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@karetaker said:

the youtube comments for that video are hilarious

They are :) It appears mermaids are the new bigfoot. I saw the doc - entertaining. It's just sad though how easily people are duped. Explains a lot about why we're still wasting energy defending basic science like evolution, the age of the earth, global warming... Wired: Mermaids Embody the Rotting Carcass of Science TV

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Issue 2 of Satanic Hell is out now, for 99¢. Issue 1 is free! You can find them on Apple devices, Kindle Fire, PDF, CBZ, or Graphicly through In issue 2, Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus play their first show and venture deeper into the heart of dystopian Texas. Please check it out and spread the word! No kickstarter asks here, just a solid story with killer art ready to be read :)

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Reviews of Satanic Hell #1 have been great. There's been 10 reviews and all of them positive. Comics Forge called it "Seriously awesome" and ComicBooked says "it never gets boring" and the art "has a unique style and the outdoor sequences in the hot desert sun are incredible". Issue #1 is available digitally on multiple platforms for $0.99.

Here's an image from issue #2, coming in early August:

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Satanic Hell #1 is live! You can find it on Graphicly, DriveThruComics, Kindle, and Apple iBookstore. (Nook, Google Books, and Kobo are coming soon). The first issue of the seven issue saga is $0.99 and is available from anywhere in the world. Initial reviews are positive and can be seen on the site. Would love to hear what people think!

What happens when a metal band drives into Texas for a tour and finds out the state is run by a council of religious fanatics? See the preview on

Here's the first page:

Find Satanic Hell on Satanic Hell on Facebook

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I'm another fan of digital comics and media. Its awesome to be able to have 1,000 things to read in the palm of your hand and not have to store and move tons of books, cds, and comic books. It also makes entry into comic book production a lot easier for independents. Having said that, physical comic books will probably last some time - they'll be like records- always going to be a market for them, even if its smaller.

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Glad you both enjoy. Here's the latest cover art and news -

I'm happy to say that Satanic Hell #1 is coming June 23! You can get the comic through SatanicHell.comIt will be available for $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Android, Graphicly and DriveThruComics. The seven-issue satirical story follows the journey of the metal band Satanic Hell, who get trapped in Texas, now a religious dystopia. (cover art: Newel Anderson/Kevin Enhart/Jimmy Kerast)

follow Satanic Hell on facebook

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thanks! :)

Satanic Hell #1 will debut at the Paris Comic Con July 5-8. A limited edition b&w preview will be available in the artists' alley at Kevin Enhart's booth, along with prints. (cover art Newel Anderson, colors Jimmy Kerast)

check out more art & follow at: Satanic Hell

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It's amazing, isn't it? Thanks for letting me know about your post. I missed it!

Yeah, I was wondering if "written by a five year old" was code for "written in a vat of LSD" :)

But here's an example of the writing process:

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I saw some of the original, but loved the Kai. I can't imagine watching longer battle scenes, especially the Frieza one. Wikipedia entry says episode 98 was stalled because of the tsunami and will be released in North America June 5.

Episode 98: "Bring Peace to the Future! Goku's Spirit is Eternal" / "Peace For the Future! The Spirit of Goku is Forever!"

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Death Priest, Exodus, and Dante venture further into Texas. pencils/inks by Kevin Enhart, preacher by Newel Anderson.

Become a fan at: Satanic Hell

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