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@yumyumbubblegum said:

@Grand Marvelous: a) I think it has been established that Shang CAN take hits from hulk-level beings, although not to the extent of say..Luke Cage?

b) I think with Panther's current depiction, he's more tech-savy and most of the time he relies on stealth to deliver take down type maneuvers

c) Vibranium was always a big part of who the Black Panther is (Doomwar ending smh)

Shang Chi has never taken a hit from a Hulk level being. If you mean Hiroim, Hulk is out of his league..and that also happened 1 time.
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@yumyumbubblegum said:

Does Black Panther currently have his Doomwar (doom was a god for about one issue -_-) powers or is he still the diner manager of Hell's Kitchen in disguise? If it's the latter than I give it to Shang Chi cause Panther had difficulty with Kraven. That and the fact that Shang Chi deserves all my respect after reading World War Hulk Heroes for Hire (who says you need chi to take a powerhouse hit).

Black Panther had difficulty with Kraven before he was depowered...and what makes you think Shang Chi wouldn't also? Kraven isn't a walk in the park for any street level hero.
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@weaponmaster said:

So now it is rhetorical? So you would have necro-quoted my posterven though it was six months old regardless. And here I thought you meant that you didn't bother to look so you didn't notice it was half a year old that is why you quoted me. (cue eye-roll emoticon).

He has used it which means he can use it an could use it to defeat Captain Marvel. Period.I proved that it could work against Captain Marvel after you stated it wouldn't and now you are using a last ditch "out-of-character" argument. Just accept your loss with dignity. There is no dishonor in losing. It is how you react to said loss that can be either dishonorable or honorable.

I don't know where I suggested it was anything but rhetorical. If you didn't know (which you didn't). I told you. There's nothing more to say about it.  I didn't know how old your post was and I in all honesty don't care. If you do not wish to respond then don't but we don't have to go back and forth about why I quoted your post or why it matters how old it is. It's irrelevant.
As far as your argument is concerned. It is out of character for Thor to do that. I was asking whether it is or not to be nice. I know what out of character means and this is definitely it. Thor's main enemy type is magical beings. Yet in over 30 years he's only negated one of those character's abilities. I never said anything wouldn't work against Captain Marvel I stated that it only worked on Juggernaut because he is slow. Juggernaut doesn't fight at a fast pace, he is a brawler who relies mostly on his physical power for offense, Thor had plenty of time and space to think about what he would do to try and put Juggernaut down, against Captain Marvel he won't have that same luxury. Not that Thor using a spell in general is something he does regularly anyway. 
I don't know where you see i've lost anything.This is a battle forum. The object isn't to win or lose anything. It's supposed to be an exchange of knowledge and ideas as it relates to the topic. With that said your post didn't really disprove anything I said anyway.
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@weaponmaster said:

Well. you asked me if i thought you bothered to read the date when i last posted in this forum implying that if you had have you wouldnt not have replied. If how long ago it was posted doesn't matter then why type "You think I bothered to look at when you posted that?".

It is a stratagem that he used once and will work against Captain Marvel. You are simply using the out-of-character argument because you know it would work. It isn't his ability it is one of Mjolnirs many enchantments. You just cannot accept the fact that it would work so you are grasping for straws, such as the straw of "how do you know it's still a part of his abilities". The effect only lasted 60 seconds because at the time Thor would revert to human after that period of time. He no Longer reverts to human no matter how long Mjolnir is out of his hands.

The question was rhetorical. I didn't think I had to be clear about that. I didn't bother to look at when you posted it because I have no reason to.  
It is out of character for Thor who has fought tons of magical beings to use a tactic now that he not only hasn't used on the vast majority of them but has only used once in his entire existence and he was created in 60's.
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@weaponmaster said:

Perhaps you should "bother" to read more carefully then so as not to miss dates when posts were made.It doesn't matter if he only used that stratagem once. He CAN utilize it which is the point. No it is not out of character as he utilized it which means his personality is capable of doing so. Mjolnir can detect all types of energies so I am sure mystical energies supplied by deities would be quite easy to sense.

I have no reason to. Whatever is stated in these forums is up for response. How long ago it was posted doesn't really matter. Now as far as the tactic you're talking about Thor fights alot of magical beings but on only one has he used that spell, so how wouldn't it be OOC for him to use it now? How do you even know it's still a part of his abilities? Also didn't his magical effect against Juggernaut only last for a short time? 
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@weaponmaster said:

@Grand Marvelous said:

@weaponmaster said:
Magic powers Captain marvels abilities. I have already addressed this and you typing in bold font will not change reality. Thor negated his force field and his invulnerability (a "physical trait"), which means Thor can negate mystical energy such as shields and physical attributes such as invulnerability.
That tactic only worked because Juggernaut is slow.Thor would need time and space to use the same spell he used on Juggernaut..and Cap isn't going to give it too him.

Wow. After 6 months? really? Ok.

I never said Captain marvel would give it too him. Captain Marvel won't realize what Thor is doing until it is too late. Thor does not need any more time than it takes to let got of Mjolnir. "Why do you throw your weapon away warrior? am mortal again...SHAZAM (nothing)..SH-SHAZAM!!! (still nothing)" (cue backhand).

You think I bothered to look at when you posted that? Thor used that spell once in his entire career. Wouldn't using it now be OOC? And how would he even know that Captain Marvel's powers are magical?
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Never be satisfied with Chris Evans as Cap..... 

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@Killemall said:

Yes of course this is correct and i have read this comic, but what i was getting from the post was, spider man has on one occasion defeated iron man FULLSTOP. I dont really think spider man can take on tony, tony is now faster , more powerful and crazy gizmo. Besides this happened in early ages of Iron Man version 4, he has improved significantly after that.

He said that Peter owned Tony more than once in One More Day...but Iron Man was holding back, so he didn't really own anything.
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@azza04 said:

This thread sucks

@PowerHerc said:

The exact opposite can be sited and posted as well.

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@Hoboseid said:

if Billy fights out of character I believe he can take Thor in a speed blitz

I never understand why people act as if people like Superman,Captain Marvel,Wonder Woman,Sentry etc. only speedblitz when they are bloodlusted or OOC when it's not true at all.