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it was hard for me to not vote Miles Morales. But i want some SWEEEEET CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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I know I had read comics before it, but the first comic i really remember reading was Speeding Bullets

Obviously at this point i knew who Batman and superman was, and so when i found this crazy amalgamation of the two on the cover of a comic in my brothers drawer, i just had to know what was going on.
It was the most interesting thing i had ever read in a comic at the time, and is probably what sparked my ability to look at things as they could be creatively instead of simply as they are.

I still recommend it whenever i think someone might find it interesting.

An honorable mention goes to In Darkest Knight, which i read right afterwards and loved almost as much. I started collecting back issues of Tim Drake's Robin, Gen 13, and X-Man a week later.

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Weirdly, as much as I acknowledge and even appreciate that the new Aquaman comics are doing... They are losing me.

I think I'm disconnected from Arthur's "home turf" per se because it's so big and so... not something I'm connected to.

I would be more excited for a title focusing on AC dealing with threats IN Atlantis as opposed to things that are a threat TOO Atlantis. Something more like (I hate that I'm saying this) everything else. I think something more like other heroes and their connection to their home cities, with the filter of "underwater and with ocean threats" would interest me more than Aquaman leaving Atlantis all the time to deal with other carp.(I'm gonna let autocorrect have that one because pun).

I know I was biased for GJ's writing style, and that plays a part in my loss in interest. But right now I'm not huge on seeing AC outside of the JLA,and that's weird considering how much I clamored for him before.

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Superboy 100

Superboy has always been one of my favorite heroes. And his old solo comic was always amazing to me.
up until this point he was Carl (Kar-El). He was still only a teenager, but he was living on his own, dating older women, working with Young Justice, and doing odd jobs to pay his way. All in between his wacky adventures.
But this issue had superman seriously acknowledging him as a part of his legacy for the first time, and the ending leaves off where the Superboy most people know begins.
After this issue came out and the series ended, Carl gets adopted by supermans parents and becomes Conner Kent. he calms down and begins to grow up. He joins the Teen Titans and changes his costume.
it was a fitting end and a new beginning. And it means a lot to me.

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Without a doubt its Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day.

Before YJ became the Teen Titans, my big dream for every member of my favorite young team was for each of them to slowly move up to the Titans ranks. Seeing them side by side was amazing, and having the end result being a nearly full team graduation makes me truly appreciative of what that story did.

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Sonic fans are the worst lol. No need to apologize.

important truth.

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I would add those first two- Teen Titans stories in Geoff Johns' run. Lots of him in those.

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adamantium.... glass?



.........that is a pretty advanced idea. i guess.

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the short and easy answer for me is that we JUST saw Venom take on the entire Thunderbolts team, something i just don't think Osborn is capable of doing in any incarnation. Sure that was Flash letting go of the symbiote, but it isn't too absurd to say he could tap into most of that without letting it slip.

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Weirdly enough for me, I'm going to place Gambit in the winners circle here. I'm a big Secret Six fan, and Deadshot is just super awesome... but i think in this fight Gambit has the upper hand.

The way i see it, Gambit is incredibly used to marksmen taking shots at him, but Deadshot has no idea what Gambit's power set/skill level is. By the time Deadshot realizes he's dealing with a heightened human, Gambit would probably already have closed the gap, or reached a tactical position that would all but give him the fight. Keep in mind Gambit literally has more of the skills Batman uses to take down Deadshot than Batman. He has the ability to charge his own body to rapidly heal, and has above human strength/speed/agility. He knows how to use the shadows to sneak around, and he knows how to move around urban environments. He is just as accurate with his projectiles as batman, and Gambit's explode afterwards. It just seems to me if Deadshot doesn't know any of this right off the bat, he is at a huge disadvantage.

The only good argument i really see for Deadshot is that he might just headshot Gambit first thing because he's having a bad day. But Gambit has dealt with that before as well.

Gambit wins 7 out of 10 times i think. Now if this was Catman...