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Love the artwork. Especially the second cover. So sick.

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Strange article. Everything that was complained about actually makes this sound interesting. I've never read HFH but now I'm curious.

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Has the potential to be a steaming pile of poopies, but it could also be awesome. You can't go wrong with Fassbender. Playing Erik gained him a lot of new fans.

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Sadly I think the Humumculi win this. They can take a lot of punishment and Team Avatar are squishy. And Wrath is too good not to at least get some debilitating shots in there and nullify someone's bending. Which is a shame because I <3 Toph :( 

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Whoever wins, poor Boromir dies :(

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Hogwarts ftw! The armies of elves and men were able to put up a fight against Sauron and his army with just sword-and-board and archery. Hogwarts has freakin' lazer beams! Isildor was able to cut the ring off Sauron (well, his fingers). I imagine Dumbledore/Voldemort could blow is whole arm off with that nasty Elder Wand. I think Hogwarts just has too many options via magic to decimate an otherwise nasty army. Heck, Dumbledore conjured that sick fire wall while he was weakened. He could wipe out most of the army doing that at full health. They also have wards and powerful magical defenses at their disposal. Not to mention mobility is in their favor since they can teleport.

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@RainEffect said:


Dark Phoenix would murder all three of them.

I lol'd! I could just see it:

Iceman: Hey DP, we're going to totally pawn them! We're unstoppable!

Dark Phoenix: DIE!

Iceman: Ahhhh! You crazy b*****!

Anywho...Team 1 takes it.

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I plan on buying this blu-ray and Thor. This was definitely my favorite X-Men film. I think my favorite stuff was just seeing Xavier so active lol. He was comatose, mind-screwed, and atomized in the other films. I was so anticipating a battle between him and Emma though. Disappointed that didn't happen.  Erik was awesome too. Most interesting character in the film. Fassbender nailed it.

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@Fragneto: Kind of hard to do that when IW's shield is crushing him and his lungs (again, not killing him...stupid morals). Generally people who are freaking the hell out don't have time to recycle oxygen. Also, if you like to put a stamp on that match up. IW force shield punches Magneto in the nards. That's pretty much game over right there. 
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Invisible Woman locks Magneto in a shield and suffocates him (not dead, just pass out).  
Jean suspends Hulk in the air and then plays with his brains.  
Storm...looks fierce.  
They go out for cosmos afterwards.