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@raynorj: Yeah, besides some solid artwork, Tony getting his ass handed to him, and finally having Hulk back to being... well, Hulk... there isn't much at stake here.

And just think it took Mark Waid only... 2 years & 24 issues to give us a Hulk who freaking acts like Hulk! That's one of the biggest insults I feel Waid has done to the Hulk by regressing him to a dumb, growling, one-dimensional beast for his entire tenure. I could list many, many other things that Waid's done that have ticked me and other readers off, but I'll leave it at that.

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@raynorj @theacidskull

I have to disagree completely in regards to Skaar, @raynorj. He is relevant and essential. He's all that is left of Hulk/Banner's memory and love of Caiera the Oldstrong. He's their child, the last true connection that Hulk/Banner have to her. If something were to happen to Skaar, I'd be one of the first Hulk fans raging.

If any of the Hulks would or should get depowered, it should be A-Bomb, Red Hulk, and Red She-Hulk.

Rick Jones will simply go with the flow and adapt. Meaning if he isn't able to become A-Bomb, I doubt it'll affect him as greatly as some of the others. I mean, he's been trained by Captain America and has been a host of power time & time again. He'll bounce back, no problem at all.

But the other Hulks? I doubt that they would take it so well. However, this does provide us with an interesting discussion topic. Will some or all of the Hulks get depowered? This may or may not be the case. We'll have to wait and see.

Nonetheless, I'm very interested in what may unfold if any of our gamma titans would get depowered? How would it affect them? Would they see losing their power as a blessing or a curse? What changes would it bring to their lives? How would this affect those closest to them? How would this affect the Marvel Universe in general?

Then again, who is to say Hulk is going to force them to change? What if he offers them, the individuals who are closest to him, a choice in whether they wish to keep their Hulk forms or not? Who is to say this cure will be permanent, or even work on some of this individuals, especially consider that Skaar & Lyra were, unlike the others, born that way?

Like I said, there's a lot of speculation to be had here.

But I do agree that Gary Frank, one of my all-time favorite Hulk artists, should be doing the interiors instead of Mark Bagley (no offense to him, 'cause his art can be very good depending if he's rushing or not). Anyways, I'm still looking forward to this more than anything that's been thrown at us for the past 3 years since Greg Pak's departure. I just hope Gerry Duggan won't ignore Banner/Hulk's past, rich 50+ year history, cast of characters, or the various Hulk personas/incarnations.

Speaking of Greg Pak, I hope Marvel allows Pak to write an arch for Savage Hulk series and has a Hulk/Storm team-up issue or arch in the near future. That'd be freaking sweet! Who agrees? :)

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I'm a little late, but as it's been stated: Savage Hulk #2 was great!!! We got an awesome fight between Abomination & Hulk, some intense action, interesting character interaction, and one heck of a cliffhanger that's definitely got me intrigued.

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USA TODAY: Superheroes are in for some Marvel-ous changes- THE HULK

Bruce Banner was shot in the head recently, causing brain damage, but his pal Tony Stark stepped up and used the Extremis bio-technology to save him.

It also gives Banner's gigantic green alter ego a super-intelligent brain that's just as impressive as his biceps, though "there are side effects to that," says Paniccia.

Next month's Hulk No. 5 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mark Bagley finds Hulk pondering his new situation and having an epiphany: He needs to rid the world of the poison of gamma energy, including gamma-enhanced beings such as himself.

But folks such as Red Hulk and Banner's cousin She-Hulk may not be fully on board with his new mission statement, which puts the original Hulk at odds with friends and enemies.

"Some of these people are addicted to the power. They've been enhanced long enough that they're used to it and don't want to give it up," Paniccia says. "Hulk fans love seeing big smash-ups and superhuman fights, so we're going to have some pretty epic battles."

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Eh, besides James Gunn being a complete negative ass, especially in regards to my all-time favorite comic story, I'm actually glad that Hulk isn't teaming with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, honestly, Hulk can hold his own film, damn it! He doesn't need anyone.

All that we need is an great script (preferably one written or co-written by either Greg Pak or Peter David), great characters/cast, massive threats (Leader; Gamma Monsters; Alien Foes; Skyscraper-sized Robots with enough weapons to level a continent), tons of destruction (MOS levels), lots of smashing, lots of Hulk (becoming his own character/entity), lots of Dr. Banner (played by Mark Ruffalo, of course), and we're pretty much good to go!

Planet Hulk will come on its own time. Not yet, but I can definitely see it in the future. Until that time, there's plenty of smashing & solving that Hulk/Banner can be doing with and without the Avengers.

'Nuff said.

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@ghostravage- I hope you plan to also settle the context of World War Hulk vs. Black Bolt/Skrull Bolt.

Greg Pak intended it to be the real Black Bolt. Still, even the Skrull Bolt had all the same powers of the real Black Bolt. I mean, for crying out loud, just a whisper from Skrull Bolt tore a freaking chunk off the moon that was literally the size of Rhode Island!

That's just as powerful as the original Black Bolt, I don't care what anyone else says. I find it hypocritical that same will boast about Thanos withstanding the real Black Bolt's voice blasts in Infinity, despite none of them doing even remotely the same level of damage or power output of Skrull Bolt's scream that tore a state-sized chunk off the moon.

I do hope you'll handle that one on here, too.

Keep up the great work!

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I do believe a Planet Hulk film could be done.

If you want more Banner, there's always the option of inserting flashback scenes or have Banner converse with the Hulk in their mind/psyche and give him some ideas/suggestions. Hell, you could do Banner & Hulk in the same manner of Fight Club, even with Hulk still have the majority of the screen time and it'd still work.

Nonetheless, I do like the idea of Hulk leading an entire galaxy against the forces of Thanos. I mean, Hulk/Banner in space? Teaming with the Guardians of the Galaxy? Facing down all kinds of powerful cosmic threats and alien armadas? And the potential to have characters from Planet Hulk involved (Caiera, Elloe, Hiroim, Korg, Miek, etc.)?! I don't know about the rest of you, but that sounds awesome!

It also sounds like we'll get a more progressed, Green Scar/Green King version of the Hulk. I mean, even Mark Ruffalo stated that he wanted to explore the unique relationship dynamic between Hulk & Banner. Meaning he wants to go in deeper to the point that Hulk & Banner are the same, yet different. Same individual, yet at the same time two very different entities. I also like that he understands and knows what Planet Hulk is & what happens in that story. To me, that sounds like he has a great deal of respect and likes the character's rich history/mythology.

These links revealed some very interesting news and information.

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Can some mods actually lock this thread? It's gone on for way too long. Because now apparently some posters are going to put the blame on World War Hulk, which was a great event and showed the Hulk-haters what he's capable of even when holding back, & Greg Pak for Dr. Strange's regression/ruination as a character, which is complete and utter BS as per usual.

You want to blame anyone for Dr. Strange's treatment? Blame the current writers and the Marvel Execs/Editors for ruining Dr. Strange. Don't feel bad, though. They've done the same to the Hulk. Ever since Greg Pak left, he's suffered just as bad, if not far worse, than that of Dr. Strange. Bottom line: It's time for this thread to die so that we can move on with our lives.

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So Hulk Vs Iron Man was just as horrible as I thought it would be. Just another unneeded change to a characters origin that will be forgotten/ignored in the years to come.

Yep, pretty much.

But at least we finally get an intelligent Hulk again. And it only took Waid... 24 issues to get us there.

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@erkan12: Yeah, it was a solid first issue. I honestly can't wait for future issues of the series. Most entertaining Hulk comic we've had in a long time.