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@catofellow said:

Correct, Thor.

Hulk and Thor are in different league then all other characters. Thor was portrayed as roughly equal in strength to Hulk, maybe a little weaker, but he as much more versatile. Iron Man is distant third, but well ahead of street levelers Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow. who are irrelevant.

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@Joygirl except for the fact that he wasn't even hurt... Even when iron man was at 400%

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this is one of the worst spite threads i've seen in a while...

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@SirMethos said:

@vincenoire: How, exactly, are any of the Jedi/Sith, going to do anything to stop Flash, when he is fast enough to knock them unconscious before they have a chance to do anything, let alone use their powers?

There is absolutely nothing that indicates, that the Jedi/Sith have reflexes even remotely fast enough for that.

Though if you have some obscure case that directly shows a Jedi/Sith with at least Nanosecond reflexes, then I'd be willing to concede on that one.

That said, nothing from the Jedi/Sith(even in EU), has been shown that puts them even close to being equal to Q, let alone someone like Dr. Fate, the Phantom Stranger, or Captain Atom.

jedi know what the flash is gonna do before the flash even knows himself...

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@PunkMastaFlex said:


I have the trilogy and I know how good of an archer he is within the books from what I've read and heard.

@PunkMastaFlex said:


he is not the brightest spark so wouldn't realise he is fodder

After possessing knowledge about Ezio's weapons, he isn't going to be standing guard to be shot, no matter how supposedly dumb he is.

btw dwarves aren't gonna be going down after just one shot

I don't see how and why Gimli wouldn't go down in one shot to the head.

Aragon would defeat ezio in H2h

I haven't read the book so I'm ignorant to how dexterous Aragorn is in the art of battle. From the movie feats I've seen of Aragorn (Supposedly insinuations by professionals of the depiction on how Aragorn would battle), they don't compare to how skilled Ezio was in the Revelation's trailer. Ezio's durability within Revelations was also ridiculous as he easily landed five stories onto wood without injury and survived falling off a side of a mountain with moderate damage. Ezio's strength in the game also enabled him to kill a soldier bigger than him by lifting him up off his feet with the blade of his sword when it's impaled into the victims' head high into the air. From this, I'd say Ezio is physically stronger, more durable, and more agile than Aragorn in comparison to the movie incarnation. Do you have any feats of Aragorn that succeeds Ezios insinuating physical attributes?

contradicting yourself a little aren't you? anyways, I've read the books through 6 times as well as played AC2 and i can say that both their skill is comparable. Aragorn has about 40 years more experience on ezio but ezio seems to be quicker. throw in legolas and gimli and it's not even close. legolas could solo because his senses are insanely high such as being able to see an eagle flying miles high in the sky, even being able to sense when the orcs were following them along the river. there is no way ezio is getting a sneak attack off.

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Legolas solos big time.

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@Almighty_Darkseid CitizenBane has a great thread on the actual outcomes of thor v hulk. Hulk actually doesn't beat Thor. The only time he does is either in dreams or non-canon comics.

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Blind fold legolas and it might help this not be so lopsided. MIGHT being the key word.

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@majestic99 you gotta stop making Thor spite threads. You keep giving Thor the Odin force and insane reaction time in fights that would be close if it was just normal Thor...

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This is so gay...! Obviously. Lol