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Satanic Hell #1 is out! You can see a preview of it and pick it up here on Comixology. When Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus get a call about a tour of Texas, they see it as the last chance to save their struggling metal band, Satanic Hell. Once in Texas, they discover the state is under the rule of religious fanatics and they must face their own version of hell if they want to succeed. If you liked Punk Rock Jesus, you'll love this seven-issue satirical epic from Alterna Comics. Support indie comics and let me know what your thoughts are!

Here's some of the art of Satanic Hell.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks @korghano. That's really informative. Its hard to stand out but you've done a great job of it. Keep us updated.

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@wolverine08@rd189 Thanks! @SuperStar_sketcher Great to hear. I love indies too and I'm always finding new amazing series. I'm currently reading Skull Kickers, a well-written monster-killing fantasy with incredible art. Its been around for awhile, but I just stumbled onto it and am thoroughly addicted.

@battle_forum_junkie The colors in the series have been receiving great reactions. Jimmy Kerast's colors bring a unique, eerie style that amplifies the story. He's an outstanding artist - you can check out his work at Kerast.

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Thanks @bumpyboo! If you're into music and dystopias, then you'll enjoy it :)

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Here's a preview of the cover of Satanic Hell, a series we've been working on for a couple years and its finally complete. The team includes illustrator Kevin Enhart (215 Ink, Hound Comics), colorist Jimmy Kerast (Markosia, Akileos), letterer E.T. Dollman (Image, Arcana, Ape), and myself as the writer. Initially we self-published a few issues. It did well and we decided to release it through an established indie, so we redid the letters, gave it some new edits and a new cover. Self-publishing is a great way to go for indie-creators. In our case, we felt the access to readers that an established indie brings was worth it.

So what's the story about? Satanic Hell is a seven-issue satircal epic about a metal band that gets trapped in a dystopian Texas run by a fanatical religious council. The monthly series will be released Nov 19 on the indie publisher Alterna Comics through Comixology. What do you think? If this looks cool to you, we would appreciate any support in spreading the word! Let me know if you have any questions about making comics as well.

Follow us Facebook and @SatanicHell

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Just checked it out and it is fantastic.Congrats on completing such a masterpiece! I know making comics is like climbing a mountain with giants throwing boulders at you with each step. Besides having a top-notch comic, what were the key things you did that made your kickstarter become so successful? And how did you get CBR and Bleeding Cool to pay attention to you? Did they pick up on it after it got some publicity?

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@karetaker said:

the youtube comments for that video are hilarious

They are :) It appears mermaids are the new bigfoot. I saw the doc - entertaining. It's just sad though how easily people are duped. Explains a lot about why we're still wasting energy defending basic science like evolution, the age of the earth, global warming... Wired: Mermaids Embody the Rotting Carcass of Science TV

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Issue 2 of Satanic Hell is out now, for 99¢. Issue 1 is free! You can find them on Apple devices, Kindle Fire, PDF, CBZ, or Graphicly through In issue 2, Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus play their first show and venture deeper into the heart of dystopian Texas. Please check it out and spread the word! No kickstarter asks here, just a solid story with killer art ready to be read :)

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Reviews of Satanic Hell #1 have been great. There's been 10 reviews and all of them positive. Comics Forge called it "Seriously awesome" and ComicBooked says "it never gets boring" and the art "has a unique style and the outdoor sequences in the hot desert sun are incredible". Issue #1 is available digitally on multiple platforms for $0.99.

Here's an image from issue #2, coming in early August:

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Satanic Hell #1 is live! You can find it on Graphicly, DriveThruComics, Kindle, and Apple iBookstore. (Nook, Google Books, and Kobo are coming soon). The first issue of the seven issue saga is $0.99 and is available from anywhere in the world. Initial reviews are positive and can be seen on the site. Would love to hear what people think!

What happens when a metal band drives into Texas for a tour and finds out the state is run by a council of religious fanatics? See the preview on

Here's the first page:

Find Satanic Hell on SatanicHell.comSatanic Hell on Facebook