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@mercy_ said:

I was......kind of super not into this issue at all. I felt that some of the writing was weak and the overall Jean Grey revenge thing was thanks. I'm so over that particular story thread being repeated ad nauseum in the X-Men universe. Time to move on to something new.

There were things about it that I did really like and generally I'm a fan of alternate timeline stories and 'how things could be' stories if only for fresh takes. But the entire basis of this story was....not a fresh take, and that really hindered my possible enjoyment of it.

almost too tied to the current continuity

This is a gripe I have with basically every future-timeline story. Standing on their own merits of was this an entertaining/good read is fine. But I always feel like people shouldn't give them that much weight or importance as a solid 'this is how things will end up' book. They're really alternate future stories (and I mean technically, this was, regardless). It was like X-Men: The End. I love love loved those stories. But they were so tied in with things that were going on specifically during that time period of the X-Men books that there was no way it was going to be long-term believable as a future that could actually come about. Especially when you look back at it now.

Mostly these are my thoughts. I do have one more though; instead of placing great talent on things which have already been done - why not roll the investment dice a little and offer a prestige one shot (or 3 issue mini all on premium material) that truly stretches the boundaries?

I am all for the bottom line and keeping your consumer base happy with their tried and true preferences; it keeps the publishers in business and allows me to keep reading. What I don't understand is, if this is a limited print & non-cannon story - why not truly try something new? Even at the cost of a possible loss up front - if it generates critical acclaim and fan interest - that can pay a lot of other costs forward.

Maybe I'm getting old - but truly I just will not spend my hard earned money on these tropes. Either do one of two things: give me great creators on established (read: not reissued/volumed every 2 years) titles or give me high quality 'else-world/what-if' stories that truly push the boundaries of cannon.

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@frozenedge said:

Madureira's art is awesome. He needs to be put on more titles

Then more titles would be extremely late.

What Bats said, unfortunately. Love the man's work, but he signs on to a book - does 3 or 4 issues - and then leaves. This is to say nothing of the delays in the title. It's truly a shame because there's no describing my love for the work.

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I can only hope Hulk gets another shot. Separately - was the Doc Strange movie not already cast? Perhaps I was dreaming.

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@k4tzm4n: You're correct; in a straight 'one-round winner take-all and to hell with crazy Canadian regeneration' I would say Slade takes it. Just wanted to make sure - thank you sir!

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@k4tzm4n: By chance, did you happen to read my original post when you published the thread sir?

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no Rob Liefeld

I laughed loudly when I saw this - let alone that it was the first comment.

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I voted for Wade. Trying to use conventional martial arguments just doesn't work against Wade - at least with me. Someone with very little cohesive reasoning but infinite regenerative capability and extreme tactical prowess is a tough draw for anyone - even Slade.

I am not saying that this wouldn't be a pitched least the first half dozen encounters whereupon Slade dismembers Wade limb from limb only to be startled out of his boxers watching the late show to realize Wade has once again found him to continue their ill-fated accompli.

However, like any good Bill Murray - after waking up to Sonny & Cher so many begin to look for any way out. Because rest assured, short of blasting Wade's parts to the four corners of the Collector 's universe......Wade would comically find his way back to another round.

So here's to you, Wade - you silly sod.

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@_linea_11: then don't buy it.

This is a great response to anyone whom may have a problem with the over-production. Really, it's a matter of voting with your wallet. Marvel wouldn't produce titles with consistency if they didn't meet the bottom line.

Separately, I haven't read a Deadpool title since the second series was cancelled in 2012. That said, with Peter David writing it (if you need proof of his comedic prowess, go back and read his Captain Marvel run) and it being set against Sun Tzu's treatises - it at least sounds original and fun.

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Hopefully this gif will assist in any lingering doubt.