So I don't how many people like basketball at all, but last night was the Dunk Contest.  Dwight Howard who is 7', Had a rediculous Superman dunk last year in which he dressed up and took off and threw the ball down.  This year he was back, and Nate Robinson who is 5'9 went into the locker room and came out before the final round in the Knicks green st. pat's jerseys w/bright green shoes and ball.  He had a shirt that read KRYPTONATE and then in the final round, came out and dunked over Superman...aka Howard.  It was great!  The announcer kept calling Robinson Luthor..!

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Yeah I actually liked the way they set it up as Superman vs Lex Luther. He even had Kryptonite colored shoes and used a Kryptonite colored ball when he dunked over Howard (still wearing the Superman cape). This should be a point of reference to all those haters who say Comics are for nerds. On one of the biggest nights, on the biggest stage, two of the NBA's more popular players played dress up and went at it as Superman and Lex Luthor.

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that was fun to watch

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Nate Robinson looks like a Ninja Turtle with all that Green on...