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@skaldadottir: If your friend waited a week to take the job, someone else would apply and probably get it. would you rather a stranger or your friend got the job?

You seem to be under the impression that if you wait to be respectful, the world will respect your respect and wait as well. But no. The longer you wait, the longer you risk the chance of someone coming and taking advantage of the hammer sitting there. The hammer has never sat in one place without someone watching it for so long. What if someone with crazy magics came by and did something crazy? or if Odin had extra time to just Slag the hammer? What if someone just replaced the entire moon, and the hammer was lost to someone with the resources to do that?

the hammer is calling the shots here. it called her from wherever she was. it makes her talk a certain way. and even so, she didnt ever call herself THOR or THORS REPLACEMENT. shes not doing anything wrong. And if she HADNT taken the hammer, All the avengers would be frozen solid still, and Odinson might have lost the second fight in issue #4 and died for real.

If This happened in real life and Thors hammer called you to be new thor, you would absolutely not, no matter how much you adored and respected him. Its the power of THOR! and He cant use it. So theres no reason why she wouldnt. and i think peoples anger towards her being Thor are not really based on anything but personal preference.

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whomever the new thor is didnt TAKE the hammer away from him. It deemed him no longer worthy. He literally cannot wield it.
Do you really think the next person should just leave it sitting there out of some weird sense of respect for all eternity? When its ready for thor to wield it again, the hammer will go to or call for him.

Odinson has a whole different life hes been virtually ignoring for years. Hes supposed to be the future of Asgard, and more or less their lead warrior. But he spends most of his time doing earth and avengers stuff. Obviously the point of what they are up to (besides the idea of having a new Thor) is to show his character is deeper than just being a guy with a hammer. Im excited to see what Thor does next (especially after reading issue 4) because there's a lot to be done with a Thor who is angry and savage.

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They can't use Cyborg for obvious reasons.

yes they can. Flash is (possibly) being doubled too. They own the rights and can do what they want.

And all the Grayson/Babs/Kori drama you can shake a stick at!

oh yeah. that was probably the pitch for the show lol

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i have such average feels about this.

its very apparent to me nearly every tv/movie property that someone who doesnt read and/or care about comics is calling the shots. And this lineup is tripping some alarms.

Robin, Starfire, and Raven all tested well in the cartoons. Thats why they are there.

Barb is there because they have been emulating her in every tv show and movie.Having someone at a computer talking to you through an earpiece is becoming a staple of the superhero genre, and she started it. (now they COULD have put cyborg in a wheelchair and had him play that until he got even MORE hurt and became cyborg, but thats just awesome thinking on my part)

Hawk and Dove are there because every show tries to add an unknown character into the mix. They can more or less do what they want with them, and if they kick off the opportunities for merch and spinoffs are less restricted (creatively and legally). I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of them was ethnically ambiguous too. They are unknown and the team is looking pretty pale right now.

The only thing i really am kind of interested in is if there will be crossover between Arrow/Flash. TNT is under the timewarner umbrella with CW, so its possible. Arsenal and the eventual Kid Flash that has been rumored would be awesome additions down the line. And getting cross over villains is something that comics do that shows and movies havent. Think of them fighting Deathstroke. Or the Flash Rouges. or Grodd. That'd be cool.

but at best, this seems like another show that starts crudy to me and grows to average over time. Why hollywood people always think the need to change things is beyond me.

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it was hard for me to not vote Miles Morales. But i want some SWEEEEET CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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I know I had read comics before it, but the first comic i really remember reading was Speeding Bullets

Obviously at this point i knew who Batman and superman was, and so when i found this crazy amalgamation of the two on the cover of a comic in my brothers drawer, i just had to know what was going on.
It was the most interesting thing i had ever read in a comic at the time, and is probably what sparked my ability to look at things as they could be creatively instead of simply as they are.

I still recommend it whenever i think someone might find it interesting.

An honorable mention goes to In Darkest Knight, which i read right afterwards and loved almost as much. I started collecting back issues of Tim Drake's Robin, Gen 13, and X-Man a week later.

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Weirdly, as much as I acknowledge and even appreciate that the new Aquaman comics are doing... They are losing me.

I think I'm disconnected from Arthur's "home turf" per se because it's so big and so... not something I'm connected to.

I would be more excited for a title focusing on AC dealing with threats IN Atlantis as opposed to things that are a threat TOO Atlantis. Something more like (I hate that I'm saying this) everything else. I think something more like other heroes and their connection to their home cities, with the filter of "underwater and with ocean threats" would interest me more than Aquaman leaving Atlantis all the time to deal with other carp.(I'm gonna let autocorrect have that one because pun).

I know I was biased for GJ's writing style, and that plays a part in my loss in interest. But right now I'm not huge on seeing AC outside of the JLA,and that's weird considering how much I clamored for him before.

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Superboy 100

Superboy has always been one of my favorite heroes. And his old solo comic was always amazing to me.
up until this point he was Carl (Kar-El). He was still only a teenager, but he was living on his own, dating older women, working with Young Justice, and doing odd jobs to pay his way. All in between his wacky adventures.
But this issue had superman seriously acknowledging him as a part of his legacy for the first time, and the ending leaves off where the Superboy most people know begins.
After this issue came out and the series ended, Carl gets adopted by supermans parents and becomes Conner Kent. he calms down and begins to grow up. He joins the Teen Titans and changes his costume.
it was a fitting end and a new beginning. And it means a lot to me.

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Without a doubt its Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day.

Before YJ became the Teen Titans, my big dream for every member of my favorite young team was for each of them to slowly move up to the Titans ranks. Seeing them side by side was amazing, and having the end result being a nearly full team graduation makes me truly appreciative of what that story did.

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Sonic fans are the worst lol. No need to apologize.

important truth.