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I'm a Tatum Fan.... but i am aware of his limitations. He has never shown us that he can do a dialect as complicated as Cajun. If he can pull that off, i think people would be pleasantly surprised by the film.
But only if you go in without a bias about him.

no one thought Scarlet was a good choice for BW, and then she went and spoke russian and we all got over it. Same diff.

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I think if this show had come out as is BEFORE Avengers it wouldn't be as much of a problem. We are expecting 8 mutants and a hellicarrier full of future tech because the movie was able to tap into that part of the Division.

But but its harder for shows to get permission to use characters. And contract the film actors. And of course, it cant impede on the cannon of the live action universe. If they cast a Luke Cage for example, he would have to be the same person they used in the movies if they ever got around to him. AND he can't have trouble fighting anyone of a certain caliber, or it would lessen him in the films.
Stop thinking of the show as an Avenger's tv show. Its not. Its a tie-in where nothing really big can happen. Its supposed to relieve the pressure we are building up waiting for the next set of films and sometimes add little easter eggs. And Its still really good at it.

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"The show blows,quick,lets shove in characters from the movies,maybe something will happen!!"


This is a Whedon show!! come it is so mediocre!?

Well on the other Whedon shows he was still writing and being with the writing team the entire or most of the season. When it comes to S.H.I.E.L.D. on the other hand he was mostly just there for the Pilot episode and is busy making Avengers 2. There was talk before the show started that he was in regular contact with the writing team, but i doubt it.

I know i's just....a "Whedon show"....whatever he's doing it's stil entitled like that.

His brother Jed and his Wife are the head writers for AoS. The Whedon writing team since like 2007 or so. They have pretty much been a core part of every Whedon thing since Dr. Horrible (including Avengers and Much Ado).

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I would have liked to have seen what Lobdell had planned before editorial made him change Superboy's origin...he was originally supposed to be the same Superboy from PreFlashpoint but because of Superman and Supergirl's origin changes he was forced to make him a completely new character...that had to change the rest of the cast and writing of the series completely

THIS i would have LOVED!

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I agree with these things.

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-Red Robin was not the Swan Queen and was his own man, he was about to lead the Outsiders

-Solstice was a happy character why did he transform her into TTG! Emo Raven part 2?

-Superboy-Kid Flash-Red Robin had a better dynamic

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And nothing of value was lost.

Now I just hope that DC pretends that this run never happens, and cleans up all the shit Lobdell did to these characters.

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Good. This books been mediocre to bad since the beginning.

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My exposure his Teen Titans run has been limited to the two issues that were in the Red Hood DotF trade, but the impression that I've gotten has been that Teen Titans has mostly been the Red Robin show.

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Someone at DC must have realized they dropped the ball on young heroes in the past couple of years. The relaunch has to be better.

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There was a time when the Titans and the Legion were big enough to compete with Marvel's X-Books. Now for the first time since they began, neither of them can even hold down an ongoing.

Yeah... thanks for the ride.

agreed. As a proud owner of quite a few Young Justice comics, a ton of pre-52 Superboy (first and second run), a ton of pre-52 Tim Drake (Robin and Red Robin), and Geoff Johns' Teen Titan (both in trades and Omnibus) ... i despised the new 52 Titans.

its not really that it was bad writing. It was meh. It was passable. I found it both negative and positive that Superboy and the TT kind of existed in their own continuing conflict outside of everyone else's stuff.

But the major problem with it is that not a lot of people just like those characters for their names and power sets, but that is all the New 52 kept of them. Everyone but Bart had COMPLETELY different moods and motivations than pre-52. You could no longer like Tim for who he was to Batman, or what he did to evolve the Robin Mantle... because here he didnt do that. And that went for Cassie and Conner too. And you couldn't love the Teen Titans for the legacy of the team... because this is the first iteration.

DC was relying far too heavily on the mythical "new reader" to flock to this team of young people. But i honestly think in the past, most of the Teen Titan's readership was adults. Sure kids and teens need someone to relate to, but do they honestly go looking for the under-advertised Superboy over ANYONE in the Justice League? No. You dont get to love these characters in their own books. You start loving them when Tim Drake is the new Robin in a Batman book, or when Superman dies and Superboy bursts onto the scene in Adventure Comics, AND THEN you follow them over.

sigh. the worst part to me is that deep in my heart i know they are STILL going to try to force a Young Justice title. They are probably assuming people will flock to the name. But HELLO! half of the appeal of the YJ tv show was that it reflected on all of the old Teen Heroes stories. The people they would be hoping to get by cashing in on the name would undoubtedly leave when/IF they get there upon realizing the characters are vastly different in origin and relationships. The new readership will all cry out "Who the heck are Bunker and Skitter?" ...and then silence.

its all... its all bad. :/

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ugh. I would MUCH rather they not focus entirely on the First Class cast. I was really hoping the Future Past story would end with them accidentally re-writing history so that ALL the films made sense together, and maybe incidentally adding Iceman and Kitty and some other younger old-casters to the roster.

... but i guess not. Which sucks, because now the movies are just in this stupid state of connected/not connected that i know will never be addressed again.

im sorry. i hate with a passion that comics movies are being made that simply cannot translate into new readers of actual comics. Especially because those would be the EASIEST films to make, as the stories already exist and could be adapted easily. But nooooo. who cares that the comics have survived for decades as great stories. We are Hollywood! We are the kings of unoriginal ideas!

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I am a HUGE Conner Kent. Fan. Massive. Young Justice Proper was the first book i tried to collect entirely.


he lead the Newsboys ONCE. It wasn't a great team. And this? this is a stupid idea.

....JUST COPY AND PASTE FROM THE COMICS CW!!!!! Jeeze. Take like 8 of the 100 stories the Young Justice/Geoff Johns Teen Titans had, and work those! stop trying to change things! you could be reprinting and selling old comics! Getting people into old comics!! but noooooo. We want to make a tv universe that is so far from the comics universe, that if some view ever decided to dable in the comics, they wouldnt be able to read anything with their favorite characters without getting confused that SB is dating WG instead of MM and quitting.

"oh! We'll make a show tie-in/ companion comics!"

....WHHHHHYYYYYYY? Why? Why? why is that a better option? its not. Is it? no.

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when they first announced this portion of DLC, i hoped it would have been released earlier, and interwoven into the story. Sort of like Catwoman's bits in City. I hoped it would be training, with the conclusion of Bruce leaving that training being a cool point in the story, or an after game treat.

i imagine this will be slightly more immerse than a challenge map, but it could have been much more.

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gravity manipulation. Its kind of flight and super strength and telekinesis all rolled into one. And lets not forget the obvious ability to just pin things to the ground by making them super heavy...

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used to be Deathstroke, Anarchy, and Catman. now... idk. Luthor. The new 52 has brought down quite a few characters imo