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i thought that movie was horrible too, but it seems for different reasons. I thought the Violence was fun if you try not to take the movie seriously, and that wasn't hard to do because the story was lame. Super lame. I hated how at the end of a hard nights killing, Punisher walked a couple miles to get home. All i could imagine was frank catching the bus on nights that corrupt cops didn't punch themselves in their own faces and give him the keys to their cars. I also had a really hard time taking Jigsaw and LBJ seriously. I just saw Heath Ledger play roughly the same type of character, but he was actually scary. I felt like everyone LBJ killed just let him do it because he was so obviously special.
the movie seemed like a parody of something average, and the little i enjoyed about it i enjoyed as a joke. If anyone ever asked me to take that movie as seriously as any of the Spider-man's or X-men, i might hit them for insulting my intelligence.
Didn't the first movie do better?

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wow. ok. i guess it truly was a mistake to attempt intelligent conversation here. i hope i haven't imposed on your impossible little fanboy world. I shan't return.

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TheDrifter said:
"Vance Astro said:
"Grim said:

there are five different Marvel characters (including death and Satan from Marvel comics) ranked above God and Jesus. No DC fan would rank living Tribunal above anything. So i would have to say in Comicvine

Marvel fans>DC fans

There is no God or Jesus in Marvel U.

but seeing as to how Comicvine is supposed to be where you gauge all the characters from several branches of the industry evenly, one should treat them in the ranking system as if they did exist in the same universe?
 Im really more of an lone wolf in my religious views, but the characteristics of God say that he is suposed to be everything. Seems kinda dumb that everything still looses to a planet eater, an entity everything created to collect dead souls, and the rival of everything that is suposed to be weaker than everything.
 God isnt weaker than Glalactis. Please.... please don't try to argue this.
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there are five different Marvel characters (including death and Satan from Marvel comics) ranked above God and Jesus. No DC fan would rank living Tribunal above anything. So i would have to say in Comicvine

Marvel fans>DC fans

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crap, i accidently deleted my post. Hope you saw it.If not, ill re-write it tonight. it had some great stuff. I would do it now, but ive got work.

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HULK > Superman
Hulk  > Sentry
Hulk > Thor
Superman <THor
Superman < Sentry

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Hulk vs Superman. who would win?

and while were at it:

Hulk vs sentry
Hulk vs Thor
Superman Vs Thor
Superman vs Sentry

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Hulk vs Superman. who would win?

and while were at it:

Hulk vs sentry
Hulk vs Thor
Superman Vs Thor
Superman vs Sentry

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In DC, magic works against science because it defies it. Captain Marvels lightning hurts Superman more than normal lightning because the magic in the lightning is just ignoring the rules of science that would usually protect Superman from crumpling under a lightning bolt. That is the exact reason why Wonder Woman's Tiara slashed Superman's throat in the comics leading up to Infinite Crisis (Superman: Sacrifice). A knife wouldn't do that. Not even if it was thrown by someone as powerful as Superman himself.
 The magical Strength that Cap Marvel and Wonder Woman have is not muscle strength. If they where cut off from magic, they would not have the strength. It is not just siting in their bodies. Their magic is fed into them for specific feats. They don't do it so much anymore, but they used to always have to ask for the abilities they need. like "Zeus, give me strength to move this mountain" or "Hera, grant me the speed to beat this missile". Thats how it works for those situations against Superman and other scientific beings. Apparently they don't have to verbally ask for it anymore (or maybe they never really did), but what happens is their respective gods feed them enough strength to get their jobs done.
I f you want DC's rules of magic, go pick up a DC encyclopedia and read a few comics on Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, anything with Felix Faust, almost any Superman comic with a magical foe, and maybe Shadow Pact. They have explained in DC time and time again how magic COMPLETELY changes ANY and EVERY equation, including an arm wrestling match. (And BTW, Wonder Woman can't even hold up a falling building for more than a couple of minutes, where as superman can put the entire top half of a building back on its base with no problem. Obcviously, Superman was doing most of the work in whatever moon moving scenario you were talking about, and Wonder Woman was the 14 year old boy helping the strong man push the car).

And while i havn't read these comics myself, i have heard of Hulk beating Gladiator, who is the closest thing to Superman Marvel has ever amde apower wise. I do know Gladiator is able to do things to planets that people have estimated Superman can do.

also something i haven't read but have heard allot about, is this guy who used to be a herald of Galactis, Terrax. Apparently, Sentry took this guy Terrax's axe (which i assume is some sort of power cosmic super weapon) and snapped it in half.

and hey! did u know non-enraged Hulk can jump from the moon back to earth? Whats that distance between the moon and the earth? "The average centre-to-centre distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,403 km, about thirty times the diameter of the Earth." says Wikipedia. thats a mighty big fall, and lost of burring too. here, let me give you some pictures:

and didnt he also hold together some tectonic plates on planet Hulk? Here is a little something someone posted on the matter:

Ok, so you want a numerical value. In Planet Hulk, he held together two tectonic plates. This is before he got upgraded to his now famous WWH strength level.

Let's calculate the mass of a tectonic plate on Earth's crust for comparison:

The lithosphere, consisting mainly of the cold, rigid, rocky crust of the earth extends to depths of 100 km (60 mi). The rocks of the lithosphere have an average density of 2.7 g/cm3 and are almost entirely made up of 11 elements, which together account for about 99.5 percent of its mass. The most abundant is oxygen (about 46.60 percent of the total), followed by silicon (about 27.72 percent), aluminum (8.13 percent), iron (5.0 percent), calcium (3.63 percent), sodium (2.83 percent), potassium (2.59 percent), magnesium (2.09 percent) and titanium, hydrogen, and phosphorus (totaling less than 1 percent). In addition, 11 other elements are present in trace amounts of 0.1 to 0.02 percent. These elements, in order of abundance, are carbon, manganese, sulfur, barium, chlorine, chromium, fluorine, zirconium, nickel, strontium, and vanadium. The elements are present in the lithosphere almost entirely in the form of compounds rather than in their free state. These compounds exist almost entirely in the crystalline state, so they are, by definition, minerals.

The lithosphere comprises two shells :the crust and upper mantle that are divided into a dozen or so rigid tectonic plates. The crust itself is divided in two. The sialic or upper crust, of which the continents consist, is made up of igneous and sedimentary rocks whose average chemical composition is similar to that of granite and whose density is about 2.7 g/cm3. The simatic or lower crust, which forms the floors of the ocean basins, is made of darker, heavier igneous rocks such as gabbro and basalt, with an average density of about 3. Taking all of this and some other factors into consideration, we get:

volume = 5.054 x10^19 cubic meters
density of 2.7 g/cm3
mass = 1.365 x10^23 kg = 2.18 % of earth's mass
= 2.72 % of earth's volume

Therefore if we divide this value into 12 (the given amount of tectonic plates on Earth), we have a value as follows:

mass per plate = 1.1375 x10^22 kg, or in terms of tons, 1.13 x10^19 metric tons (in layman's terms, that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons).

In other words, to even budge a tectonic plate, given that it is constantly forced against other tectonic plates, it requires trillions of tons of force at the
bare minimum. What Hulk did was counter that force - counter trillions of tons of force being pressed in opposite directions. This is while getting burned by magma at the same time.

WWH for the win, 10/10.

now take all that, google image search Hulk vs Sentry and see the two of them exchanging PUNCHES (Hulk hit Sentry in the face and he doesnt even fly, Sentry punches Hulk in the gut, and he's still ok) and try to tell me again  that Marvel doesnt have heroes as strong as DCs. When Doomsday punched Superman for the first time, Supes flew to another state, and when the two of them got close like Huk and Sentry did, both went into long-term comas.

This is the first time i have ever encountered ANYONE who tried to argue that Hulk wasn't stronger than Superman. Evryone i have ever talked to about the subject agrees that unless Superman knew who Hulk was and snapped his neck FIRST thing in a match (which he would never do, even if he knew it was the only way), Hulk would break him in 4. So for you to say Hulk isnt stronger than him, and that Sentry and Thor arent almost as strong as him is just sooooooooo dumb to me. As i've been saying all along, from post #1, Marvel is inconsistent with its power levels.

i debate. Thats what i do. No, i don't read every comic that comes out, so no i don't have facts on everything. But other people do, and i have been talking with comics fans and non comics fans in person and on line for years about things like this, as well as things of stupider and smarter varieties.
if you get out of your "marvel is special" zone, you can role with the punches people dish out about your fave company. I came to terms long ago with the flaws in DC, and that is why im so proud of the steps they have taken to rectify them. The heads up at DC spend a good amount od time figuring out stories that will challenge your brain and your emotions. they come up with proper laws and rules that they then follow, so that their fans can read a comic and say "yeah, thats within that characters abilities".And if you read the comics enough, you see it.
Marvel has always been the company to just creat stuff. Good or bad, they just do it, with little to no regards to past works. It works (most of their movies are awsome) just as much as it doesnt (everything i've been talking about here),  but thats what they do. And i hate how the lazyer company gets all the credit.
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i agree the action was funny, but it was still completely outlandish. the dumbest thing shoot em up did was the carrot-bullet. But every inch of Castle's blade usage was retarded. and Shoot em Up had a real original story behind it, as cheesy was it was, while Punisher's story's sole attempt was to make a romantic interest in the FBI guys wife and a villain in Jigsaw (who was not re-created very well at all, and im going by the Jigsaw in the 10 years of comics i read with him in them, not wahatever has happened in the past couple years).
Also, a main rule in movies is to make the bad guys scary and respectable. All the people i know (this is fans of comics and people who didn't even see the last Punisher allike) thought Jiggy acted kinda scary, but was all together stupid. And none of them could figure out if LBJ was suposed to be funny or scary, but they feel either anyway.

It seems like Punisher: WAR Zone would have done better as a half an hour video with limited story and ultra violence, instead of a two hour movie of the same type. And looking at the box office, the masses agree