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Symbiotes and everybody who ever wore one

I also want to point out that some animals like dogs or birds have also been possesed by the venom symbiotes.

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                                                                                  Black Cat  

Spiderman Web of Shadows
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Wheres flash  and Thor?

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very good.

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thanks appreciate it
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I remember the symbiote Doc Ock from the game you are talking about, he was bonded to the Carnage symbiote and was called "Monster Ock" in that form.... Oh and Rune was once bonded with Venom in Rune Vs Venom

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Yea the Monster Ock mission took me a while to finish.

Posted by atomicvenom456

who's the purple symbiote with no eyes ?

Posted by GrandSymbiote94

who's the purple symbiote with no eyes ?

Not a character. The picture is a piece of fan-art I found.