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This is definitely one of my favorite comic series. But I knew from the start it was doomed. The story was too good and by the time they got to Constantine, I was like, Yup, it's over.

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Where the hell are they going to get the money to do that? Most TV Networks can't handle relatively cheap shows like 24, Star Trek, etc... This would cost a fortune for one character and they want to do multiple characters? Who are they going to fight terrorists? Cause if they aren't fighting a real world threat; it's going to drive the budget up even more. This would make the movie budget look like pocket change.

There is NO WAY this is going to happen.

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These are freakin amazing, I think they get better every week.

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The Shadow is one of my favorite characters. Can't wait for this!

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I certainly agree that's it's sad that these titles are being cancelled. Unfortunately, as you also stated, I think it's DC's own fault. The more titles a publisher seems to put together at a time, it seems like the more chances there are for some to fall through the cracks. Similarly to this, Marvel's new titles have a very inconsistent quality level. The art in Defenders for instance, is TERRIBLE! I've all ways believed that it's better to have fewer titles with more support behind them, than a vast array of titles with only a shoestring level of support.

As someone who isn't a HIUGE fan of DC historically. I think many of these titles also lost traction because no one knew much about them before hand and without a strong showing right out of the gate; they lost the few people who were reading them and never got new people.

It's sad...

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Just picked up the comic today from my comic shop and about 20% of the comic is repeated.... Anyone else have this?

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It was a very good show. I remember my girlfriend and I watching it every day. But I think the audience for that type of show is probably more on Adult Swim than it would be during the day or evening these days. There really isn't a single solitary show, except maybe the new Thundercats, that even makes an attempt to be serious. Even the new Young Justice, which I love, is too often mired in silly tongue in cheek humor. I just think that everyone thinks that the audience for cartoons like this are MUCH too young to understand anything of substance. Which I completely disagree with. I would say that Young Justice would be a perfect proving ground for this; but again, considering Batman Brave and the Bold's terrible ratings, I don't think that DC/WB is willing to take what is perceived to be a big chance. But then that is 21st Century TV in a nutshell.

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I don't like them; but I think they DO sell comics. Which is probably why they are done to begin with.

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Both Wonder Woman and Batwoman are great books. Being a dude, I try and not buy stuff that is obviously exploitative. But I think it usually falls on the creators shoulders to change this kind of thing. I don't think this sort of thing raises enough of a blip in the general audience to make number of issues sold a factor. It would be nice to think otherwise, but it's really ahrd to imagine. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

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Action Comics has the best story, art, etc... Superman #1 is more of a side story. If I had to choose one, it would be Action all the way!