The Buffyverse dies a little more... (SPOILERS)

     If your reading this, it probably means you have at least some interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which means you've probably heard about the rumors surrounding a possible Buffy re-launch sometime in the future. And your heart probably broke a little.
    If your reading this, there is also a likely chance that you are currently reading Season 8, the comics continuation to the tv show you probably know and love. If THIS is true, you've probably read or will soon be reading (in which case SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!) issue #39.... and your heart probably broke a little more. 
Ok. By now you have forgone several spoiler warnings, so lets just get it out there.  
 Giles is dead.
While Season 8 has had its ups and downs while attempting to translate the tv magic onto paper, this concluding story arc (Last Gleaming) has been almost as sturdy as the first arc, with most of the chips falling into play and all the key players on the field. And its durring this final hurrah to save al of existence that Giles meets his untimely end at the hands of another very well known character (hey, im not gonna give it all up. Go read the damn thing!). 
 How do you feel about this? Giles and Xander have always been the characters i most relate to, and it seems in these last two seasons they have taken the brunt of the damage done to The Scooby Gang. And while there is one more issue and another Season still to come, Joss has never been too big on resurrecting the good guys (unless they where not human or killed by magic, and a couple of other exceptions im sure).  
 Its always possible that next issue Giles will pop back up more bad-@$$ and morbid than before, but due to the nature of his death, the odds aren't exactly in his favor. 
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Posted by evanescencefan91

denial is what I always do, I rewrite it in my head so Giles moved to Florida with Tara and Anya

Posted by EnSabahNurX

T____T GILES?!?!?!?! well i never read the comics after the pretty terrible seventh season(had moments where it was good but overall X() BUT WTH poor Giles, i would read a comic about his life as Ripper XD

Posted by Grim
 Thats what i've been saying!  a Ripper comic (or better yet, tv show) would be a fantastic way to tell what has to be an awesome story about his life.   
@evanescencefan91: lol. whatever you need to do to cope.
Posted by GREGalicious

I was DEVASTATED by GILES' death!!! It was awful (and shocking) enough when they killed my girls ANYA, CORDELIA, FRED, and TARA but i wasnt prepared for that!!