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Well primarily, yes, Black Canary would win the fight, but you also have to consider which Venom host you're using in the scenario Now Say, Venom(Flash Tompson) Vs Black Canary is a bit better of a match up. More chances out of most Black Canary would win, but Agent Venom has fought the new Hobgoblin already so he would probably have a way to resist sonics enough to maybe web her mouth shut even if it is for a moment. So Agent Venom would have a much better chance of victory rather than the brutish tactics of Venom(Mcgargan [sp]) or maybe Eddie Brock Venom.

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I was just reading the comments on here, and it came to me. All these negative comments about the heroes. Now go back and read some early marvel comics. Did the civilians not say something similar about them? I believe that these Super heroes can make a difference, but I do have to say that the ones that go out and just 'do something' with no training or experience what-so-ever are putting their lives in danger, but if they get hurt. their loss.