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I think pretty much everyone will agree that jla a league of one would be the perfect animated justice league feature that pits wonder woman in the center. A good way to trick to peoples minds that its a justice league story but starring wonder woman epicly.

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why cant she just get the justice league artists or ed benes, alex ross or even frank cho?! Did marvel forget about those artists come on wake up marvel : (

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If star lord and rocket raccoon can have their own series then its about time for the first time ever that gamora has her own ongoing. Marvel make it happen please! Drax had a mini before and it doesn't hurt for groot as well.

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I always been wanting to see to the most feared x villians and those where Apolalypse and Mr.sinister and as the age of apocalypse coming to the big screen I for some time been imagining an awsome secret ending that I wish they would use to set up after days of future past. This secret ending would introduce the live action version of Mr.sinister first in a black cloak intererupting an archiolgical dig in egypt killing all the archeologists to discover what they where looking for which is what he is looking for and that is a tomb of apocalypse himself. Then finally Mr.sinister after being satifisied of his search pull his hood back smiling with his razor sharp teeth and the end and the fans would go heywire in a good way and me too. Or he is part of the archeological dig before he became a mutant and then he is the one to find apocalypse making him obessed with him which leads him to his path of villiany.

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She hulk in the tradition of the original hulk series maybe.

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Dejah thoris, red Sonja, Jane porter and however at dynamite are just as strong as the DC and Marvel women and just because they are revealing does not mean their weak or sexualized. People don't understand that is actually a difference between being just revealing/plain nude and oversexualized/slutty and Dejah thoris and red Sonja are not sluts they are confident in their bodies and fully aware of their capability against male dominance. Dejah thoris lives in another world or society where everyone is naked or revealing in equal terms so its a cultural thing according the original text of Edgar rice Burroughs so there are people on this site not familiar or researching the books.

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Female characters can be just as respected and strong either naked or clothed it just depends how are they treated and use of dialogue. I have no problem with nude or skimpy characters because I believe its of a way of expressing heroic nudity and that's a difference between over sexualized or slutty which is mainly when characters are badly written.

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Why is red Sonja is getting praise more and more professional reviews from comic vine? It has a lot to do with Gail Simon writing it I suppose. I like red Sonja and Gail Simon too but when a certain character like red Sonja is usually under radar and then is hyped because a popular writer is writing that character, so all it takes is a damn good writer to make a character more reviewed and talked about. K then I like to see johns or Simon write Dejah thoris and see how much hype that will get ha.

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Actually I always wanted or imagined him to be the choice for Richard corben's den which I think he is best suited for since he has the look and can pull it off what do guys think?

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Why is dejah thoris in a room that is so modern and earth like? Such as the guy she is with and both of them wearing some kind of institution uniform . This supposed to be classic sci fi pulp with swords and nude princesses not borne identity or general hospital on mars. I wanted john carter to fight and kill his nemesis matai shang not get shot in the head what the hell. There better be a good twist or reason for that because this book takes too damn long to come out.