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@syncig: I understand where your coming from however I don't really think character motivations have been all over the place. The storylines have been all over the place but for the most part, have pretty much had the same basic idea; to keep the city safe, avenge Sara, protect Thea, and deal with the changes in their lives. Change seems to be the overall theme (and essentially the villain) this season. Also, I may be in the minority but I actually find Ra's to be a tad bit underwhelming.

Roy and Laurel did just fine in Ollie's absence and really supported eachother. It's not fair to keep blaming Laurel for failed missions when Roy was equally as bad. In fact, it could be argued that she even saved his ass from being shot down while he was playing bootleg Robin in the roof. And Ollie constantly telling her she needs training when he isn't doing anything about it makes him look stupid to me. I wanted her to say "Who's fault is that" so bad to him when he told her that. Ollie needs to be helping and supporting her better than he's been. Now that she has Nyssa, he'll be wishing he had put his two cents in since I'm betting she'll surpass him quickly.

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Awesome looks for both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I'm still more excited for Wanda (one of my favorite characters) than Pietro but it's good seeing the twins finally getting their due.

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I don't hate it but i dont love it either. It just feels like its missing something but i dunno what.

Its trivial stuff but I dont like the boots and her hair could be lightened a few shades too.

All in all, a good Supergirl costume though.

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I'm still not loving Gotham. It's a bit on the boring side and just feels like an all buildup and no payoff show. Why present so many future villains if we will never see them become who they're destined to be.

This show would've felt more relevant if it focused on mostly extremely obscure characters and original characters with the occasional appearance from a well know future villain character.

Standing against other comic shows like Arrow, Flash, Walking Dead, Agent Carter, and even Constantine and Agents of SHIELD, this show comes off as bland.

It's throwing in too many "just because" well known comic characters to be effective as a police drama and most of the cast aren't interesting enough for it to be an effective comic show. It just feels stuck in the middle.

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Just watched and AWESOME!!! The twist ending left my jaw on the floor as I didn't at all see it coming. It all left me wondering, "If Rocky is here, where are Adam and Aisha (and even Catherine for that matter)"??

I do have to call a bit of BS on Joseph Kahn's comments about the series. If you don't find it interesting, then why waste the money you did on known actors as the leads, great cinematography, and pretty good sfx?? It just felt like an odd comment to make even if it was just a parody of the dark superhero remakes.

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Awesome episode and review. I completely agree about Thea and Laurel. This has really been their season and the writers are doing a great job at redeeming these characters.

I really enjoyed the Lance scenes too. I actually thought the fallout was gonna be worse than what it was. I could understand both sides; Laurel's fear of telling her father about Sara's death and Quentin's hurt/anger at being left in the dark for as long as he was. Both know their relationship will never be the same but it's like that with our families sometimes.

Laurel didn't put any blame on anyone else and took everything her father said in stride. Another good moment for her and despite all her haters, I think Sara would be proud of who she's becoming so I keep that in my mind too. Bonus points for her actually being christened "Black Canary" too btw.

Thea, despite how she might feel has grown to be such a strong young woman too. She has been doing such an awesome job of keeping her head in these trying times and I'm proud of her.

Laurel and Thea are becoming quite the bad bitches haha!!

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The suit is definitely my least favorite out of the costumes on Arrow/Flash thus far but I don't hate it either.

It just looks very painful to wear. I'm bummed at the notion of him NOT shrinking too.

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A really solid episode and Laurel was pretty cool as Black Canary. She was a mess but she still had her moments and MAN she can take a beating. That alone is testament to how tough the girl really is. I couldn't help but root for her.

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I am loving the new look for her and hoping she has some great storylines coming up

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Exciting trailer. I'm liking Laurel's progress and it's good to see her combat growth in actual real time instead of flashbacks. She needs to get together with Nyssa and get some of that assassin training. Good to see China White back too.

Also, WTH happened to Sin?