so its two days down, one to go, and im loving it.
 i didnt make most of day one, becuase it started at 3 and i had work.... at 3. i was able to make it down in time for Tomas Jane's screening of DARK COUNTRY. Dude.... get that movie. I know your not gonna want to, cuz its going to be a DVD release, but that movie is all kinds of crazy Twilight Zone awesome. Saddly, the screening we saw at the con is likely to be the only 3D showing anyone is likely to see for a couple years, but the story itself was still pretty sweet. recommended. 
 But that was the end of day one. I pulled into day two just in time for the DC Nation podcast. Bab's posted allot of the more interesting stuff on her page, so go there for that. But it was pretty cool to sit in on. Cant wait to re-listen on the podcast. 
 The Robot Chicken panel was cool. It took a while to start, but every clip, every inside joke, and every fan interaction was funny as hell. 
Side note: if you ever meet Seth, he suggest being quiet about it. Don't scream his name, cuz then he isnt doin anything for you or any of the other thousand people who come rushing over.
So this is where the suck sets in though. After robot Chicken, there was a screening for the movie Trick 'R Treat. But seriously half the reason i wanted to go to this Con was because i wanted to visit Jeph Loeb, get my issue #26 of Superman/Batman signed, and to pay my respects to Sam Loeb. So first chance i got day one and again on day 2, i check the official looking sign next to Jeph's giant name,and it says he's going 3:30 to like 4:30 or 5. But i get out there after the Robot Chicken Panel, and theres someone else where Loeb's name is, and a massive line of people waiting to see this guy. So i walk up and ask the guys Rep where Loeb's supposed to be, and he points me to the Big fancy section where Stan Lee was signing the day before. and in front of the empty table and empty line, there was a sharpie written sign that said "Loeb: 1-3). 
  and to make matters worse, when i went back up to the Trick 'R Treat showing, they where telling people it was full. This is 5 minutes after i left the 4th row center seat i had in there. 
I was pretty much ready to go after that. I headed over to the little wrestling corner to get my last fan boy fix of AL Snow and Scotty 2 Hotty...and i meet Brian Kendric. he's just chillin. and then i realize Scotty's nowhere around. And there are a bunch of people surrounding the stag ring constructed not 10 feet away....
 there is nothing more awesome to anyone then suddenly being thrust into a love you know you never really lost. Scotty 2 Hotty and Paul London wrestled phenomenally. and it was such an intimate setting. And AL Snow is 5 feet behind me just giving commentary thats making me want to piss my pants laughing. 
 ups and downs alla round, but i gotta tell you... im insanley happy with my first Comic Con, and i still have one more day. 
Long Beach Comic Con.

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