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Can't wait! Each issue has been better than the last and this one looks like it could be the best one of them all!

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Clay Mann is a GREAT artist, nuff said.

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@dotwilson said:

i absolutely love this mini series and if you're not reading the main IDW series do yourself a favor and get on that.

Preach it!

Seriously, this mini has been amazing and can't wait for the finale. I'm curious though, this art is good but compared to Duncan`s usual work it' Can't explain it. Still, can't wait.

Yeah it is a bit off, still pumped though.

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Basically she meets Star-Lord and Drax in the 2006 event Annihilation. They are all working together as a part of the resistance. Her and Gamora despite both being in the resistance have no interaction whatsoever during the event. Phyla and the others have no interactions until the 2007/2008 event Annihilation Conquest where again they fight as a resistance force but not all together (Drax and Gamora don't show up until the final battle). After the event Star-Lord gathers her, Gamora, Drax, Adam Warlock, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Mantis to create the Guardians of the Galaxy and solve the problem of space and time coming undone.

She played a role as an energy manipulator earlier in the GotG series and her role decreased over time. She had a major role in Annihilation Conquest and a smaller one in the preceding Annihilation event.

I would like to also see her in the movies, I thought she was a great character in the first half of the GotG series.

I highly recommend that you read the events and the subsequent Guardians volume if you're interested in the character, some of the best material I've read. Comixology has both events, the entire Guardians series, and the Quasar mini series that focuses on what Phyla is doing between the two Annihilation events.

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Eh, without God of Thunder and this I can add Winter Soldier so I guess that about evens things out.

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Amazing Spider-Man, Nightcrawler, and New Warriors a solid bordering on awesome week.

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It's a fun book, but I hope that Claremont finds a good direction for him. I liked in the 2004 ongoing where he dealt with paranormal problems. But now that's Moon Knight's thing. I don't want to see this go the way Gambit did where the direction is murky and despite being fun it just gets cancelled.

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Kaine's dialogue here is so great, all the apathy and general bad attitude is so endearing for some reason. So bummed about the cancellation, easily one of the best and also one of my favorite monthly titles. At least he's getting a mini during Spider-Verse even if it is with other "Scarlet Spiders".

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I do not have a good feeling about this...

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I could see it, but I haven't seen him in anything so I don't really know. Cumberbatch would be cool, I think he'd have the acting chops for it.