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It is a bit slow, but I do like it!

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My girlfriend and I are talking about painting soon, and getting a projector to paint a character on one of out walls. It's gonna be either Deadpool or Moon Knight. The problem is we have a kid of 4 years, so it has to be something not too scary:) Been looking through the pics on the net and it's kinda difficult to find some from the comics, that fits that criteria. Do you have any suggestions? Thinking of getting a friend of mine, who is a tattoo artist, to make a drawing of his own, but I kinda like the idea of getting something from an actual issue of one of the comics.... Hope to see your suggestions in this thread. Rgds Chris

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Yep the storylines suggested above is the Way to go. Also go for The Circle Chase. It's the first DP exclusive mini series. I kinda like the humour in Vol. 3, but that doesn't do much background-wise. Happy reading

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Well.... My main "heroes" are Moon Knight and Deadpool, so I had to vote "yes please".... :-) doesn´t mean that I agree with violence and killing, just that it gets old if the hero always bags the bad guy with so much caution.

Guess it depends on the person reading- I like it when a story can end either way

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Bedlam and Hellblazer

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I read digital comics or buy HC copies. the ones I buy for my collection is not read :-) I know it might sound a bit extreme, but I like it this way :-)

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Only issue I´m looking for at the monet, that demans a premium price is Werewolf by Night issue 32... want it for my Moon knight collection, but it´s pretty expensive, even in moderate quality :-(

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I guess it also depends on the series you collect. some of them have extremely expensive issues... recently I stumbled upon a A-Spiderman #1 with an asking price of 18.700 pounds.... damn :-)

some of the fun for me is trying to find the issues, compare prices and then eventually buy them. I´m in no hurry here, so taking it very slow :-)

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Been looking a lot at Ebay and found, that:

1. the grading systems and results seems to vary a lot

2: the grades given and the price the item gets isn´t always logical

This made me want to know how much grades and quality matters to others.

If you´re into collecting one or more series or characters, which grades/quality must the comic have before you´ll consider buying it.

for me it matters a bit.... I don´t like copies that has tears or bend corners, but I guess I can live with some creasing of the spine.

So - what´s your criterias and views?

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Deadpool might get bagged at first, but after his healing factor has kicked in, there´s always the next round... like at 3am, when Yosimitsu is sleeping :-) no Dragon style there, just a question of waiting... silently waiting....

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