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@tommythehitman said:

@deadpool_9: Well Dey is in the film. The guy who gave Rider his helmet if I do believe. So... "wink, wink. Nudge, nudge."

Oh there's also an image somewhere with a Nova movie title on a huge screen almost as if it's at Comi-Con.

There's also THIS image however Marvel have stated that a Planet Hulk movie isn't happening so take from that what you will. Couldn't find the title image anywhere.

Oh how I wish this was legit. A Moon Knight TV series and a Nova movie (with Rich Rider of course), and maybe even Ghost Rider in Midnight Sons. That would make me a very happy comic fan.

On topic though, I'd rather Black Widow or maybe another Hulk movie, Ruffalo's Banner was the best one yet so it could be good. Black Panther would be pretty awesome for a comic fan but I'm skeptical at this point how well it would go over with the general populace, I guess it about as well as GotG (which I hope is awesome).

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Well at least my pull list will be able to take another title when God of Thunder ends and this begins. That's the only positive point I've found.

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Right now it seems alright, not sure exactly how I feel though, since I think it's just too early to tell. I mean they haven't even had an encounter yet. This story could be great for both Thor and Loki, or it could be absolutely terrible, despite how good their books are. I'll say it's a good idea for now, and see if the next four issues keep it that way.

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After what Kot did in Iron Patriot with Rhodey I'm not sure whether to be excited or disappointed. I'll definitely pick this up and hope that it's better than Iron Patriot.

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@danhimself: I'm almost wondering if the whole Renet thing happened because of the 2014 annual getting pushed back. Maybe the annual comes first chronologically.

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Close one but all of the top three are amazing

This. Plus thanks k4tz for the comment of the week!

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Finch, his art was gritty, dark, and at times down right brutal, perfect for Moon Knight. But Deodato, Texeira, and Sienkiewicz are all so great it was a tough choice.

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He's got a crazy ton of resistance to physical damage, but that's an exaggeration to say nothing physical can harm him. The Hulk and him fought in the Way/Aaron run and Hulk was able to "hurt"him. Now granted he did get back up after that, but that was with access to the full extent of the Rider's power.

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X2,, DOFP left me unsatisfied. But maybe that"s because of the lack of Nightcrawler. DOFP was alright and probably comes in second after X2, but I've seen enough character development for Professor X, Magneto and Wolverine so I'm sick of them, plus the future scenes were awful.

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@fil123: Well it turned Marc in to a movie producer who thought he was Spider-man/Wolverine/Captain America and completely dismissed all the supernatural elements, that's a pretty horrible premise that is so far removed from what MK is meant to be for a start.

Yep, not even the art could save that terrible series. Bendis didn't take any time to understand Marc's personality or motivations beforehand. Marc was too snarky in that typical Bendis style and it felt like you could take any of Bendis' other projects (Ult. Spider-Man, Daredevil, any "New" Avenger) and put them in Moon Knight's place without disrupting the book at all. There was nothing to actually make it feel like Moon Knight title. All it was, was a Bendis title. Plus the lack of typical supporting cast was unforgivable, especially when looking at the mediocre to terrible writing.

Got to go with Huston's run just because that got me into Moon Knight in the first place, I've read it over and over which isn't something I've done with any other character even a good run. It's dark, gritty and makes you think, and shows Moon Knight is a total badass. Admittedly I've only read parts of Vol. 1-3 but I hope to read them soon.