Just Saying: Sentry

....ok. so....when Superman is strong and fast and nearly invincible.... thats too much for people. But Sentry pops up with the same powers/levels of strength, and then gets the massive cheapness that is molecular control on his side... and everyone's cool with that?
i hate superman. I've always seen him as a bit of a cheap character. But i've also always seen that he's really not as All Powerful as people always make him out to be. Superman is just lucky, just like every other superhero out there. he's lucky people strog enough to hurt him don't know how to fight.he's lucky theres always someone around to take kryptonite bullets out of him. he's lucky the guys who can kill him no problem (magic users specifically) are someone elses problem.
 But i havent seen anywhere near enough people mad about the Senrty's recent new "discovery". People on this site have actually said they stopped reading DC becuase Superman was the end all be all answer to most problems. But strangely, no one has said anything about leaving Marvel becuase Sentry just became the strongest character since Franklin Richards.
Just sayin.


Coming soon: Old school Review #2.

 i'm well aware if the astounding amount of viewers i DONT have for OSR, and thats ok with me. I'm doing this more for me.  I've been trying to get my voices to sound good recorded, and i also have a huge problem with talking too fast, which is something else im working on. 
 but for anyone who does actually care, #2 is close. I've been holding off on filming it because:  
                  a) i've been critiquing myself like crazy, deciding what does and doesnt work with little toys and myself on camera 
                  b) i've been trying to work out other characters voices (2 will have at least one new toy in it). 
         and  c) i've been trying to get ahold of my girlfriends youtube camera, which she had let a multitude of her friends borrow, and has thus been next to impossible to track down. But we found it :) 
As stated in OSR#1, we'll be taking a look at Nova #1 in this next video. I may also get into the few issues of DarkHAwk i have, my chunk of comics form X-man, War Machine #3 ('94), Superboy (finally some DC titles) and Young Justice. 
if any of that tickles your fancy, stay tuned! and please feel free to criticize OSR#1. I already know the video quality sucks, but everything else is fair game.

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Just Saying: Necrosha

I'll just spit it out, Necrosha is a rip off of Blackest night.
 Downloading a program of sorts into the corpses of dead heroes to bring them back to life and have them attack other heroes? being controlled like drones to a sort of hive. there are even discussions about who should stay alive at the end.
Im sorry. I can easily believe that the massive story about the lanterns was not ripped off from Marvel Zombies, but even if it was, it was developed with a rich story and tons of faith from DC. But Necrosha is a full blown rip off of Blackest Night's story idea.
just noticed that whileveryone was soooo quick to point out Zombies, no ones said a damn thing about downloading programs into corpses of dead heroes to fight the living ones. 
just saying.


heres a wwhulk question...

where the hell where the Eternals when that went down? or half of the other uber-powered immortal people in the Marvel u? Hulk is broadcasting that hes gonna destroy or enslave the world, beating up random people he meets along the way, and half the worlds heroes just decide they want to stay out of it?
 In both WW3 and Final Crisis, when a uber hero went ape-crazy, hundreds of heroes and villains allike. But WWH has almost every hero and villain sitting it out?


Cannonball lead xmen of the 90's

remember that team? Cannonball, Marrow, Maggot, Kitty Pride, Wolverine and storm, i think. I cant even start to remember who else was in that team. ROuge i think.  Thunderbird.
idk. good times though....


Deadpool and he Mickey Gang (Hulk and WHO!?!?!?)

DP working alongside Goofy, Donald, and Mickey would be sweet.
also (and i dont know why i thought this, but i did) Hulk and Pinocchio!
...comon. the two of them questing the world together with Rick and Jimminey cricket? Hulk Magically transformed into a young boy? 'Nocchi given some strange magical Puppet powers? Searching for real boy-ness and a way back to the Marvel u? Hulk would drop that whale!


Tim Drake's Robin

as a tv show, you could start from him finding out who Batman is. andfrom there he could have random adventures out of costume using the skill batman taught him, then some sidekick action, and then some solo work. Move his confrontation with JAson Todd up a few years, give him all of his girlfriend's. Young Justice Special tv movie.  random work with Conner. Dick. Cassandra. have a crisis story where his father dies. Have that cross over into his being replaced by Stephanie. Death of Tim. Death of batman....
 seriously, with minor timeline changes Tim has a Smallville worth show. Tim has grown and evolved more than almost any other character in the dcu.
it would be allot tougher as a movie.wouldnt recommend it...


Kirkman's Invincible

Im a major DC comics fan, )emphasis on Tim Drake, Superboy, and Krypto), but Invincible has done no wrong since issue one. Kirkman is doing an incredible job, and i would read Invincible and invincible alone for as long as it channeled his awesomeness.
second would be teen Titans simply becuase half of its past and present roster makes up my favorite characters.

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