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Peanut butter of coarse!  You can't go against Reese, that guys crazy!

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He stops at one.  I'm having trouble even thinking of a Penquin feat, let alone a good one.

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I'm inclined to say Black Lightning.  I recall hearing about Cage getting a power upgrade sometime in the last few years that gives him some invulnerability. If he had that Cage might be able to pull off a win.  Can anyone clarify this?

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Dracade has it right.    You remake a movie, you reboot a series.     For example Batman Begins was a reboot, any and all Robin Hood movies are remakes.

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@Jenna said:
According to FBI statistics, between 1980 and 2005, less than 6% of terrorist attacks in the United States were committed by Muslims.  Of the 83 terrorist attacks committed between 9/11 and the end of 2009, only 3 were directly related to the Jihadist cause (that means 3.6% of all terrorist attacks). Same deal in Europe.  The EU's Terrorism and Trend Report states that in 2010, there were 294 failed, foiled, or successfully executed attacks in six European countrie s.  How many of them were carried out by an Islamic extremist group?  Three.         Even if Anders Breivik wasn't necessarily a "Christian terrorist" in the sense of having been driven by religious ideals (although he was indisputably driven by right-wing extremism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia), that's not to say that there's no such thing as Christian terrorism.  The Army of God-esque anti-abortion attacks aren't quite as uncommon as you may think.  Since 1977 in the US and Canada alone there have been 41 bombings, 173 arsons, 91 attempted bombings or arsons, and 619 bomb threats on abortion providers.  Also, regarding so-called "rare bird" white supremacists, there are about 5000-8000 KKK members today; compare that to Al Qaeda, which is suspected to have around 500-1000 operatives. I'm not saying Christianity is bad or anything like that; I'm just saying that Christians are no more or less dangerous than Muslims.  Any sort of extremism, be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish, right-wing, or left-wing, is a threat.  The Muslim blame is rooted in racism and xenophobia.  Oh, and by the way, Soviet Communism didn't resemble Marxism on any discernible level.  Communism is marked by a classless, stateless society marked by collective ownership; the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was a single-party fascist dictatorship.  They are literally on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Marxist ideology was used to appeal to the huge and powerful working class.
Well said!
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I find it ironic that he claims he has no ill will ... sorry, ill well, towards gay characters yet he uses words like appalling, tragedy, and discusted (lol)  to describe how he feels about the character being gay.  sheesh, some people.

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They've never told his origin story, no one knows.

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Skinny Venom = bad Venom.  Buff is the way to go.  In all the good Venom stories Venom is buffed out.

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He has slight superhuman strength, not much.

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  Wax could do it.