Evan and Acting: 2012

I know i havent been very active on the Comicvine this year. Ive actually been pretty busy. runnin around and bein a student and... um... i think its pronounced "Acting"? i dont know. Some shit with scripts and a stage and sometimes cameras? i didnt get it either....

but really, i decided last year that i would do MORE with my acting this semester, and besides being cast in an actual "people pay to see this" play, i also did lights and crew work for other shows, acted in an end-of-semester-student-created bowl of epic to raise money for the department, and worked on a handful of short films with some film students. Im gonna link them bellow in order of most recent to latest, with the last being the first thing ive acted in since i started studying the medium (its from over a year ago, but hey! its first). So... there yah go. Enjoy my rise from shitty actor to slightly less shitty actor.

First up: Quest for the Commissary

Concept by ME, and Directed by myself and Danielle Evans (whos page the video is actually on)

Next: 12/12/12

Also my concept. Same directing team. Same day even...

Followed by: Supa Fight!

This one was actually written and performed by Myself and Christee Kee for a grade in a Theater Movement/Combat class. Danii was awesome enough to come film it for us. We nailed it cuz we both have a healthy respect for the super hero genre. Me moreso than her... but you know. What evs...


The next two are adlibed songs. Seriously. Danii and i had worked together on two films together (its coming up soon) and we liked the cut of each others jibs. so she combined her actual music skills with my ability to spew words... and behold! (note: we actually made one more song called Commissary before the camera was involved. It was by far the best. the thing about me and random lyrics is they get progressively worse the longer i go. I put these two in actual order instead of descending so you could see how i went from being on top of my shit in the first one... to just kinda word vomiting the second. But i still cant wait to do more! :)


This one is Danii's through and through. After we had already kinda worked together on someone else's film (next), Danii asked me and a couple members of the other cast if we wanted to be in the one she would be shooting the next week. You'll notice my fellow acting student Christee Kee, as well as Mr. Odell Smith (all 3 of us where in the aforementioned paying-patrons show, titled The Foreigner if you are interested in looking it up). The end result was rather hilarious.

Next to last: A HERO RISES (or how i talked with the girl of my dreams)

Written and Directed by Bryan Nelson (whos page this is posted on), this thing had my heart when i heard about it. A hopeless romantic, a cute girl, fights and explosions? No. This is not a Michael Bay Movie. This is a B-Roll production. LOL You will once again notice Christee and Odell, as well as Fern Wilson, a girl fresh into the department and already in a main-stage show (thats what those paying patron shows are called) (she's not in the Foreigner, but another one called Talking With. If you wanted to look it up). The fight scene between myself and Odell was adlibed entirely, because he and i can do that and we were running out of daylight.

And finally, over a year old but i dont care: AXE ME TO LOVE YOU.

Written by Adam Rodriguez (his page), this gem was filmed during a live free performance, and was part of an entire show written by stage writing students and performed by student actors. I was in 2 other scenes for this show, but i really like this one because it was my first time acting on stage in front of people... and it was in underwear. its just a very bright memory for me.

....and that's that. I know. I know this has very little to do with comcis. I admit, i mostly made this Blog so i wouldnt have to go searching for them in the future, as long as i keep track of one link. But i'd like to think part of me made it so i could shamelessly promote myself. yeah... i like that too.

Honestly, im just excited. its still a couple days to new years, and I've already been cast in another main-stage, AND i have another student film in the works (a Batman fanfic with the guy Adam above, who i did another Batman video with almost a year ago that we never got to finish), AND a film where i play a monster for like 10 seconds finishing up some time soon, AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD about 3 other projects being ironed out with Danii.

Things are ok on the acting front. And i just wanted to share that with you, my fellow nerds.

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