In these days after Sinestro Corps,Blackest Night, and Flash Rebirth, and anything Written by Geoff Johns is gold. No. Platinum. No. Unobtainium. just... easier to get... and without the mass slaughter of a civilization and their culture... Geoff Johns is really good.  As i look through his bio, i realize exactly how much of his work im drawn towards. The man has vision. the man has talent. The man is a legend in the making. And his recent promotion in to DC's Chief Creative Officer only further promote these truths. 
 But just like Bendis before him, and Stan Lee before him, i feel like sometimes people only love Jones' work because its his name on it.
 Case in point being the current Flash comic just starting up, with Brightest Day tie-ins. The comic was good, no doubt, and im eager for more... but i dont find it overly incredible. And while i respect other peoples preferences, i also feel like its being praised for things that where completely
overlooked or disliked in other Flash stories with Wally and Bart at the helm.

  But the real concern i have lies in Flashpoint, the upcoming story previewed in The Flash #1. I feel like we just did this, discovering that Barry was what he is to the speedforce in Flash:Rebirth. Do we really need another story about Discovering the speedforce secrets? And what are we looking at exactly? If its anything like Trinity (and it looks like it might have that feel) i dont really want it.
  Of course, all i know about Flashpoint is what was in that preview. Still, i just dont know if its going to be anything really special... other than the name Geoff Johns on its cover.

Yes and Noooo: Kick Ass

So i just got back from a 10pm showing of Kick Ass. Most of you know the comic. Mark Millar tells a fabulous tale about a young comic enthusiast who decides to become a masked crime fighter, and deals with the reality of said decision with a series of problems similar ti those of Peter Parker. Great comic. And Kick Ass is a great movie... but not at all for the same reasons.
   The first half of the film is true enough to the comics. As someone who read the whole story for the first time about a month ago,  i was still able to recognize exact lines taken from the book,  and remember what happens next. The guy who plays Dave comes across just as dorky as you would expect, and McLovin manages to come across even dorkier... but these are good things. This film also (at least for me) cements Chloe Moretz as the next Natalie Portman, who showed a similar level of maturity in around the same age in The Professional. And while a few liberties where made with story progression and such, it was all and all a very true to the source material....
 ...for the first half of the film.
 While im not gonna give away the movie, i will say that as things get more epic... they also completely veer of the comics course. 

 I saw the movie with my friends, who didn't read the comic, and they couldn't understand why i was so irritated. let me say again, The film is fantastic, but not as a adaptation of the comic. The comic was loved and hated for its own, spiderman-esq reasons, and this film really hits more like a action flick than a "life sucks" flick.  
 idk. maybe im the only one who thinks this, but i feel like they should have at least made it somewhat clear that this isnt the same story half of us already know and like. 
i was laughing hysterically throughout the whole thing, and i would definitely give suggest everyone go see it. Just... just know that your not seeing Kick Ass the comic movie. Your seeing Kick Ass: the film somewhat based off of Mark Millars comic book. It makes it much easier to enjoy when youe not sayong "wait.... wtf?" for 30 minutes.
 --Sevan Grim is a life long writer and argumentative Comicvine.com user. He has an ever growing collection of S Shield shirts, as well as belt buckles and a couple wallets. He likes mint Oreos, and while he cant fly, HE CAN KICK YOUR ASS... probably. Maybe.....

Lay Off It: Superman

 I hate him.  I really do. With all my might.
 Superman is the guy with Super speed,  the ability to see almost anything, and super hearing, who still manages to get shot by every standard bullet-speed kryptonie shard shot at him. The guy with the Super-computer brain who is constantly out-thought by simply smart men like batman and Lex Luthor. The guy who has been fighting crime for like 20 years (im assuming thats about how much time has passed in the DCU), but never bothered to learn any fighting techniques outside of a handful of rudimentary boxing and wrestling moves.
 Seriously. He's the most iconic of all the superheroes EVER, and really the most impressive things about him are A). when he puts on a suit and glasses the world doesnt recognize him, and B). when you take away all of his powers, he still manages to stay alive long enough for another hero to bail him out...and then become obsolete in his epic glory.
 I Hate Superman. In my opinion, the only things he's good for are his inspirational messages of hope, which inspire great heroes like Nightwing and Steel.But other than that, i feel like DC should drop all of his titles and make him a new god or something limiting like that.
 Seriously, the only thing i hate more than the blue and red douche bag are the real life comics fans who miss-label his exploits for the sake of their arguments.
Before we even get into the level of strength Superman himself possesses, lets look at the feat itself.
 If Superman did have the power,how could he do it without tearing the planet apart? If he got behind it and pushed, he would just drive himself right through the thing. If he got some sort of net it would dig mile deep chasms into the planets surface before he got any headway. If He hooked some sort chain to the surface, it would just pull chunks out of the planet.  
 Basically, there is no way Superman could move planet earth without destroying it and killing millions. (if anyone has a solution to that one, please, post it on bold).
 Now lets look at supermans power levels themselves. The term "relative force" mean anything to anybody?
 We have seen Superman exert himself to the fullest of his potential on planet earth before. Remember Doomsday? he and Superman fought with everything they had for hours, until they both passed out.  They hit each other with all they had. Doomsday, who was supposed to be matched with superman strength wise, was not pulling his punches.
 ...if Superman had the strength to move Earth... dont you think his punches would do damage than just destroying some office windows? If someone threw a punch relative to the power required to move our planet... no civilians within the area would survive. If someone with the ability to drag a palnet the size of earth stood on the ground and threw a punch , the ground beneath their feet would split for miles in every direction. That base that they had to use to gain the force, it would probably rip a canyon into the planet.
 i know some of this is jumbled. Its 5:30, i havent slept in almost 48 hours,and im not getting paid for this. But what im saying is: Use your common sense.
 SO what id you have a scan of Superman pulling a planet! You know as well as i do that there are many stories and pictures that never should have been made.  Peter Parker threw a truck up 5 floors to a roof once. That doesn't make it his new power set. 
 You stupid Fan boys need to stop acting like a single picture or two from a couple of poorly written stories trumps 30 years of comics. It doesnt. Superman is strong. Very strong. And very powerful. And he CAN destroy the world. But its by tearing it apart, not by hefting it onto his shoulder and throwing it into the sun. Thats just dumb.
 If your one of those people who downright doesnt care about continuity or power levels in comics, disregard this whole thing. If the only difference you see between Silver age Superman and Modern is the level of cheese, this wasnt meant for you. 
 the whole reason i wrote this was because of the guys and gals who constantly use superman moving a planet as a measuring tool to determine who he can beat in a fight. if thats not the type of thing you care about.. then im sorry. you just read an entire blog post about something that doesnt matter to you. Please dont corrupt the thread with "who cares, its just a comic" responses, because thats pretty much a like raising your hand in an art appreciation class when you dont give a squat about art.
  Post Crisis Superman has been gauged at being able to lift somewhere between 100 tons and 100  quintillion tons (the latter by All Star superman, who is supposed to be much stronger than standard superman).
 earth weighs around  5.972 sextillion  tons. Sextillion is the next set of large numbers after quintillion.  
 go ahead and write that on paper so you can grasp it. Quin is 18 zeroes after 1, and Sex is 21. figure that out, then come to realize how ridiculous superman moving Earth actually sounds.

  --Sevan Grim is a life long writer and argumentative Comicvine.com user. He has an ever growing collection of S Shield shirts, as well as belt buckles and a couple wallets. Grim owns a Stan Lee signed Ipod, which he won from comicvine.com and uses daily.  Hallaballoo!


Southwest Boots Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith. For those of you who dont know who he is, Kevin is an amazing actor, writer,producer,  and director. You saw his masterwork in films like Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob, and Clerks bot on and behind the camera. He also has strong roots in the comic community.
 And last weekend, he was booted from a Southwest airlines flight for being a threat to "Customer comfort and Safety", a rather sideways way of saying he was too fat to sit in one seat.
  The full story is that Kevin, who usually buys two seats for his own comfort, was a standby passenger waiting for an open seat on a flight. He got one, but was asked to leave before the flight departed becuase the flight attendants felt he was too big for a single seat. 
    ...First of all, i have seen Kevin in many an interview and film. While he is a bit on the bigger side, he can sit in a normal chair. No one has ever had to bring him a wide seat, or really make any changes so he could sit down. He wears sizes one can find in normal stores. Kievin Smith is large, but not overly so. He can fit in a single seat.
     Secondly, i am overly sick of the airlines and their stupid rules. the "fat rule" airlines have adopted is just another form of segregation. Before the rule, it was just dealt with. It was a standard part of using social transportation. Unless you wanted to shell out the extra bucks for first class, you had to look forward to rubbing elbows with the rest of America.  We dont kick fat people off of buses or boats unless there is a true safety risk, so why do airplanes get the special privilege?
 Smith immediately began twittering his anger, and Southwest Airlines reimbursed him some money and got him on another flight. Smith, ever the cool guy, remained calm and relatively polite about the whole thing, as a Southwest Airlines Blogger reported. I cant find the twitter, but apparently Smith did spend a bit of time trying to get a proper apology, but all he got was half of one, the airline blaming the whole thing on Policy, and he eventually just dropped it.
  I feel a mixture of anger and disgust towards Southwest. The facts are kicking someone off a plane because of their weight is highly insulting and embarrassing, and should be reserved for ACTUAL  issues, not ust becuase some fight attendant isnt comfortable around anyone with more than six percent body fat.

Live Action:Wonder Woman - Actresses

 One of the few things that has always irritated me about DC comics is their constant abuse of epic characters. Sure, Superman and Batman are always treated like gold, but characters like Aquaman and Wonder Wonder woman, and the Flash (some of the oldest and most beloved characters in the DCU) are always expendable pieces of the story. Or unnecessary additions to events. Or the biggest characters passed up for movies. 
 While studios have put many comics films into active development, we as fans know how little a commitment that really implies. Joss Whedon, who was signed to script a WW story a few years back, was very vocal about the lack of faith Studios had in a WW movie. And it seems for the most part, the project died with his departure. 
 Still, it is our job as fans of the medium to keep these things alive. So here we take a look at some of the bits necessary for a Wonder Woman live action film.


 the easiest bit to talk about and debate, whoever dons the silver bracelets and tiara must have the screen presence to play the most iconic woman in comics. While it can always be argued what exactly is the most important part of a film, the facts are good casting equals steps in the right directon. here, in no particular order are some of the more popular candidates:
Megan Fox
She's good looking enough, the acting is getting better all  the time, and she seems to have recently begun to care about what the average person thinks of her. These are all good signs. Though i hardly share the idea of Megan Fox being the next big sex symbol that most males seem to believe in, she is in fact attractive. Shes also young, which should make the combat training and stunts much easier for her.
  However, there are two concerns that arise when i think of megan as WW. First of all, she still looks and sounds like a 20 year old. I havent seen any evidence that she has the voice acting talents to make herself sound older and stronger. No one will complain if WW looks like a 20 something hotty, but if she sounds anything like she normally does, i would be hard pressed to imagine her capable of leading an army of amazons, or being an icon amongst super heroes. 
  the other concern is that it seems Megan's most attractive when shes trying to be some image of female sexuality. Though this is once again a minor issue that could, if approached correctly, be overlooked, but i still dont quite like the idea of Wonder Woman being someone who is actively trying to be hot. And i feel like every movement Megan makes is in an attempt to be even hotter than she was a second ago.
 Still, with Hollywood's disgusting compulsion to cast a hot young person rather than the one best  suited for the role, Megan may well be the best we can hope for.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Lucy Lawless

    ...Does Lawless even age? I mean, she has begun to play older roles in these past few years, but i feel like that's more becuase of how old we perceive her than how old she actually looks. 
 Lucy played a role nearly parallel to that of Wonder Woman in the hit show Xena:Warrior Princess, a spin-off from the Hercules show staring Kevin Sorbo.
 Lawless has already done this, and she did it well. On top of that, she is still epically attractive (anyone watching  Spartacus? Wowzers!), and very much a strong woman. She has the acting range to play any emotion WW might experience, and she can do blood thirsty just as well as she can do compassionate.
 The cons here are that even though she doesnt look much older, Lucy is. though shes still in great shape, some stunts may prove difficult. Also, i cant imagine her looking very attractive in the red, white, blue, and gold outfit WW is known for and i believe i would like to see in the movies. The battle armor would look both sexy and threatening on her, but the spandex and granny panties may not. 
  Doesn't really matter though. As i said before, Hollywood likes the popular young kids, and Lawless is currently outside of that window...
 Missy Peregrym

I personally believe Missy is one of the hottest and most talented actresses out there. You saw her in Stick It! with a crazy sexy six pack, getting knocked around like real gymnists do. 
 the reason i feel Missy stands out among the hot young girls of Hollywood is that she looks like a Woman. Where all of the other 20-somethings look 16, Missy has the look of someone who's grown up. 
 Her previous work in Heroes, Smallville, and Catwoman (which we wont hold against her) tell us
that she has a respect for the style that others (Megan Fox being the only one i can think of at the moment) cant seem to grasp. This suggests that if she got the role, Missy would be one of those actresses who researches her character deeply, knowing her as well as, if not better than, the director of the film.
 ... i fear i may be giving into a biased opinion here, becuase i see absolutely no problem with Missy being WW.  But here's a fan made picture i found of her as Artemis!
Angelina Jolie
  another epic beauty who seems to defy time. We all know Angie's movie history and capabilities, so i wont bother hitting on them again. I'll just add that She is obviously what Megan Fox is triving to be. 
 Angelina easily could do the role with full support from... well pretty much everyone. She IS the look, and she has already proven time and time again how dedicated she is to her roles.
 ...but last i heard she was done with action movies. Still, if she happened to go back on her "Action retirement" for WW, i dont think too many people would call her on it. 

                                                                                                                                            jessica biel                


  I feel like im getting repetitive with the Strong and somewhat aged talk, but this is what we should be looking for in out Wonder Woman candidates. 
 Beil pretty much left 7th Heaven a grown woman. She has done very few teenaged roles since then, and has shown that she can be very athletic and tough.
 She doesnt look the part as much as some of the others, but acting wise she is just as capable.
Evangeline Lilly
   Last, and possibly coming out of left field is the hottness of Lost. Evangeline has the look of a goddess, and has shown us in lost that she can tumble when she needs to.  Lost has also proven to us that she doesnt get drowned out or forgotten it the presence of two leading men.
 Once again, here is a lady who has the physical attributes of an athlete, and the face of a grown woman. This is really all we can hope for in our Amazons.
 also, shes freakin hot! and smearing dirt on her cheeks only increases the effect.
while im sure im missing some others (such as the chick they actually cast as WW before postponing the movie), these are the ladies that stood out for me. check back for the Live Action:Wonder Woman- Story segment, to be added sometime after i manage to get more than 2 hours of sleep. 
  --Sevan Grim is a life long writer and argumentative Comicvine.com user. He has an ever growing collection of S Shield shirts, as well as belt buckles and a couple wallets. Seven is contemplating declaring war against Tom Pinchuk for raising the bar on user-written featured comicvine stories. 
 Grim owns a Stan Lee signed Ipod, which he won from comicvine.com and uses daily. Boogers.

DC Makes "Milestone Forever" Bloopers.

 If any of you old school Milestone readers felt the Milestone forever title was a little off, rest easy knowing that the blame may rest on DC's shoulders.
  Dwayne posted on his Blogsite that DC dropped a handful of the captions somewhere between Dwayne's hands and the printer.  There are only a few of them, and most of them dont really effect the story.
 But i do feel like i would have enjoyed Dharma's mono log in the beginning a little bit more if this one had made it:

“Sometimes I have a dream. I am in the cave in Plato’s Republic sitting on the cold ground, my hands and feet bound in iron chains. Through an opening at the end of the cave, I see a turnstile and a neon sign. It flashes ‘World’s Oldest Operating Metaphor’. This does not, however, appear to be a very popular attraction anymore.”

-Jeremy Levin

 ROFL  anyone? 
 McDuffie seems to suggest that some of these captions where  originally placed for contextual purposes, meaning some of the work on the pages missing citations  may have missed the mark the writer intended to hit.
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WTF?: Sentry is.... who?

...i dont know what just happened. I was  skimming the newest Dark Avengers (in store) and i suddenly read something i dont think i wanted to read.

....wtf? Is this really where Sentry's crazy-massive power has been coming from? is this really where all this has been leading? There has been a bit of talk about the "other guy" having some sort of story in 2010, but is this really it?
 Idk. Part of me is hoping Marvel is pulling our chains, and another part of me will be even more pissed off if they are.

Milestone Comics Gets Their Due!

Milestone comics. 
16 years ago, Milestone hit the shelves with 14 creater owned titles with the intent of putting more minority characters in comics.
 Milestone had several fantastic characters and stories, but a lack promotion for the new line of comics and close mindedness of many distributors and comics media sources, the company experienced a slowdown in 95' and an eventual shut down of its comics division in 97', with many stories still incomplete.

For years, the company focused almost entirely on Static Shock, the Milestone comic turned award winning children s cartoon that ran for four seasons (52 episodes. 52!) before being canceled (though it recently began airing on other cartoon channels). Static got a brief revamp, but it fell apart for the same reasons as the company it spawned from.
  In 2008, DC comics revived the characters by folding them into DCU continuity. The action warranted a cross over event, and Static was made a member of the Teen Titans.
 Now, coming in early February, Milestone finally gets to finish what it started.
 Dwayne McDuffie, the original editor-in-chief of Milestone comics, is pulling together the origional creators of Milestones launch titles for one more run in  MILESTONE FOREVER. MF (teehee, i love abbreviations) is, quite honestly, Milestones final show. A chance to finish all that was unfinished. To dot the I's and Cross the T's of the Milestone "Dakotaverse".
 I for one am very excited about this. I can actually remember reading issues of Hardware and Static. I remember how hyped i was to have Steel, Superboy, and Superman in the same comic as Hardware, Static and Icon., during the first DC/Milestone crossover.
 I never got to read the end of any of the series. One day, i just couldn't find anymore Milestone comics, and i didnt know the fate of thecompany until a few years ago. 
 Is anyone else excited about this upcoming Finale? Did any of you even know about Milestone heroes back in the 90's?
  MILESTONE FOREVER is set to hit shelves February 3rd.

Insight: Small Comics shops


What are your opinions of/ experiences with smaller comic shops? Do you prefer smaller or larger shops?  
thanks for watching. any criticism is appreciated. And if you can think of any good, cheap video editing software, let me know. the downside to this newer camera is that it doesnt pause, which kinda hinders the magic of the OSR.