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clasic avengers awsomeness 0

this comic details a classic avengers story. this issued the first of hundreds of line-up changes that would follow this issue for years to come. after returning from a battle with the original master of evil captain america finds the original members of the avengers want a vacation from all  the super stuff. this meant that cap was going to have to find some new avengers ,so through various means and twists of fate cap assembles a team consisting of himself scarlet witch, quicksilver, and hawke...

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the kakashi chronicles were awsome 0

i know that the kakashi chronicles werent the entire book but the 10 pages that werent the kakashi chronicles were stupid and just wrapped up the loose ends left from sasukes and narutos battle. i think that the kakashi cronicles were a highly anticipated and criticaly important part of the story that needed to be told. it ended a whole crapload of stupid useless rumors about kakashi being an uchiha or some junk like that. but it wasnt that it just tied up some loose end i think even a non fan o...

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good start but it gets better 0

this volume was kinda boring but it tells you everything you need to know about the narutoverse. i think you could probably start on the second volume and not miss much. you only need to know that naruto has a fox demon inside him and that he pretty much sucks at being a ninja. you might need to know a little about sasuke and sakura and their attitude towards their less than perfect teamate. i think the whole bit where naruto saves his teacher and earns his head band is a little over dramatic bu...

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