13 Great series that no one remembers.

1- Divine Right: Adventures of Max Faraday
In a nutshell, slacker Max Faraday downloads the Creation Equation and gains the power of god.
2- The MAXX 
The comic that inspired the MTV cartoon of the same name.  Follows the adventures of the MAXX as he flips back and forth between the real world and another world, The Outback. 

3- Wildcore
Backlash, Zealot, and Mr. Majestic on a team? YES!!
4- The Coven
A pretty interesting collection of magic based heroes.  It had real potential, but never got off the ground.
  4- Mage: The Hero Defined
  The second series of a yet unfinished Trilogy.   In this series all the characters of myth and legend have been reincarnated.  The main character, Kevin Matchstick, is the reincarnation of King Arthur.

  5- Kaboom
This one could have been cool, but only a handful of issues were released.  Was about a kid that obtained the Kaboom gauntlets.  The gauntlets could tap into the Kaboom cycle, the source of all explosions.   ...something like that, it's been a while.

  6- Battle Chasers
This was one of the most infuriated books to read because it was NEVER released on time.   A really cool book based in a sword/sorcery world.  Had some of the best characters I've read in comics.  Particularly Gully, a kind of Molly Hayes precursor.
  7- Midnight Nation
 Very cool story that reminds me a lot of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.  Not much that I can say that won't ruin the plot, but trust me it's a good read.  One of the best J. Michael Straczynski series I've read.
  8- Rising Stars
Another great J. Michael Straczynski series.  This book reads a lot like the show Heroes, only waaaaaaaay better.
  9- Crimson
I still have fond memories of Crimson. As far as vampire stories go, this way very very well done and was very original.
  10- Warlands
  This kinda of filled the gap left behind by battle chasers.  Very solid sword and sorcery book, that read a lot like a D&D campaign.

  11- Ascension
 A dimensional rift opened a hole in reality and 2 warring races used it to come to earth.   A lot of heaven/hell, angels/demons themes in this book.  It was during the height of the 90's obsession with angels.  Still a good read, even today.
  12- Soul Saga
 IMO at least, this was the reincarnation of Battle Chasers.  It was a very creative sword/sorcery setting.  Once I knew I liked it, I knew it was doomed to be cancelled.  lol
13- Spyboy
Incredible fun series that reads a bit like a high school James Bond. 

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