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@night4345: Doom or not, Wanda was manipulated not only by her own father but Pietro as well. THEY are the ones who nudged her to alter reality and Magneto murdering her brother in that reality is what caused her to lash out. They are to blame not her. Wanda was the gun but they loaded the bullets and pulled the trigger. Magneto always has a way of destroying things/people and coming out hands clean and M-Day was definitely one of those instances.

She wasn't anymore fully responsible than Jean Grey was for the Dark Phoenix incident (funny how people seem to forgive and forget the beloved Emma Frost's role in that huh).

Wanda never pretended to be anything so it doesn't really mirror anything and what is she supposed to do whine about the lives she ruined? Please. You don't see Wolverine doing that and hell, Jean didn't even do that and she killed an entire galaxy's worth of people (duplicate or not - had her memories, soul, and since she's is in fact a part of the Phoenix, it was still her) and why in the world should Wanda.

I guess we just differ in how someone should go about redemption. Say your sorry and move on to actions I say.

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@ultimatekey: I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees nothing wrong with her relationship with Pietro. They're close because they have that twin bond and it's great.

I never cared for the Ultimate universe anyway but the warped version the twins' only sealed it.

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@night4345: Well she's not an X-Men and at least she wasn't in her right mind and was essentially manipulated into doing what she did. There are plenty of characters (and X-Men for that matter) who have lots of wrong deeds to answer for. Deeds that they did willingly and gleefully.

Didn't really seem like the X-Men ever did much for her anyway. That doesn't excuse her actions but mutants and the X-Men are NOT her family. She needs to do right by the Avengers before all else and simply try to be the hero she was before all the craziness.

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I have always loved Wanda and at least she attempted apologies for M-Day...I wouldn't keep saying sorry when I'm gonna be hated anyway.

Forgive me or hate me but deal with it and move on.

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I'm LOVING it!!! I like Roy and his character is definitely pretty cool on Arrow.

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Honestly, all signs point to Diana winning. Only Thor would post a threat but I kinda feel like Thor is a bit of the "Diana" of the Marvel Universe anyway. It could go either way but I don't feel he's as skilled as she is and god help him if he drops his hammer and she picks it up (I'd say shes most likely worthy).

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I like everything except the tears and the skirt. I'd like it better if it was a one piece.

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@jonny_anonymous: Well I don't think Thor is an actual god either. Just an extremely power being worshipped as a god. Considering I find Storm much more likeable, I understand why her people would think of her a goddess.

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I always loved Mysterio. He was always so strange and interesting. I also like Carnage, Shocker, Kaine, and Calypso.

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Looks cool but unfortunately I wont be purchasing s**t DC does until my Donna Troy is back...