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adamantium.... glass?



.........that is a pretty advanced idea. i guess.

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the short and easy answer for me is that we JUST saw Venom take on the entire Thunderbolts team, something i just don't think Osborn is capable of doing in any incarnation. Sure that was Flash letting go of the symbiote, but it isn't too absurd to say he could tap into most of that without letting it slip.

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Weirdly enough for me, I'm going to place Gambit in the winners circle here. I'm a big Secret Six fan, and Deadshot is just super awesome... but i think in this fight Gambit has the upper hand.

The way i see it, Gambit is incredibly used to marksmen taking shots at him, but Deadshot has no idea what Gambit's power set/skill level is. By the time Deadshot realizes he's dealing with a heightened human, Gambit would probably already have closed the gap, or reached a tactical position that would all but give him the fight. Keep in mind Gambit literally has more of the skills Batman uses to take down Deadshot than Batman. He has the ability to charge his own body to rapidly heal, and has above human strength/speed/agility. He knows how to use the shadows to sneak around, and he knows how to move around urban environments. He is just as accurate with his projectiles as batman, and Gambit's explode afterwards. It just seems to me if Deadshot doesn't know any of this right off the bat, he is at a huge disadvantage.

The only good argument i really see for Deadshot is that he might just headshot Gambit first thing because he's having a bad day. But Gambit has dealt with that before as well.

Gambit wins 7 out of 10 times i think. Now if this was Catman...

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@w0nd said:

he has a new #1 after just 30 issues?

To be fair all of the Ultimate books are getting #1s.

that seems to be the new norm now. I think there is always a boost in sales of a #1, so they are trying to cash in on that every few months instead of just continuing the series. I really freaking hate it actually. Gone are the days when issues will go into the 600's.

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@captaintightpants12: right? i just started giggling like a school girl at Hope Tim. That's what that would have been... unless he went Indigo (which i can also kinda see).

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@omgomgwtfwtf said:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 please. I want that now. NOW! NOW! NOW!

2 was not as good as the first. I don't want another unless its better.

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i wouldn't be able to handle having any of them i didn't want. To me its one thing to take this kind of gamble with currencies i didn't actually have to pay for, but not with my actual munnies. So unless i was in love with an overwhelming amount of the collection, i would rather just buy the one i want directly from someone.

it was awesome and nerve wracking to watch though. lol be careful what you wish for... or you might get TWO!!

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Jesse Eisenburg? Now there's a surprise. Seems a little young for the role if you ask me...

He's 30 years old. I love this casting of him, because as you just prooved, he has been typecast as a nervous teen character. But i've been a fan of his since Get Real (a 1999 FOX show with him and Anne Hathaway and Eric Christan Olsen before people knew who they were. Arguably the reason they are known now. But anyway), and i have seen Eisenberg in more than just those 3 movies that were in theatres.

hes good. he can do this. And i think it will be interesting to see Lex's brilliance as a young evil instead of old business hell bent on keeping his company's numbers up. But i hope they have Eisenburg playing what he is: a brilliant adult who ages well. not an 18 year old.

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I'm a Tatum Fan.... but i am aware of his limitations. He has never shown us that he can do a dialect as complicated as Cajun. If he can pull that off, i think people would be pleasantly surprised by the film.
But only if you go in without a bias about him.

no one thought Scarlet was a good choice for BW, and then she went and spoke russian and we all got over it. Same diff.

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I think if this show had come out as is BEFORE Avengers it wouldn't be as much of a problem. We are expecting 8 mutants and a hellicarrier full of future tech because the movie was able to tap into that part of the Division.

But but its harder for shows to get permission to use characters. And contract the film actors. And of course, it cant impede on the cannon of the live action universe. If they cast a Luke Cage for example, he would have to be the same person they used in the movies if they ever got around to him. AND he can't have trouble fighting anyone of a certain caliber, or it would lessen him in the films.
Stop thinking of the show as an Avenger's tv show. Its not. Its a tie-in where nothing really big can happen. Its supposed to relieve the pressure we are building up waiting for the next set of films and sometimes add little easter eggs. And Its still really good at it.

@nordude said:

@punyparker said:

"The show blows,quick,lets shove in characters from the movies,maybe something will happen!!"


This is a Whedon show!! come it is so mediocre!?

Well on the other Whedon shows he was still writing and being with the writing team the entire or most of the season. When it comes to S.H.I.E.L.D. on the other hand he was mostly just there for the Pilot episode and is busy making Avengers 2. There was talk before the show started that he was in regular contact with the writing team, but i doubt it.

I know i's just....a "Whedon show"....whatever he's doing it's stil entitled like that.

His brother Jed and his Wife are the head writers for AoS. The Whedon writing team since like 2007 or so. They have pretty much been a core part of every Whedon thing since Dr. Horrible (including Avengers and Much Ado).