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Hornswoggle. Mellifluous. Foofaraw. Cacophonous. I love this forum. :)

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How about defenestration?

These are my go-to fun words. But I suppose there is also one word: Thundercougarfalconbird.

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It seems the general consensus among DC fans (myself included) is that The New 52 just doesn't stack up at all. And Power Girl and Huntress are not immune.

With the astounding popularity of comic book characters who have film potential (and not so much actual comic books) ever on the rise, it seems that traditional comic book readers (myself included) are being forced to bite myriad bullets. I have been able to stomach very little of the New 52 series I've sampled and I know I am not alone; after reading this review I will be sure to put World's Finest on the (long) list of new titles I can now avoid.

But as I dwell on the matter, it occurs to me: I'll bet that from Golden Age to Silver Age, from Silver to Bronze, from Bronze to Modern, and throughout all the crossover events which presented opportunities to simultaneously retcon multitudinous characters, the prevailing readership at the time felt exactly the way we do now.

Power Girl's intelligence (and costume) may be comparatively diminutive, but you know what? Once upon a time, an alien named Kal-El, could do little more than jump really high and run pretty fast. The comic readers of yesteryear have gotten used to our space-age characters, and we will likewise just have to get used to this new crop, lest we become finger-wagging fogies who won't tolerate a comic-nudity level above 20 decibels (of nakedness!).

Besides, maybe down the line they'll use the aforementioned contrived-feeling friendship between these two characters as a plot device. I may not enjoy The New 52 (and one again, let me assure you that I do NOT), but I am not giving up hope that one day, we will see something awesome from the aftermath. After all, it's not like Power Girl couldn't turn out to be a robot or a clone or a power-mimic or something.

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My wife would like to point out that: No one should ever be friend zoned as hard as Bane, ever, it is just cruel and makes people kill other people and blow up cities.

This so much! :D

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I am an avid DC fan. I like Marvel too and Image and Top Cow and really a bit of everything from everywhere, but I'll take DC over all the rest any day. However, Deadpool is one of my favorites and this made me laugh wholeheartedly in approval. What an awesome idea. If the writers petition the fans for support, just tell me where to sign.

I tip my hat to you, sir.

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I am not what you would call "internet sociable;" I update my status here and there, but mostly I just like to lurk and look at all the pictures and even just read about the characters from the lesser known publishers with whom I am not so intimately familiar. But I feel like I finally need to post my first publicly viewable comment on this page. And since it might already be apparent that I can get a little prolix at times, I am going to keep it as succinct as I can: I am going to see this movie. Why? One reason: I have to. I must. Anyone who has seen the tail revelation scene of Shallow Hal--"If you're for real, I gotta see this." "No, you don't want to see it." "No, I don't wanna. I gotta."  ( will understand when I say that I really hate everything about what they have done to one of my comic book epics with the creation of this abortion of a movie, but as a Green Lantern fan I absolutely must see it. Having said that, I would also like to note that I will NOT be paying for my own ticket; I wouldn't spend nine dollars on Ryan Reynolds if I had nine million more in my pocket.
I am glad to hear that as awful as this movie looks, both visually and conceptually, it is not a complete disappointment though. I feel a little less bitter about going to see it knowing a fellow Green Lantern fan found it at least acceptably entertaining.