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As everyone as has stated...they are all made to be lesser than there comic book counter-parts.

It is because they want the views, comic book readers and non comic book readers, to connect with the hero easier. This is what sells the movies.

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Sounds interesting but you don't really need a psychoanalysis to determine how he got to this point. Unless your trying to look into something else? Dream analysis? Conflicts between the id ego super ego? Defense mechanism he may have developed ? His psychosexual development ? Why exactly are you trying to find?

I am trying to show how he became who he is as a person. What is ID, Ego, and Super Ego are. How he tends to cope with tragedies (so yes, his defense mechanism). I am trying to state if a hero (or villain in some cases) are actually insane or if they are a product of their past.

If you have any ideas, please PM me. I would enjoy some feedback.

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You had me worried for a second, and you are right.

I am going to be doing a psychoanalysis.

Thank You.

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He is compared to Dick but there is so much to him. He too witnessed his parents death.

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I hope it is. If he does die in the Forever Evil story arc, I will be upset. So seeing this gives me hope, and I hope for the best.

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I am currently crafting a well thought-out and in depth analyst of Dick Grayson, but I was wondering what some of your thoughts were on him.

Also, when it is done, would you like to read it?

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@ritchieb said:

1. There will be two Dick Graysons (one blue from earth 3 the other one in red) (also explaining the promo image)

2. Dick Grayson will be either connected to the prisoner (from JL 23) or will be the prisoner (escaping in the initial struggle showed at the end of JL)

3. Earth 3 Grayson will have started as villain in his home world and became hero (remember this is a reverse world where all heroes are villains)

4. Earth 3 Grayson had a relationship with Superwoman and then turned hero (explaining why Superwoman hates Dick Grayson, think Injustice how everyone still hated Luthor even though he was good)

5. The Crime Syndicate will have a counterpart (something like the Legion of Justice) that has waged war all over earth 3 leaving it nearly destroyed

6. The two Graysons will work together uniting villains and heroes to prevent the Crime Syndicate taking over and get the JLs back

7. Dick Grayson (earth 3) will die giving his life to finally defeat the crime syndicate and restoring peace to both Earths (Dido creams in his pants)

8. Dick Grayson (ours) will finally get a team of his own after the conclusion


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Also remember that He is not a rip off of anything. Dick Grayson is one of the oldest characters in modern comics. Nearing 75.

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@rustyroy said:

@punyparker said:

Spider-Man and Batman.....

Spider-Man for the responsibillity,and Batman for the self sacrifice.

I acually like them both as examples....



Posting this is like posting...what will you make you kid eat? Apples or Oranges?

BOTH have their upsides and downsides, but overall it is up the the child. I would just be happy if they read comics.

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The fact is that they can do whatever they want...they are all DC villains and DC has a tendency to link characters together.