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the guy who wrote that review is a true idiot. The RIP story has been the deepest, most explortative story since Identity Crisis (well, 52 was perfect, but that took a whole year and involved great forgotten characters). The industry has slowly been falling into crap as writers fail to make sure their stories coincide with others. And instead of fixing that, writers are now just creating stories with no lasting effects. Or they create stories that don't match up with the things the characters usually do or are capable of.
 I know a pure Marvel fan when i read ones review about a DC comic. DC doesn't always make jems, but they never truly crap out either. And just because this idiot forgot to switch on his brain and figure out the deep-seeded meaning and emotional magic in R.I.P., he goes and publishes a bashing review. Whoever said the Rulk stories are just a chance to turn off your brain and giggle at the pictures is right, and this guy is the end result. Someone who would rather see a non-developed and completely fanboy retarded character beat established power houses via bullshit than a story almost 3 years in the making. A few years ago, this would have changed the face of comics forever. But now, in the age of Marvel, its a story that is going to be over looked and under-rated simply because the punch-per-page ratio was low. That guy would have loved it if Batman died fighting unexplained zombies.
welcome to my nightmare.

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BatgirlBabs said:
"For the record, spell check is a free forum tool. If you see it underlined in red, it means you spelled it wrong. IT'S A FREE TOOL! UTILIZE IT!"
firefox is still working out bugs from having to be re-writen for Vista. As a result, spell check doesn't always function, and im really not used to typing on a laptop. As long as you can figure out the words, why dont you just overlook the minor spelling errors one is bound to make from time to time.

Not veryone knows their spelling and grammer good!!!!
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joker doesnt know. He could know if he wanted to. he is very resourceful and as someone else said, he knows other villains who know. But i think he doesnt want to know. he likes where he is now. Crazy. Genius. Misunderstood. feared. respected.
But he doesnt know. he doesnt have a clue. Otherwise, Tim Drake would have been killed years ago. And Dicks career as Nightwing would have been hell with Joker trying to kill him (and you know he would).
however, i think Joker's sone Anarky knows who Robin is. he's suposed to be Uber smart, and it looks like he's going rouge again.

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1. Booster Gold
2. David Cain
3. Angelina Jolie (hot, action ready, humanitarian, team Representative)
4. catman
5. Punisher
6. Night Thrasher
7.Robin (drake)
8. Blue Beetle (Kord)

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i thought that movie was horrible too, but it seems for different reasons. I thought the Violence was fun if you try not to take the movie seriously, and that wasn't hard to do because the story was lame. Super lame. I hated how at the end of a hard nights killing, Punisher walked a couple miles to get home. All i could imagine was frank catching the bus on nights that corrupt cops didn't punch themselves in their own faces and give him the keys to their cars. I also had a really hard time taking Jigsaw and LBJ seriously. I just saw Heath Ledger play roughly the same type of character, but he was actually scary. I felt like everyone LBJ killed just let him do it because he was so obviously special.
the movie seemed like a parody of something average, and the little i enjoyed about it i enjoyed as a joke. If anyone ever asked me to take that movie as seriously as any of the Spider-man's or X-men, i might hit them for insulting my intelligence.
Didn't the first movie do better?

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wow. ok. i guess it truly was a mistake to attempt intelligent conversation here. i hope i haven't imposed on your impossible little fanboy world. I shan't return.

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TheDrifter said:
"Vance Astro said:
"Grim said:

there are five different Marvel characters (including death and Satan from Marvel comics) ranked above God and Jesus. No DC fan would rank living Tribunal above anything. So i would have to say in Comicvine

Marvel fans>DC fans

There is no God or Jesus in Marvel U.

but seeing as to how Comicvine is supposed to be where you gauge all the characters from several branches of the industry evenly, one should treat them in the ranking system as if they did exist in the same universe?
 Im really more of an lone wolf in my religious views, but the characteristics of God say that he is suposed to be everything. Seems kinda dumb that everything still looses to a planet eater, an entity everything created to collect dead souls, and the rival of everything that is suposed to be weaker than everything.
 God isnt weaker than Glalactis. Please.... please don't try to argue this.
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there are five different Marvel characters (including death and Satan from Marvel comics) ranked above God and Jesus. No DC fan would rank living Tribunal above anything. So i would have to say in Comicvine

Marvel fans>DC fans

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crap, i accidently deleted my post. Hope you saw it.If not, ill re-write it tonight. it had some great stuff. I would do it now, but ive got work.

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HULK > Superman
Hulk  > Sentry
Hulk > Thor
Superman <THor
Superman < Sentry