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With all these BIG movies on the way out i wish there was more b or c level Heroes getting movies.  Smaller less budget needed and more...  Robin, Sgt Rock,  more street level or spy stuff. Everyone feels they know the best people to play GL, Superman or who ever.. Who new about J Hex? But it sure looks cool. Does A Daredevil need a big star and over blown budget? nope.  Moon KNight, Black Panther, Dr Fate...

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why do i love em’? Got me but I do

3.99 plus a book.  How many of us remember .55 ? Or Less?  I have been reading and collecting comics for about 25 years.  And boy have there been changes in the industry in that time.  Baxter paper, mondo paper, Rob Liefeld, the first limited series, the first graphic novel the list goes on and on.

Is it any better? I don’t know. I miss knowing I was going to get a good read for money. I miss knowing my favorite titles were going to be on time.  I miss allot of the artists from back then.  Not to mention that half the heroes have been killed and reborn or replaced.  Or used to death. And I a few cases lost on the roadside.

I knew who was in the X-men.  The JLA was a fun book full of belly laughs.  Wolverine was short and ugly.  Nick Fury ruled the universe from the shadows.

But the writes of today I have to say sure have it over the guys of the past. I can hardly read a 60’s superman today.

I still wonder if I get my money’s worth when I spend 15.00 on 4 to 6 books. And really only enjoy one or two them. So why do i love em’?  Got me but I do.

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Action 861

I am really enjoying the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes story-arc. I have been away from comics for about 4 years. What great way to come back in.

I am enjoying the art as well the plot. It is a great idea to have the Rejects get some revenge, Geoff Johns makes it look easy to revitalize lame characters.

Everything I like about Superman is here. Most importantly what I don’t like isn’t here. After all the book isn’t called the Clark Kent Chronicles.

I big kick out the fact that each time I see the Legion of Superheroes every one has a new costume!

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