Farewell to Young Justice

Young Justice has been such a great show on Cartoon Network. Since Teen Titans had been taken off the air there was always an absence of a good teen superhero team show on TV. Now we are down more superhero teens. Of course we are getting Teen Titans Go!, but that show is going to be just an even kiddier version of the original Teen Titans show. Of course that's not a big deal and I will still watch it and love it, but it will not have a good story line like it once had or even Young Justice. The best thing I can think of for living in a world where we have Teen Titans Go! as a show is that we will once again live in a world where we can see a green beast boy on a weekly/monthly basis. Well that and the fact it possibly can complete some left over questions left by Teen Titans.

So to Young Justice I say, farewell. Please do make new episodes again someday

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