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Mat and Josh? So now even though im WAY behind in my books, i have to listen?

Thanks Obama.

no wait.
Thanks Gay Marriage.

yup. using that one now.

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bout time. I was really afraid we were gonna have another 4 year wait like Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk

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@inferiorego I immediately went to either Henry, an older Parker whos retired or been presumed dead for years (which would explain why hes not around, AND would allow for Spiderman to be Miles after the first Parker film), or the Watcher ( because at this point i think the MCU viewerbase could handle it).

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I can't believe I'm about to say this but I like the Affleck design a lot more....

i liked that design in general. i think the mask is he only problem with this one though (from what we can see).

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as a fan of second and third generation heroes, i hate that DC keeps doing this.
stop neutering my favorites because your cash cows are getting tired.

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i never get notifications anymore. is that normal?

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@sentryman555: yeah. part of his contract was that he got full control of live action Bats while he was making his trilogy or something. Its more or less why Green Arrow has been a place holder for him in tv.

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As for the second point, that's untrue. Thor was both Thor and the God of Thunder long before he got Mjolnir. We see this multiple times with young Thor in Thor: God of Thunder. He has all of his powers save for flight before he has the hammer. In addition, Thor is not a title. It's his name, given to him from birth. It's like if Bucky or Sam started calling themselves Steve Rogers. Very different from calling themselves Captain America. And I've seen no evidence he's stopped being the God of Thunder at any point.

The name handoff was not in character nor made much sense, in my opinion. Accepting her as the new weilder of Mjolnir, okay. Saying she's Thor? Whaaat?

initially Odin took Thor's powers away and more or less tied them to the hammer. While Thor no longer needs the hammer to be himself, it still holds both some of his power and the brand recognition. And not just with others. With Thor himself. He knows he is a warrior and such even without the hammer, but he doesnt feel worthy of his own legacy without it. And he considers the name Thor to be his name AND the legacy. He sees thor as his Captain America AND his Steve Rogers.

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it seems super apparent to me that the hammer has developed a symbiosis with her, as opposed to her being just another wielder. Almost like the hammer is letting her decide left or right, but IT is the one making the turns. Several times, shes thought one thing and said something rather Thor instead. like her saying "there must always be a thor"... that doesnt seem like it was her. Issue two has her saying she is the goddess of thunder, and shes super confused that she said that. And i think she meant to say yes to everyone whos ever asked her if they knew her. in issue 4, almost everything she says to Thor is personal enough to be either her or the hammer, and i think that was meant to read as a little of both.

irrelevant is a strong word. The idea behind the hammer has always been that without it, thor is not the god of thunder, hes just another god. Obviously, hes still Odinson and a warrior, and all of his history and friendships still matter (which is why hes still showing up as Odinson in other comics), but he is no longer THE THOR in title. Just like how Loki was sort of reborn but the same dude, they have established that god titles are different than the actual person.

idk. i know all of what im saying is just speculation at this point, but i doint see "written in to a hole" here.

@asgaard said:

@grim: If she is Roz or Jane she did everything Wrong from what means to be worthy of Mjolnir, they both know, care and are close to Thor Odinson, and yes the hammer influences her decisions but if she was the responsible for the random kiss, she also could stop for a while try to find out what happened to Thor Odinson, Mjolnir and her, but no she just wants the power of Thor like you said, when she destructed the fake Ice Giant Skull she already was to arrogant and disrespectful for the Ice Giants, one of the Asgardian most important value is Honor in combat and yes the Ice Giants are enemies, but she wasn't an Asgardian honored warrior when she destructed that Skull, Aaron writing is not making believable that she is worthy of Mjolnir, because he only tries to show that she is bad ass and powerful, and being the Asgardian God of Thunder means a lot more than that, for now she isn't worthy of Mjolnir, Aaron just forgot what he wrote in TGOT.

Thor Odinson would have TOTALLY done the same thing. If the frost giants invaded earth to find their dead kings skull in an attempt to regain power? Yeah. He would smash it and tell them thats what they get for breaking rules. I didnt read much of TGoT, but i dont see how anything in this undoes that.

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@grim said:
@sentryman555 said:

They can't use Cyborg for obvious reasons.

yes they can. Flash is (possibly) being doubled too. They own the rights and can do what they want

Where do you find out who has the rights to what? I figured Warner Bros. has the rights to Cyborg and wouldn't want anyone else to use him. Flash was probably in development before movie Flash was announced so I thought that's how they got around it.

CW (where Arrow and Flash are aired) is owned by Warner Brothers(the guys making the movies), who basically owns DC comics. WB and TNT (where Titans will air) are both owned by TIME WARNER.
to further clarify: FOX doesn NOT have the rights to Gotham. WB created and produced the show, and then Fox agreed to air it. But Fox has no claim to Batman or anything outside of the broadcasting of that individual show for however long that contract lasts.

The flash show was in motion before the movie, but that wasnt a rights issue. WB owns the live action rights to both regardless of which came first. But WB's problem has been that they dont have a cohesive tv/movie universe like Marvel, so they try to just keep them completely separate and avoid overlapping characters.

so you're mostly right. WB doesnt want anyone to use their movie characters. But its technically THEM who would be using him. its really all Noland's fault, because he started this crap with his contract that didnt allow them to use Batman while he was making his movies. since then WB has really been in love with creating stand alone elseworld-style shows.

I used to be a DC, but its crap like this, combined with the new 52, that drove me away.