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Parker's explanation in the Annual made little sense. Banner has accepted Hulk before, but that's no true reason for his regression. First Waid said it was the Chronarchists who were tampering with time that was causing Hulk to fluctuate, then in the Annual Parker claimed that it was because Banner accepted Hulk. Not very strong explanations. Not at all.

Banner accepted Hulk in Mantlo's run, thus gaining an intelligent Hulk, so why not in Waid's Indestructible? Hulk and Banner worked together in Pak's tenure, though reluctantly and the same could be said of PAD's run in numerous cases. When it all comes down to it, dude, this is simply Marvel & Waid regressing a character to fit their narrow-minded, self serving views on how a character should act and be. It's like Bendis whom you claimed that Hulk would always revert to Savage Hulk IQ levels, which is a load of BS considering the numerous incarnations.

PAD's Hulk during Tempest Fugit/House of M & Greg Pak's Planet Hulk/World War Hulk is the Green Goliath's naturally progressed state of being. That's how he should of been when Pak left, and it's how he should be right now. But thanks to the likes of Jason Aaron, Mark Waid, and Marvel itself... we're stuck with this version which leaves a lot to be desired.

Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to get the facts straight and tell it like it is. :)

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well...nothing ?:P

Art wise? It looks great. Story wise? That's something else that we'll have to wait and see to find out. However, unless Emil is amped like he was in Chaos War, I honestly don't see him being a solid, formidable challenge for the Hulk. And being this will most likely be Counter-Earth Abomination, I'm not expecting him to be at that level of power and will be pummeled by the Hulk in a matter of minutes... unless Waid once again continues to ignore/downplay Hulk's power set.

I mean, he regressed Hulk so far back that if you were to compare Waid's incarnation to the Savage Hulk, Savage Hulk would be comparable to a genius in terms of intellect. I honestly think Mantlo's Mindless Hulk has more smarts than Waid's Hulk, not to mention far more power and nigh-resistant to draining attacks (Unlike what transpired in the lame Humanity Bomb arch where Monster Jessup drained Waid Hulk, which would not have happened to more formidable, competent incarnations of the character).

All in all, my expectations are very low.

Now, when regarding the new Savage Hulk ongoing, that's a different story.

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Just want to say that I'm not looking forward to the Original Sin garbage at all. If Stark if responsible for creating Hulk, it's gonna really tick me off. It cheapens the character immensely. The self-loathing and angst that Banner's felt through the years due to the Hulk coming into creation is interesting. Banner blamed himself for releasing the Hulk upon the world, and to retcon that in any way is downright insulting and idiotic.

And am I the only one sick of Marvel shoving this Banner & Stark bro-fest down our throats? These two are not friends. Not in the least. They have the utmost contempt for one another. And given the fact that Stark is such an arrogant, selfish ass... it's not difficult to comprehend this. Can we get more intriguing, interesting team-ups with Banner/Hulk please?

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Oy... another lame issue in the form of Indestructible Hulk 20. If this is what Waid intends for his relauch, count me out. I've only been underwhelmed by a Hulk comic thrice. First was Bruce Jones; Second was Jeph Loeb; Third was Jason Aaron. And now Mark Waid. Will this madness ever end? As long as Waid is on the series, it's not very likely.

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Greg Pak, Peter David, and Bill Mantlo.

Those are my favorites.

'Nuff said.

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For the first time in a long time... I'm excited about a Hulk series.

Alan Davis on the first story arch that involves The Leader, Abomination, the X-Men and Hulkbusters?

Oh, yeah! Sounds good to me!

Hulk having grand cosmic adventures in the second arch, which is written by Jim Starlin, where be battles against Thanos, Annihilus, Blastaar, and other impressive cosmic foes?

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Finally, it appears that Marvel has made a solid decision regarding our beloved Green Goliath.

Hopefully it establishes him not only as the Strongest hero in all of comics, but also one of the most powerful heroes period. What better way to show it than smashing some cosmic baddies? Go Go Hulk!!!!

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Godzilla returns...

The world will burn...

Live in fear!!!!!!

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Yeah, I agree. There is some things that I really like about Agents of SMASH, but there's quite a bit I don't like (Rulk & Skaar's personalities, for example). I especially wish that the villains that they face were the ones that Hulk would be facing in his own solo series right now. And my expectations/confidence in Mark Waid are nearly non-existent.

And while the covers for the Hulk relaunch look great, the descriptions of the issues still don't provide much confidence. Every time I look at the solicitations for or read issues of Thor: God of Thunder, a huge part of me, my inner Hulk, is roaring: What the hell is wrong with Marvel?! Why in blue blazing hell can't they give Hulk these kind of stories, characters, and massive challenges?!

I know I'm not the only one who's thinking this. And I hardly call Waid's Banner awesome. Decent to an extent, but still nothing compared to how Greg Pak, Peter David and Bill Mantlo have done. This is Waid's last chance to impress not only me, but a lot of us who haven't been enjoying the series.

Three strikes, you're out, Jack!

Agent of SHIELD through Gods and Monster- 1st Strike

Agent of Time through Humanity Bomb- 2nd Strike

Hulk Relaunch- Decision Pending

One last chance for redemption. If I'm not impressed, I'm demanding another writer on the Hulk ASAP. That's it. Don't care what anyone else thinks.

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Taking out several teams of X-Men & fully-powered Juggernaut, defeating Zom-possessed Dr. Strange, and laying out a fully unleashed Sentry... all the while holding back.

They're all very impressive. It's scary, very frightening if I'm honest, to consider what could happen if Hulk would really cut loose. Nobody would be safe. Got to love Spider-Man making a quip asking if 'Galactus was in town, 'cause if not we're gonna die'.