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He is not known enough as a character even with the help of the hit tv series.Can anyone realy see him in his own movie i can only picture him starring in a justice league movie not his own. Please give me your thoughts and suggestions on how they would do Martian MManhunter in live action

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What would be his effects to the marvel universe. Would he beat the hulk before he became a avenger what would his effect to the marvel civil war be. Where would his allegiance lies what would his a captian america relation be. would he work for sheild would superman even be his name who would he be raised by would he think he is a mutant like the x-men jsut awnser these questiona nd tell me what you think his effect to marvel would be.

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Superman and Batman team up movie i mean i realy beleive done right could stomp avenegers because their character are so iconic character those two alone could beat avengers you could deny it but we all know if thsoe two alone ahd a team up it would out do all the mvoies maybe even break the box office.K let me know your thoughts agree or disagree?

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They must make a battle for the cowl i mean grayson and todd dint even meet in under the red hood so i would love to see a adaption to abtttle for the cowl or breaking the bat with azrael in their whos with me?

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Ok im realy sick of threads saying supes is overpower but thor can still beat him and if you can beat a overpowerd does that not make you overpowerd?Sure thor has magic but i mean supes is pretty unpredicatble over the years their has neven been a real truth to the awnser how strong is supes he has changed to picking up cards with two hands to picking up mountains with one. Thor on the other hand(being my 4 fav marvel character) is practically a god something similar to darksied who has matched superman.Im not sure but some comics thor is considered unkillable(though hulk thinks otherwise :D) His hammer is pretty much marvels version of a green lantern ring which our both though to be the strngest weapons in their universes.My prob with thor fans is that they say supes is overpower but thor can beat him.Thor has as much powers as supes. Both have super strenght,speed,durablity and healing. Thos lightning is pretty much equal to super mans heat vison. Though yes supes has super breath but thor can control weather it self he could make it hail on one specific persons head.Dc and marvel have both agreed superman can beat hulk yet thor has always matched him (but their is that time where thor killed hulk by breaking his neck but to be fair that was toatly new i mean thor could of always done that when he though hulk just a blind monsters but he dint and got his butthanded to him) Thor changes alot to hes snapped hulks neck in which he has never done before yes you could say he held back bu in a comic he had no idea of banned and could of killed hulk like other monsters but he dint its diffrent with supes like is said earlier he has changed over the years meaning the limit of his true powers can not be estimated.Thor is a warrior who has killed many supes is a watchful gurdian who beleive death makes you no better.And when supes and thor fought in that comic we all know that was just fixed it would of been a much harder fight meaning either side could win.Not to sound harsh but wonder woman and martian manunter could kill the hulk and superman has proven hes better then both even when holding back. The fact is thor fan get overyour self supes is prety over powerd but to say a god that has all his powers and more is being stupid.Thier both great character superman isnt boring he fight a guy made of his weakness and sometime his own kind he is as interesting as the other heroes even bats.Thor is just marvels version of the actual legendary god so their both so awesome.and for the record you bat fans that say batman is better then superman imagine whould you love to be more loved then one of your closet friends and take all his glory?so just saying supes is a decent character who deserves more respect from the people he made so happy no offense but with out supes we would all be reading manga :D k peace guys and remeber It a bird no it a plane no it SUPERMAN!

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Yeah thanks i hope my character will fit in

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I need help exploring my charcter my super bio tells some about him but i need help

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(I havent realy even started but i made a new rpg character and he wil say this alot please help m get this character in the comicvine world) Multiple Judgment(His name): Your fate is now in session...

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who wins

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Who wins(Im not even sure if this is a comic book battle but i want to know your thoughts).