility and stealth practically define her adult life. She lives in a world where shes one of the best in the world... and is still sharing the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to superheroes. We have seen her carry out feats similar to Tv Show Arrow's ( fighting hallways of semi-trained guards in Ironman2, beating up armed thugs while handcuffed to a chair and the battle with Trance-Hawkeye in Avengers compare to any thug or villain fight Arrow has had). But we have also seen her out-maneuver Hulk for a short time, and combat waves of never-before-seen alien soldiers, with weapons and strengths beyond that of men. In the Avengers Universe of gods and genetic freaks, she still manages to be a valuable player on the field.

In The Arrow TV show world, movie Natasha would be the greatest threat Arrow has ever faced. In the Avengers world, Ollie would be a slightly more challenging threat Black Widow had to handle between WORLD SAVING SUPER POWERED AVENGERS MISSIONS.

Black Widow takes 9/10 times.

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@g_man: i'm finally going back again. Cant wait to bump into you guys.

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... I feel like if @babs is gonna cripple the community with this whole "leaving" business, she should have to fulfill for us one final request.

... So here I am starting the "One Final Sara Rap" petition. Let the guilt train roll!!!

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feats arguing is not the way to do this. Feats, sadly, are not always based off of what the character can do. more often than not, they are built around what the writer needs for the story to be interesting. sometimes writers forget them in their own runs, having someone lift a dumptruck in one issue, and then have trouble lifting a vw bug in another. feats should not be anyones argument in these things. It should be the consistent showings of the characters.

the best way to look at this is with both logic AND comics knowledge. Cap is probably slightly stronger, but in general they are physically the same. Slade's serum made him smarter, and he has put FAR MORE into his training than Cap has. Slade is also CONSTANTLY being active, as it has been pretty well documented that he just moves from job to job, while Ultimate Cap often has days free.

i voted too close to call. Im a fan of both Cap (616 and Ultimate) and Deathstroke. And while i would normally say DS has this, the truth is its too close to tell.

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my shop yesterday had all their figures on sale 20% off, and i had a tough time choosing between this one, Impulse, Kingdom Come Aquaman, Catman, and Hawkman. I got Hawkman.

...and thats my story.

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@the_stegman said:

1. WAY too much forced comedy, it's like every other word out of RDJ's mouth was some sarcastic remark or quip, I like RDJ because of his humor but it made this feel like more of a comedy than a superhero movie.

2. Tony's ridiculous flipping around like Spider-Man in the room to catch his break away armor which leads to the next point...

3. TOO MUCH USE OF THAT STUPID SUIT!!! I know it's the focus point of the movie, he has a brand new shiny suit, but come on! We get it, it flies at him fast and he hast to jump and react to it, but seeing that four times in one movie gets old, same thing with the "Oh, Tony's not in the suit, he's controlling it from a far." gag they used three times.

4. The TRUE villain's plan was pretty vague, why exactly did he want to kill the president? And him as a villain entirely was pretty boring.

5. Pepper was just as useless as always except for the end when she becomes ''Super Pepper" because we all know she didn't /really/ fall to her death, that would be too unpredictable.

Overall, it was very disappointing

I had the same issues and THEN add the twist on top of that

I'd add

  • Tony Hardly in the suit
  • Tony not having ANY defence system on his house, After he just threatened a "terrorist leader" on TV
  • The suits being weak as toilet paper when in other movies they've been known to take heavy damage
  • Killian breathing fire only once, I thought a cool power like that would be used more

while you guys are as always entitled to your opinion, its probably a little important to realize that some of what you thought was "Wrong" with the film are staples to the ironman film and comics franchise.

3. first off, that technology in the comics is one of the coolest things ever done with the character. The idea of hm being able to control his suit remotely was used heavily in the old Ironman cartoon, and it was always loved. And his being able to call the armor is something the comics have made imperitive these last few years. Your dislike of it doesnt make it any less warranted. And its gonna happen from now on, so get used to it.

4. he was a terrorist. i dont understand whats not to get about that. He was mad at Tony and the government and on some level the whole world. Everything the Mandrin said was what Killian was saying. he was pushed over the edge.

5. Pepper isnt a superhero. She barely is now in the comics, and thats after WAAAAY more character progression that the movies havent even tried to replicate on any substantial scale. I dont understand why anyone would expect her to be. all shes supposed to be is tony's conscience. no one every expected Jiminy Cricket to start fighting. Shes a CEO. your confusing her with Happy and Rhodey.

+ the twist was amazing. and it allowed us a Mandrin. The 10 rings could not have been magic, because the marvel cinematic universe isnt set up for random magic in the world (yet). Also (sidebar), Ben Kingsly is one of the greatest pure actors in the world. That i admit was more for actual movie and acting buffs than comics fans and action flix watchers. but it was still awesome.

+the defense was project house party. he just didnt get to use it. Tony's character flaw is arrogance,and he was being himself when he assumed that he was smart and fast enough to always be ready. But what did you expect him to have lasers and turrets? The whole franchise started with his refusal to make those thigs anymore anywhere but on the ironman suit. so thats an unrealistic expectation.

+ the suits only fell apart when superhuman burning hot extremis people attacked them, or when they werent on all the way. its suggesting that he designed them to take brute force, but not super science he never knew existed. and the main armor in the movie was a prototype that spent the last 70% of the film in need or serious repair, but instead just getting patched.

+ firstly, the botanist chick spoke of people running too hot. i bet doing something like manifesting a blast of fire from your mouth increses that risk. and she was dead. Second... why would he use it frequently? the final fight showed that the extremis folks are super fast and strong. if they got into a shooting fight with any of the armors, they would loose. but if they get in close they have a major upper hand. and 3rd, im pretty sure the fire breathing was a fing fang foom reference. i think this movie was Marvel saying "in this universe, we can never give you a real Mandrin, but here are some cool nods".

in general, ill just say that its one thing to dislike the movie, or even parts of the movie. but its important in life to differentiate between things that are wrong... and things that are just wrong for you.