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I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt like the show completely used Constantine Drakon as a throw away character. Merlyn & Constantine were the only villains of note that most fans would recognize in Ollie’s Rogue Gallery. I was disheartened to see him mentioned as the new head of security and then never brought up again. I had also hoped that Merlyn (Malcolm though originally I figured Tommy would become a villain a la the romantic love triangle with Laurel) would have a larger role than he has had in the series.

I’m willing to give them a pass on Ras this season. If they continue to be Batman centric for the next couple of seasons I would find that troubling. My willingness to give them a pass on Ras I feel as if they are setting Ollie as the big bad for this season and that in the end Roy, Dig, and Felicity are going to have to show/convince Ollie that he has failed his city by literally making a deal with the devil.

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I hated that ending of Justice League #30. can't trust him... maybe Luthor gets lobotomize in the new 52 rather than dr. light

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He definitely deserves an ongoing monthly. I loved Kyle Higgins take on the character, I thought him back to his roots as the hardcore, badass merc. The minute Liefeld took over the book just nosedived! I’d love for Higgins to take the book back over, find a writer that likes the character and turn him/her loose. Look at what Brubaker & Fraction did with Iron Fist, you could tell they genuinely liked/loved the character and it showed in the stories

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@loki2u My thoughts exactly!! I hate how often the big 2 change creative teams on titles.

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@Squalleon The gun is so out of character, even with him being a cop in Bludhaven the gun aspect just seems wrong and the super spy thing COMPLETELY came out of nowhere. I can see how you feel he fulfilled his role being Batman. But personally I feel Dick assumed the mantle of Batman out of obligation for what Bruce did for him, so he assumed the father figure for Damian. My take has always been Dick viewed himself as place holder until Damian became 18 or 21 & he could assume the mantle of Batman, get the keys to Wayne Industries & stately Wayne manor. So Dick reverting to Nightwing after Bruce’s return only seemed natural to me.

@GraniteSoldier I’ll give it chance, I love the character too much to not give it a chance. And I do like that they have a former spy/ operator giving input to the book. Seems more a black widow vibe, than Winter soldier. Red Hood seems t tap more into the Winter soldier vibe

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Cap probably has some of the best villains, I voted for Red Skull.. but for me it's a tie between Red Skull & Baron Zemo,with Batroc the leaper coming in 2nd

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I could see him as Crusher Creel, definitely not the Vision!!

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Hey Matt, first off a great article! I work in a LCS, and even for people who work at a LCS its struggle to strike that balance between what you want and what you can afford. It’s always an ongoing struggle to figure out what you absolutely need and what you’d like to buy. My pull list is right around 15 monthly books & a couple of Minis

@bunkerbuster05 I wish I had more subscribers in my store like you. So many subscribers just dump titles back on the shelf and don’t say “hey this book just isn’t doing it for me anymore” let’s face it there are tons of reasons to fall out of love with a book, open communication is always a huge plus in any relationship, talk to the people at the LCS, knowing what regulars/subscribers want helps us to order books. My biggest priority is making sure my regulars are happy.

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while it might seems a bit redundant, it seems like with a lot of the villains they are picking are arch nemesis to the heroes, Batman and joker, Superman and Luthor, Hal and Sinestro, good, bad or indifferent Black Adam is the probably the closest thing Shazam has to an arch nemesis. I can’t see them putting Dr. Sivana in a fighting game, though it would be funny and a great change of pace. Wildcat would be awesome, as would Karate Kid or Timber Wolf the few pure fighter characters in the DCU. Wildcat should be there, seeing how.. well in the old continuity he

trained a lot of the heroes in the DCU in hand to hand combat.

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Young Justice

■Why did you love the show?

While it wasn’t the continuity I grew up with, they did an amazing job updating characters but keeping the original feel of the characters. They didn’t dumb anything down, it wasn’t cartoony. It was a really solid animated

series that had heart. They even had a nod to super friends with Tye Longshadow and his orange headband a la Apache Chief, as silly as it might seem it was a wink and nod to DC’s history. I doubt the show will go anywhere else, DC and CN are but parts of the Time/Warner family. Just have to hope they realize they made a mistake and bring it back

■What was your favorite episode? I can’t really say I loved them all

■Who was your favorite character? Robin/Nightwing

■What was your favorite scene?

Green Arrow: [about Artemis] Um, she's my new protége.

Kid Flash: Wha-what happened to your old one?

Computer: Recognize. Speedy. B-06.

Red Arrow: Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any

more. Call me Red Arrow.

Green Arrow: Roy -

you look...

Red Arrow: Replaceable.

§ What was your favorite line?

Robin: Why is no one ever whelmed?