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@skooks: Fair enough. Great points.

I finished the game and it was breathtaking. It is the first game that I beat then started all over again immediately after finishing it. 1999 is a B**** but so much fun. I am finding a lot of stuff that I didn't the first time around. Oh, and I also realized that my brightness was way down when I played it and now it's a completely new game. Haha!

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@sagejonathan: Well, I have yet to beat the game,but just hope it's not short. It sucks to spend the money on a game (no matter how great a game may be) if it doesn't take long to beat. I like games with multiplayer in it because you get more bang for your buck. If they wanted to, they could have a whole fleet of designers to focus on the multiplayer, while they focused on those minor tweeks with big affects. But I understand that sort of thing takes money. Having these new weapons and abilities would be really cool in a multiplayer setting. I think I could stand if Elizabeth didn't move her eyes or hand in couple of shots for a multiplayer.

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@greenlantern555: I have nothing against multiplayer but I firmly believe that there a couple of games that should solely focus on the single player. Bioshock is one of those franchises that brings magic not with multiplayer, but with their beautifully told stories that leave you awestruck. If they had to throw in a multiplayer component, the game's single player would have most definitely been weaker.

But I don't know if it would have changed the story at all. I mean they pushed this game back so much anyway. I'm mean, Farcry 3 is one of the best games (IMO) that has came out this year and has a multiplayer. All of the Halo series have beautiful stories and the most played multiplayer in the gaming world. Battlefield, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed all have great stories and decent multiplayer.

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@johnnygat: As much as I think you should play the first one, you aren't doing it for story continuity, are you?

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@skooks: @sagejonathan: But I think that if you are going to spend $65 buck on a game, then I think the experience should be expanded. I loved the multiplayer on Bio2. I don't see anything wrong with having the option. If you don't want to play it then you don't have to. Just think about all of the players swinging on the Skyline. I think it would have been a pretty cool feature.

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@judasnixon said:

I really like Asha Greyjoy, I just don't like who they casted to play her. I understand why they changed her name in the show. I'm cool with that, but asha was suppose to be a hot pirate chick with an ax!

I agree. I think the acting choices of the current "Yara" (which I still don't understand) are fantastic, she just doesn't look the part.

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@mekboy said:

King Joffrey.

Said no one ever.

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Guess the last thing on the mind of the person above you.

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@guttridgeb: Because I am selfish and want my presence known to my own thread. ;-)